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Things to check:  Do this first -- you should be able to ping the Auth Server.  Try it in a command window:


If you get "Request Timed Out" then there's something in the way.


-- Windows Firewall: is Homecoming.exe allowed through the firewall?  The window looked like this if it came up.  Allowing Homecoming.exe to work on public and private networks both should be alright.  (If you are on a public network at at school or workplace, and homecoming.exe blocks public networks, the game won't work when you're connected there, for example.)


-- Speaking of school and work, if playing there and they block what my ISP called 'exotic ports' (basically any port not used for regular secure web browsing or email) then there's not much to be done.  Network Admins do that on purpose both to block the network from unknown threats, as well as to disallow gaming use when people are supposed to be doing their work.  (If you're at home, ask your ISP the same.  There's a possibility another app uses the same ports as City of Heroes and they're blocking that instead of the game.) 
-- See if there's a regional outage between here and Homecoming: try the following command:

tracert hc-auth.homecomingservers.com

This isn't perfect: expect some "Request Timed Out" lines as there's a growing list of servers that deny ping requests to prevent DDOS attacks, but once your connection gets outside of the IP block for your ISP, you should see backbone connections (from where I am in the central time zone, Alter.net, telia.net... eventually some Atlantic states then Quebec, Canada) and then eventually hc-auth.homecomingservers.com.  If this doesn't finish and "Request Timed Out" is all the responses you see past your IP Block, a regional outage might be at issue.

-- LAST DITCH EFFORT: This shouldn't be needed, but is your router or firewall allowing the following ports through?  According to ParagonWiki (which should still be true absent of Homecoming's staff changing these ports, which would be unusual), the following ports should be open on your router and firewall:

  • TCP 2104
  • TCP 2106
  • TCP 443
  • UDP 7000-7200

You'll have to find where to enter these ports in your Home Network equipment documentation.  The TCP and UDP parts are important (don't pick one where it asks for the other) and don't specify both or "UDP/TCP" as telling your router to open these ports means you are more open to attack from outside your network.  (Not a virus issue, but a safety one: every open port is a chance for an attacker to gain access to your system.)

Inactive account.  For current info, see GM_Tock.

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