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  1. I don’t remember a shortage of blasters in the olden days. Blasters today are also much more powerful than they were then. With crashless nukes and amazing sustain.
  2. Very clever, but could that possibly be the 1% that I left room for when I said 99%...
  3. I didn’t say they were as durable. What I said was a soft capped blaster makes your “max survival tank with 3 attacks” largely pointless in 99% of the game. “A Scrapper stands gloriously among a swarm of charging enemies. A Blaster stands gloriously over a pile of fresh bodies.” @Shred Monkey Just substitute tank in there for scrapper if you wish. Hard capping the non-tank types at 40% would give value to much more than just tanks
  4. There is no reason they should other than you want it. They didn’t have it for how many years and did just fine? Possibly brutes and khelds because they somewhat fill tanker roles. Not scrappers or stalkers. They are plenty durable with 40% defense. It’s the same exact logic as them having lower res caps.
  5. Remove base buffs and pay to win buffs. Then hard cap non tanker archetypes at 40% defense. Balanced. You can still min max with IOs and be crazy strong. You just can’t tank everything with your blaster and make half the archetypes pointless. Let’s be honest, all the other archetypes pointless.
  6. Frozen aura is not generating assassins focus for ice melee stalkers. I tested with my ice/fire stalker and never saw it proc in my combat logs.
  7. I just tested with my ice/fire stalker and never once saw a stack of assassins focus proc in my combat log when using frozen aura.
  8. Is frozen aura not granting assassin’s focus? I am pretty sure I have never seen a stack come from this. If so, is it a known bug?
  9. In the old arc you could run around the entire city with the Vahz wasting disease. In the current arc you have to quarantine or risk losing your hero status and possibly the mission? I don’t know about that, I’ve only ran it once and went “hero” so as to not affect my teammates. Old arcs are not judged by today’s events. It can be fun to look at them and see foreshadowing and Orwellian prophecy. However, it is another thing for an arc to be written in ways that reflects current events. Mostly I don’t want to be reminded of current political events while playing a game and the dialogue of this arc unfortunately did.
  10. Brutal Justice

    Battle Ax?

    I feel like it’s a middle road performer. The biggest issues I have with it are: 1. It shares the same animations with mace and broadsword 2. Considering 1. Mace just does more damage, combine that with how smashing seems to be better than lethal at the late game. 3. Broadsword tanks get to take hack and skip the lame power while battle axe is stuck with Beheader 4. Broadsword also has parry. But really if it had unique animations I would roll one right now. Unfortunately I already have a lvl 50 broadsword tank and a lvl 50 mace Bane so I don’t want to play another toon with the exact same animations again.
  11. This is why I want energy transfer to have a full crit and blast 20% of my health! I don’t want a dumb sustain heal! I want to hit a guy so hard I almost kill myself!
  12. Is it weird to quote yourself? I just wanted to say I am not bitter about the changes because it sounds like they have helped quite a bit and I’m glad the devs have been working hard on it. Ok... maybe a little bitter about the crits.
  13. Yes that is exactly what I want to do. People currently have to make the choice with a garbage power. There is no reason this would require a re-eval of PC and ET.
  14. I wanted no mechanics. Old energy transfer. Barrage turned into Hack numbers. Full crits with double self damage on energy transfer crit. Didn’t get even one of those things...
  15. Bone smasher is usually taken but I see everybody complaining they skip using it to avoid using their EF. Everybody has to take either barrage or energy punch. I think the mechanic should be added barrage to provide the build choice and give a little to tanks stuck with barrage. Especially after energy punch was buffed. There is zero reason to give it to both barrage and energy punch. Giving it to one does not require giving it to the other as well. There would still be three choices of spenders. Forcing an “extra” layer is not really forcing since all but tanks have the choice. Also, if it frees people up to use bone smasher when they want, it feels better. Nothing is more useless than a power in your tray you avoid using. It’s especially egregious when that power is an otherwise good power.
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