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  1. Update. I ended up reinstalling Island Rum and it patched and is working correctly again. The icon for island Rum is different now, not sure if that’s part of what it was trying to do today or if the version I installed ended up being a newer version.
  2. I booted into the game with Island Rum and it told me I needed to run the patcher. I backed out of the game and tried to rescan and patch and now I’m stuck and can’t get passed the message. “Processing Manifest” “Fetching Launchers”. I have closed Island Rum, reopened, and reset path multiple times and I can’t get passed “fetching launchers”
  3. Raising the minimums while holding the maximums is a catchy phrase for sure. Slightly increasing the single target damage of a largely single target power set doesn’t seem like as much power creep as simply replacing a redundant single target attack with an aoe, ie cobra strike into dragon’s tail. Mass aoe damage and blowing up entire spawns before other players can even contribute is the cry on these forums almost constantly. In fact, these aoe death machine teams often have people just jumping from one large group to another, as quickly as possible, blowing up minions and lieutenants and leaving bosses behind for cleanup by the weaker/single target toons. People are calling for energy melee to be returned to its former self. Energy melee and martial arts have very similar playstyles and goals. Heavy single target with minimal to no aoe. The problem with these sets is they are outperformed in single target by sets that also outperform them in aoe damage by an astronomical amount. As I said before, energy melee already stacks stuns. Raising those minimums, as you say, would do next to nothing for the set. Energy melee is your example of this already. Is battle axe better than war mace because its minimums are more consistent? Let single target sets do single target damage Power creep is giving dark melee more aoe damage. Plain and simple. Letting martial arts hit a single target with a 13% crit rate as opposed to a 10% crit rate is a minor damage increase. I propose cleaving crane kick because it fits the animation and would increase single target damage and add “flavor” aoe, not any sort of meaningful aoe. Restore energy melee to its former self and increase the single target of martial arts. Let energy melee bring the cRuNcH @Camel and martial arts bring the KaPoW.
  4. Stacking stuns is sort of energy melee’s thing. I like the increased crit chances and would rather see those expanded. My biggest issue is cobra strike and crane kick. I love crane kick. The problem is these two attacks are clones numbers wise. I never have a reason to have both of these powers in my build. Turn crane kick into a cleave type power. Slightly increased range and damage with a narrow cone. The problem I have with spin kick has a little to do with the animation itself. The animation is great! The problem is it spins in the opposite direction as dragon’s tail. Do a spin kick into a dragon’s tail. Do you know how hard it is to stop the momentum of that rotation and reverse it? Zero flow, missed opportunities. The assassin strike animation is what keeps me from playing it on a stalker. The original is bad. The alternate is no better. Those animations don’t feel like they fit in with the style of the rest of the set. I propose a move like Guile’s flash kick as an assassin strike. Leg uppercut!! Expand the increased crit chances! Cleave Crane Kick! Leg uppercut assassin’s strike!
  5. Actually they would be beating down rioters, ie hellions, AND prosecuting the FEW bad cops. Your moral compass is broken.
  6. Great job team Neverlasting.
  7. I feel regen works in the same way and people don’t always understand how that works. Reconstruction is a reactive power but dull pain is sort of a hybrid or even a trap. Dull pain has a large heal that can be used reactively, but it has a rather significant delay on the heal. I believe this happens because it applies the +hp first, then heals you. This delay, plus the long recharge, make dull pain a lesser reactive power. One weakness regen has is spike damage. Dull pain gives a large amount of +hp and has a fairly long duration. On a regen you get much more mileage out of that long duration +hp than you do the one time heal. Not only does it make you less susceptible to spike damage but it also greatly increases you hp/s regen, increasing your sustain. Instant healing is also much better at sustaining you than clicking as a reaction in an attempt to save yourself. People think regen is too click heavy and a dps killer. Most of the time the only click you should be using during dps times is reconstruction. If all you’re doing is reacting, you’re likely not doing very well. Even MoG is best used proactively. Use it before you take the alpha, not after.
  8. I skipped steam spray on mine. I like whirlpool and use it often and felt 4 aoes was too many to use. Did I really gimp myself skipping steam spray? I felt like after 3 aoes I was on single target clean up and a fourth aoe wasn’t needed.
  9. Turn black hole into a single target wormhole. Preferably a three stage power similar to Ki Push. Initially the target suffers repel in the direction of the teleport, then they teleport to the selected area, finally they exit the teleport with mag 1000 kB along the same vector as the repel. Maybe still not the most useful power, but it would sure be fun, and it would keep its initial idea of being able to remove a single target from the fight. In a building you could send them flying down a hall or across a room. Outside you could send them across the map or straight into the air. You could target practice on the blimp in Atlas. Hold shooting contests, or HORSE contests. The possibilities are endless. Of course this would make the whole set extremely OP on the fun scale and the rest would have to be nerfed. Executioner Shot animation with your hand in the shape of a gun. The rest of your animations would be the simple “go away” hand wave emote with no particle effects. Like, “I am doing something over here but I don’t really care what it is, and neither do you, because whatever it is, it’s not black hole!”
  10. You could switch to running tip missions. I can’t confirm they will spawn in King’s Row but when I run tips on my toons I generally always run them in Atlas Park regardless of my current level. They don’t drop until lvl 20 so you might have to make a cameo in another hero’s city to cover the lvl range gap if there is one.
  11. Don't forget to pick up darkest night from the soul patron pool. It’s something like -30% dam since the tanker buffs. I run it with my lvl 49 ice/km tank built for the same purpose
  12. Great thread that one! Especially for anybody interested in sentinel to scrapper comparisons and how a scrapper would perform with sentinel instant regeneration.
  13. It would also help if regen was allowed to enhance its abilities 100% instead of 50% or whatever lvl is allowed. It’s almost not worth it to slot healing in IH because so little of the power is allowed to be enhanced. Integration and reconstruction are fully enhanceable. Dull pain and fast healing are not. It might not make a huge difference, but it’s something. Also, proliferate it to tanks!
  14. Is it possible to run granite and whirlwind at the same time or are they flagged as exclusive?
  15. This is how I play almost all of my toons until lvl 47. I use standard lvl 25 and 30 IOs that I keep stockpiled in my base from my crafter. I use the Standard IOs instead of SOs to save money and time. I do sprinkle a unique into the build here and there depending on individual needs. Playing like this I am fully capable. I will adjust my difficulty settings to match my team. I usually aim for somebody almost dying with each fight. Be myself or someone else. This difficulty naturally ramps up with levels and better slotting. Playing like this works for me. I feel I have a better sense of game balance by playing toons built more or less the way they are balanced. If we are balancing around SOs and not IOs. It also gives me a goal or reason to hit lvl 50 and keep playing said toon after 50. Admittedly, I have such altitis that I generally move on from a toon right after I finish an IO build and t3 alpha.
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