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  1. It’s common courtesy to default to whatever method the team lead is using. They are the one who is putting in the extra effort it takes to form and run a team. That means. If they don’t say stealth to the end, then you don’t. If they run to the end without a word then you do as well, if you are capable to do so. When you default very little communication is needed. They only need to communicate if they wish for you to do something different from what they themselves are doing. People who solo on teams want the fun of soloing plus the clear speed ef
  2. Never have I put someone on ignore. Never had a toggle on Brutal Justice my inv/stone tank from live.
  3. After leveling several sentinels I would say it’s the lower target caps that I feel the most. I’m not sure why they have to do less damage AND hit less foes. Just increase the target caps and I’d be happy. I enjoy the tanker buffs more for the increased aoe sizes more so than the increased damage. Tanks would have been great with the aoe size increase only, and I believe sentinels, as well, would be great with just normal target caps.
  4. Stan was so ahead of his time! Talking about going to the movie theater and finding a girlfriend in the Hellions. Now we go to the movies for the Summer Blockbuster and we have girlfriends in the hellions! genius!
  5. I have confirmed through the use of the interwebs, and an in-law of my cousin, that the new tf will apply a temporary power to all characters, similar to the vahz wasting disease. This power will lower your defense cap to 40%. Therefore raising the ceiling and not the floor. While also providing value to control and support sets without making them mandatory.
  6. It’s clearly a counter for the lack of a defense hard cap and a perfect example of the live devs acknowledging and recognizing the problems caused by the missing cap.
  7. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the non softcapped times!
  8. 45% defense performs better than 90% resistance on average but I believe the disparity isn’t so large that it causes a huge issue. like Bill said 40% defense also still outperforms 75% resistance but still results in about the same disparity as 45 def vs 90 res. It is the balance metric we seek. People just don’t want to accept it yet. Nerfing defense will address it. The math proves it every time.
  9. When do we talk about how Scarlet Witch should be in prison? Is it before or after we talk about a 40% defense hard cap?
  10. Just give me current regen on a tank and I’ll be happy
  11. Banes should be able to fire the venom grenade from the mace like crabs can from their arms. Also maybe a slight overall damage increase just to bring it more in line with post clobber buff warmace.
  12. Amen! There is a new thread that is just about ripe. Stay tuned.
  13. You also forgot that tanks have more hair on their chest. Which arguably could be argued as a good thing or a bad thing.
  14. Its been mentioned several times in the thread now that sentinels do enough damage and that the issue is actually blasters become too durable for the gap in dps between the two. Not by me.
  15. I appreciate you recognizing the imbalance between defense and resistance on non tank/brute. With our current levels of power I am not about to recommend 90% resistance hard caps for all. I would rather curtail the power creep than continue its current inflation.
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