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Corrupt local files but published version ok


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I created some missions on one of my PCs and not long after I had everything working exactly (well 90%) how I wanted it, my hard-drive crashed. I didn't think it would be a major problem as I thought I could just edit the published mission and saved everything locally to my other PC.


The problem was however, after doing this what was saved locally on my PC was a very old version of the Custom Critters and Custom Villain Group files. My issue was further compounded when I then made the mistake of saving the mission back to the server without realising (that this causes the local versions of the Critters and Cvg files to also be published). I then had no option but to spent a week updating the mission (and custom critters etc) again back to how I had them and republished the mission.


Everything was back to normal. Then three days later, my bad bad luck continued when my second PC also died (completely different issue to the first one). I still had my Laptop, so I repeated the process of saving the published mission and critters locally, this time been very careful not to overwrite anything server side. But once again what was saved locally is a old (or maybe corrupt) version of the Critters and Cvg files. All the critters show up brightly coloured, which is the way I initially created them months ago before I changed to them shade of grey only (for story reason) and all their powers are all wrong. The publish version is still fine, although there is a minor error that I would still like to fix.


Does anyone know how to download the correct critter and cvg files from the published version safely?


EDIT: Half an hour after posting this, I released what I was doing wrong... when I started to use my 2nd PC and edited the published version, I was in fact editing a old local autosave version (as I selected the one that appeared under "My Creations" -> "Published Stories", this is not always the current published version (if you use multiple PCs) and there doesn't appear to be a way to actually edit the true published version (if you don't have a up-to-date local version). Hopefully there is still an answer to my question however... and yes I have put in a support ticket..



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I once made this mistake as well. The Autosave file was an old one and had old costumes which were a jumbled mesh of current ones. Not sure how that happened, but it caused a whole redo. Fortunately, I was able to tweak it and fix the whole thing. 


Sounds like you have horrible luck with PC's. I've had 1 PC go Ka-Blooey! That was bad enough. But double jeopardy? Wow, that's rough.

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