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PARAGON CITY CLASSIFIEDS: Skilled Base Builder needed


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Paragon City Classifieds: Skilled Base Builder needed.


Experience a must (Last builder accidentally had his atoms scrambled due to shoddy work on the teleporters).


References welcomed (Saw all the great stuff in the Base Builder thread and would really like to have a "pro" work on a base for me, as I couldn't even come close to some of the bases seen on this thread like ShardWarrior's bases and others).


Top pay with benefits. (I can pay with one of three options: #1- My eternal gratitude, #2- 1 Billion Influence, #3- Powerlevel a character from 1st to 50th level).


Job Requirements: Must be able to build exceptional Science base on an advanced alien space-ship with all accessories and a command bridge (unlike the JLA space station, this is a mobile space ship - think Star Trek, but stationed in Earth's atmosphere 90% of the time).


If interested, please send your resume to

"The Invincible Ones" Super-Group

on the "Oranderite 3000'

...In Space...

Earth's Atmosphere: Parsec 293443


.....or reply here or send me a message 🙂

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