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Emp merit conversion


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While this isn't a complaint, it is an issue that can have a big impact on those playing the incarnate system.



Long story short, I found out it costs about 1 million inf to convert an emp merit to incarnate threads.


The long story is below.


I'm sure it was somewhere in the patch notes, but I wouldn't even begin to know where those notes are, or even when they were written, nor if they would still apply. I'm one of those that jumps in with both feet, and then wonders why I didn't know about the sharks.


That said, when I first "leveled" after reaching level 50..I just thought it was weird. A glitch. As I played more, I discovered I had some Emp Merits in my salvage. Well, once my Alpha unlocked, it seemed wise to fill it, and I began to use the incarnate threads and shards I had to build the ...enhancement.


I'd only had to convert a few Emp merits to fill it, so I guess I didn't notice it. I also wasn't monitoring my influence through Combat Attributes. I only stumbled on that in trying to determine my characters smashing/lethal resistance.


When my Judgement and the others became unlocked, since our server wasn't announcing any incarnate content, I simply went to convert the emp merits to the threads needed.


Turns out..I can't say the exact amount, but it seems it costs about 1 million inf per conversion from emp merit to 20 incarnate threads. Seems like this would have been something I needed to know about before, not after.


Fortunately, I'm one of those who enjoys the /ah immensely (crafting not so much) and will likely recoup this undisclosed expense/investment soon enough.


But maybe for those who don't like the market, maybe they should get some kind of warning before doing this.


And, if I'm wrong - where'd my darn inf go? I went through 40 million inf in a blink.



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