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  1. A valid point, given the efficiencies discovered and implemented when doing repetitive things. I'd once thought running a map for tickets, as opposed to drops was better - because the 125 map, without even clearing it, like - maybe 1 minute into it gives enough tickets that the completion bonus of tickets maxes you out. And at 60-70 tickets per recipe in the random roll section...you get a ton of recipes - a lot more than you would organically, but you'd get no very rares or pvps. Nor the salvage to craft them. I thought it might be worth doing one run every so often, but it took me out of
  2. A fair question, Andreah. That opportunity cost of TIME has made me question the wisdom of the crafting/converting/selling vs simply vendoring all but the very rare and pvp drops. And that's the rub in my motivation to test it. No idea really what the active non-market farmer is doing with their drops, not a clear idea anyway. When they say they sell it - are they selling them on the AH, only saving crafting time? or are they simply vendoring the red fortune recipes for 5k? instead of crafting and converting and getting at least 5M? Some might be, some might not. It's a difficult thing to
  3. So...I would encourage anyone reading this part to do some math. Or perhaps my reading comprehension needs work. Most anyone who's ever asked the question, "What do I do with reward merits?" has heard the stock reply. A. "Build a bridge out of them!" B. "Throw them into a pond!" C. "Go to a merit vendor, and type /ah into your chat bar. Look under Salvage, then Special. Within the top 6 choices are Enhancement Booster, Catalyst, Converter and Unslotter. See what they are selling for. Then check the merit vendor again and see what the exchange rate is. Do the m
  4. You're entitled to your opinion, but I hope most will recognize this as such. You can be a dps beast and not a glass cannon.
  5. As someone who plays blasters more often than not, I cringe whenever I read/hear the term "Blapper". Sure, it just implies the specified blaster plays more in melee, but that's a ridiculous distinction to make. Spines scrappers have Impale and a cone called...throw spines, if I recall correctly. Do they call themselves Scrasters? No. A blaster (any given player that makes one) can play their character any way they choose. Melee, ranged. Makes no difference as long as the opposing foes are defeated. They are still a blaster. If you play at range, you're a blaster. If you play in melee,
  6. There are a number of missions where we rescue an NPC - Fusionette, the ones in Provost Marchand's arc, etc...and while their survival doesn't seem to impact much (except with the Fortune Teller in Spelunker), I'd do better at keeping them alive if I could tell at a glance how they were faring, without having to stop attacking and click on them to see. Maybe make them a pet? Certainly not controllable, but give some sort of status bar. Maybe like Desdemona in UGT?
  7. I get about 3 to 1 common to all other categories. In an hour of afk, I'll get roughly 30 of the commons recipe drops. That's about 3M I wouldn't otherwise get. The only way I turn those off, is on a badge character looking for rejection badges. If you're crafting/selling between maps, you'll never need the space. For those farmers that don't craft, I still don't think it's a good idea. Every bit helps. Seems crazy to turn 'em off.
  8. @Yomo Kimyata I sent you a DM for a look behind the Ukase farmarketing curtain. Some things are not for the general public to view, I hope all will understand.
  9. Unfortunately - we have no idea if this statement is true. A reward merit could drop or rise in value at the whim of the HC dev team at any time. Remember invention salvage got seeded? I had a lot of rare salvage to pull off the AH. Not a big deal now, but it demonstrated to me that nothing is set in stone and to not put all the influence eggs in one basket. Right now, 1 reward merit = 3 converters. Back on live, if memory serves, it was closer to 10 reward merits for one converter. The converter is by far, the most useful of currencies in my mind. It can turn trash into gold and make
  10. In all seriousness - as I wasn't being entirely serious before - it's April 1, right? I think we have plenty of currencies. And as much as the idea of having a safe place to stash influence pleases me, I think we need worthwhile things to spend our influence on. Like a portable p2w for 10 Billion. A vanguard computer for the hvas, etc for 5 billion.
  11. I am quite certain more people would use this than you think. I'm guessing most people have about 10 billion or so at least. It's outside of my imagination how they couldn't, unless they just started. But, I may have an entirely unreasonable perspective.
  12. The p2w ranged summons (positron shadow/simulacron) makes light work of every Task Force Commander Accolade tf, including Sutter. I've done them with a brute, a scrapper, blaster, corruptor, controller, defender. Even Market Crash and ITF. I do make liberal use of Super Reds & team reds. The most difficult so far has been that big robot in market crash because of the gens - when you take time to take out the gens, the robot regens. So, had to use a LOT of reds.
  13. In case our OP returns to the thread: The zones that offer bonus merits for completing the arcs in that zone are: Mercy Atlas The Hollows Faultline Striga Croatoa RWZ Except for Kallista Wharf, Pocket D and Cimerora, all zones offer 8 exploration badges only. Get all eight, you get an accolade badge and 5 reward merits. In Pocket D and Cimerora, there are only 2 explorations each, and in Kallista Wharf only one. Recently, we've been able to use a new power called Long Range Teleport for getting all the badges in a zone. This works for Pocket D and Kallista, but not fo
  14. I think what's missing is not a coalition for the sg, but a coalition for the player. The leaders of my SG may have a history and fondness of the groups the sg is in coalition with, but I don't know who any of them are, save a couple, and one of them is in our sg with an alt. I can't fathom the type of headache this would cause in the coding, though. It's a nice to have kind of thing, but I don't see dev time being spent on it, as there are other things that likely will return more value. Opinions will vary on that of course. It's tough for a lot of us to have a real clue as to what would
  15. I understand this limiting feeling you're having. When I use my base tp power and have to enter my own Personal SG passcode because the characters in that very large, lag-infested SG with teleporters that are further away from the entrance/exit portal than in my own, it annoys me that I can't simply choose my own base, but must enter in the pass code, or, alternatively, load into the character's SG base, then use my personal sg macro. Only takes an extra 10-20 seconds, but it still annoys me. But, as we know, coalitions are limited and not chosen by the membership, but by the leaders of th
  16. If you find yourself bored on these kinds of teams, there are a number of solutions, but they require effort on your part. 1. Host specific challenge teams, whether it be a max of 4 players at a difficulty level you feel comfortable with. 2. Use Discord or some other voice platform. This way, even if the game play is boring, you can listen to the idle chatter of teammates who are more likely to talk than type while fighting. 3. Join or form a supergroup. Pin down the kinds of teammates you're looking for, and recruit those types of players if you form an SG, or share what kind of exp
  17. I think dev time is better spent on other things than fixing something that seems to have an easy solution. Train up before doing a respec. Perhaps it should be written into several different places so more people are aware of this prior to doing a respec. Like a pop-up window that says "Be sure you're leveled up before you're trained". I couldn't say for sure, but it would seem (to me) that would be easier than testing, testing and retesting to determine a root cause and implement an eloquent solution.
  18. Lord help me, but I had a thought about an influence sink. Experienced temp powers should be seeded by the devs on AH or at p2w. As for how much they cost, I believe a scaled cost of 500K for a new character up to 10M for a 50.
  19. Ukase

    A Silly Journey

    To me - for sheer efficiency's sake, it seems beneficial to wait until 50 to do the gold side stuff, primarily because the arcs are so short, you can chip away at them a little at a time, and since almost all of them are only 4 missions long. If you had to quit the arc, you wouldn't lose that much, unlike something like Freaklympics, which would take a fair time investment. Still going to have to do 3 of the 4 patrons' arcs through ouro, but it may be worth it to try and get one done at 35, work through that, then visit rwz for those arcs you can do before you hit 50. A friend pointed
  20. Ukase

    A Silly Journey

    I mistakenly put this post in the Guides section yesterday and have since hidden it because I couldn't move it or delete it. At least, I wasn't smart enough to figure out how. But, anyway - If we're in here, it's presumed we're a bit nuts about badges. There's a number of folks making their way through their first character to the current badge count of 1547. There's a smaller number making their way through a second, third, even up to a 5th or 6th badge character. I've completed one, have two waiting for Luna & her event badges, and 3 more bringing up the rear, with one o
  21. I think I know the problem the OP is trying to solve. I've seen it so many times. Team leader is IO'd to the gills, and armed additionally with a lot of experience running a given trial, tf or story arc/mission. A couple other teammates have similar experience and proficient builds. One or two teammates might have a celerity in stealth, but they don't have super speed, and their stealth is insufficient to get past the groups of mobs that are in the way. They are faced with three options, none of which are enjoyable to them. 1. Attempt to fight through 2. Sit at the door 3. Q
  22. I prefer to keep it simple. It should be called, "17th anniversary badge". And badges for 1-16 should be appropriately renamed to 1st -16th anniversary badges.
  23. I should have been born an Australian. This is a comedy bit in the making, the things we Americans won't say because we're concerned about being labeled this or that.
  24. I don't disagree, but I think the point was, new characters/players start in Atlas. They find themselves being invited, sometimes randomly, without a tell. They go in the mission and are level 17 to 25 in short order, depending on the size of the team and the map. Some farmers even tell the new players to visit p2w and get 2xp, and neglect to explain that there's no influence as a cost for the "free" xp buff. If somebody wants to farm, that's great. The economy needs farmers to keep things inexpensive. But there's absolutely no need to level up any new, inexperienced players who have n
  25. I seldom use BFR. I get that some like it for procs, but the animation takes too long to suit me. If I'm solo, I will open with it, follow with FR, then BiB, depending on the targets involved. While some may say no to ice having a snipe, there's no gun to the head saying it must be selected. I think ice should have a snipe. And I can only somewhat go along with the reasonings it doesn't. I find it comical. There's a line from "Guys and Dolls" I recall somewhat clearly. "why does a doll when she loves a guy want to take him in for alterations?" You've found this game you love, now
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