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  1. On the bright side, the dfb on blue side and the dfb on red side - much to my surprise - are identical. Run the dfb on blue, then go see null and proceed as a villain. Yeah, I get it - it's distasteful to do it that way, but it's an easy enough solution and there's no waiting for people to figure out if they want to do a dfb on red side. While I get that there are some that enjoy red side - to me, that's for good reason. The view is horrid, the content isn't that great - both of which are subjective - and there's far fewer zones to get the free merits from explorations. My red crawl to
  2. I tend to "crush" any content, with most characters - when I slot them in a typical fashion. It can get trying when I see the IO recipes I can use drop - and not have the salvage for them, and to have SOs drop that are useless due to the wrong origin. But, if I cross that line, then next thing I know, the game is easy and dull again.
  3. Well, for me @Snarky, there's only so many times I can do a dfb. It's just so dull after all these times. And while I don't discount that the buffs and SOs would be useful, I wonder about the utility of the first couple as you'd outlevel them, I think, by the time you'd finish. To me, the adventure of being solo has more benefits than penalties. Up until this challenge, I've never tasted defeat solo. If I thought it were overly difficult (and not interesting) I wouldnt' do it. So, I say, suit yourself. To me, I literally have ..almost 1000 very rares in my base, all crafted and ready to go
  4. @LockeValken The Sisterhood is a group that uses an in-game chat channel. They may or may not have a discord, not sure. They're a fine group of folks; used to play with them on Liberty back in the day. I'm not in game at the moment, or I'd try to look up the name of one of them. I think @QP is one of them, or at least would know whom to refer you to. To answer your question, there are a number of sgs on Excelsior that use Discord. Cosmic Council is one of them. You would, in fact, be required to join their discord and read the list of rules in the publicly available Welcome and Rules chann
  5. Well, if someone had told me a rad/dark defender would fare better than an elec/bio scrapper, I wouldn't have believed it. Died at level 7. A few lessons learned in this run, though. There's a day job in First Ward in the Free Fire zone that boosts ToHit and damage and range. So, that's where the next one is going to be parked. And a new rule: if I die at level 1, I don't have to re-roll, just carry on. This is a maddeningly frustrating task. I hate that the rad/dark got defeated. It was doing fairly well. A lot more fun to play than I thought it would be. This next time, I think I'
  6. Fair points, but not doing it for the recognition. I figure eventually they'll open their enhancement tray and figure it out. I just figured folks were paying more attention when they play. I find email to be annoying, too. Having to get a global, fill in all the fields..then do that 3x...and when their global has an l or a I it can be hard to tell the difference. (that's L or i)
  7. The only issue I have with procs are the inconsistency..or is it lack of clarity in how they work. They're an option. Choices are sometimes a good thing. The Preventative Medicine Absorb Proc - it works. It works no matter where it's slotted, at least, it seems to me it does. I can't say the same for all the other procs. I have to resort to math to determine if it WILL fire, or will it simply have a chance to fire. How much of a chance? I have to do the math. I don't ordinarily mind it. I look at builds that are posted in these forums when people ask for help with a build and see a num
  8. This is so very well stated!
  9. You should do what makes it more fun/interesting/engaging for you. Where's the challenge come in? Being able to actually afford the enhancements needed? Personally, the economist in me would rather die than spend merits on a recipe.
  10. I'll say this: I'm still not clear what a pokemon is. And I don't care enough to google it. (I also don't need anyone to tell me. I like not knowing.) I can't remember how old I was when I started playing...issue 3, sometime around Christmas was when I picked the game up at Circuit City, now out of business. I know I'm 54 now. It's strange. I know my father, at my age would have never spent so much as 30 minutes playing a computer game. He saw the computer as a tool. Turned his on with a key. An IMSAI-VDP80, damn thing was 4 feet long and almost 3 feet high, and maybe 3 feet wide. No mo
  11. So...I have given away 99 level 10 PvP IOs - the panacea +HP/End, the glad armor 3%, the Shield Wall 5%, 1 each to random folks. Well, not truly random. If they already had set bonuses, I didn't give. If they had more than one level untrained (looked like sitters in fire farms to me) in Atlas, I didn't give. The bulk of the gifts went to lowbies - levels 1-10. I tried to give away in red side zones. I'd do a search by zone..maybe see one or two players there. I pop in, and look around, and if I found them, I'd give 'em. One player sent them back with a global name of Hedgefund Prim
  12. I remember when the game shut down. It was a huge relief. The burden of feeling compelled to play was over, and I could work on my real life instead of the pixeled lives I'd created. At the end, I remember converting all my inf to prestige and taking a screen-shot at the zero hour of my one man sg being the top SG on the server. That was kind of fun. Seeing the purple letters of "Very Rare Recipe" splash brightly and fade...that was always a nice dopamine hit. Now when it happens, because I have 3x as much as I did on live, it's a bit of a snooze. The content in the game is dated. I've
  13. An MM or Veat is something I hadn't even considered. The Veat - the toggles on it would be sooo end heavy. As for the MM...interesting. I'm in the middle of playing one for the second time. The first time was on live, and I'd gotten to level 17 before the servers shut down. I may try one, but which kind...I dunno. I find the robots, thugs and demons to be so hideous, I don't think I could stomach it for such an investment of time. I honestly have no idea how they caught on...but different strokes and all that.
  14. Oops, I didn't even see where you'd already answered the question for me. I will tell you one thing that has opened my eyes A LOT. Praetorian content seems to drop specific to your origin. So, I intend to try Praetoria out in the beginning and see how much of a difference it makes. But, what will continue to be the very roughest part will be the end mod drops. The end mod enhancement drop rates are supposedly 1/175 !!!! At least, that's what the paragon wiki has. The HC devs might have changed it, but I seriously doubt it. I could run my fire farmer through a dreck map 5 times, a
  15. At that low level, you are not wrong. A DO is better than an IO. (until a few levels when the DO no longer boosts anything) The only reason I had an IO in it is because it was the only thing that dropped that I could put in it.
  16. I'm not sure, but I don't think there's ever been a time someone asked me a question about the game or the market in the game, or farming that I didn't take time to answer. It's almost always a welcome diversion to ensure someone gets multiple options for whatever direction a newer player wants to go. I probably disappoint some who ask what the "best" this, or the "best" that is, and I tell them there is no best. It's all subjective. Different judgements have tradeoffs. Some have better accuracy - which came as a big shock to me. Some are more "explosive" with a faster animation, It all de
  17. Well...I appreciate everyone's perspective. Honestly, I do, that's why I asked. What I've done today is simply give away 1-3 of the main PvP procs to non-50 characters I saw that weren't already IO'd to the gills. I gave priority to redside, as I figure any reward for playing there is better than nothing. But there weren't that many! So, I went to Talos, Steel and Atlas and I think Pocket D and gave some away there. This was on Excelsior; gave away 21 of them. I'll give away another 21 this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll choose another server, and rotate servers at least until I run out of wh
  18. 322 Billion as of last counting a week ago. So, I appreciate everyone's perspective. As much as I like the idea of a costume contest, I'm all too aware that a costume that looks great with one graphic setting may not look the same with another - so those are out. I thought about hide & seek. But, perhaps I can borrow a bit from @Yomo Kimyata and a bit from @Troo (your practices of giving, not your inf!) and give things away to red side lowbies at random. Part of me felt like 20M isn't worth moving my character and felt it wasn't enough. Then I thought about 50M, but that's rea
  19. So, there's a proverb that states many counsels assure victory...so before I do something that I think is a good thing, I'm going to ask here what everyone's thoughts are about it. I have a lot of influence. More than enough to make my next 300 characters, unless prices go way higher than they are now. Possibly even the next 500 characters, depending on whether I wanted to buy now, or craft IOs instead. I've seen a name of what must be a newer player based on the questions I've seen asked in these forums, and I'm just tickled pink to see the questions as it means 1) newer player and 2)
  20. Personally...the combo of targeting drone with those temp powers...just brilliant. I wanted the devices secondary on another AT and sadly realized only blasters have that access. For a different kind of challenge, that accuracy/toHit boost would have been super valuable.
  21. I should add that the first ward arcs, though challenging, thus far have dropped one DO I could use, but the rest have been all Science SOs that my character uses. A nice Heal, a couple of accuracies, recharges, etc. As well as numerous other Common IOs (at level 25 that I still can't use - 2 bars away). So, I've made a new alt, Heuristic Hero, that's now parked in First Ward towards the recipe bonus day job.
  22. I'll just mentally keep track of it. Maybe if I get the first debt badge kind of thing. Fact is, if I wasn't enjoying the character, it wouldn't bother me a bit to delete it. But, I'm enjoying it, so I may as well proceed.
  23. This would be my best guess. The fact that the leader didn't know this - well, it may have saved you from another "Snarky Adventure with a pug".
  24. And...Warden Gorzi has put an end to my excitement. Dude just clobbered me. So...I have to think about this. The rules say delete it. Well, I was having fun with the character, so I don't want to delete it. I'm just gonna give myself a mulligan, a do-over. Yeah, I'll feel cheap and dirty. For a minute. But, hey, points for transparency, right? In the meantime, I'll make another character - rad/ice defender, and see how that one plays out - but it'll sit in a day job for a few days before I start it.
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