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Looking to try PvP


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Hi, been getting kind of tired of the same old PvE content, wanted to come over to the unofficial PvP server and give PvP a try.  What are the most popular scenes? Arena? RV? SC?


Also, are there some good starter guides for PvP, some general tips on whats good or what to watch out for in PvP vs PvE.



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Hi, Indomitable has the best "scheduled" pvp- Arena Kickball Nights are every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 9 est and run for about 3-4 hours.  Its a pretty good time where you can see some new/experimental builds as well as the normal stuff.  A thread with rules is found here: 


 And a guide to kickball by Xhiggy is found here, which also has some links to videos of individuals pvping:



Be sure to get on the CoH PvP discord found here to play in these matches:


For a guide on whats popular in pvp nowadays I wrote a pvp trends guide here:


In terms of zones, it's usually hit or miss.  But RV usually has some people to fight at all hours of the day.

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