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Hey guys, it seems that the Trenchcoats selection for 'Upper Body' has disappeared on live, here is what the Upper Body menu looks like currently:



vs how it looks on my home server:



They don't seem to have been moved under 'Jackets' either, and 'Cybertech Long' is also missing:




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If you have wings or a cape it will cancel out any other costume pieces that have motion effects.  Trench, bolero, cybertech long, and wedding tux.  That's usually the culprit.


well, oops- thats definitely the case, I did have a high collar cloak on at the time I tried switching to it, even though I was switching from the cloak it seems to have conflicted.  Compounded by the fact my teammate who double-checked for me had a scarf...

False alarm everybody, nothing to see here.

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