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Easiest Tip Missions for Each Bracket?

Lost Ninja

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Figured I'd try running Tip missions to level and earn merits, until now I have fairly ignored both tip and paper missions in favour of AE and normal arcs (depending on what I was levelling with (AT etc)).


For my current trio of mind/kin controllers though I figured that it would be a handy mechanism to not only earn merits but level with too. At level 24 I have found that the Dropped Picket Sign Tip is about the fastest, and another with freaks (Tea and Cakes?) is XP worthy even if I hate freaks with a passion these days.


So I was wondering does anyone have a list of all the missions which are Fast to complete. For example the Dropped Picket Sign is two groups to kill (an Ambush and Boss group). From a pure farming (for merits) perspective which are the best Tip missions to do?

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