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Options tab game crash


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Evening.  For the past two days, every time I open the Options tab, my game freezes, and I seem to time travel, because the game reverts back to a previous point in the game.  Why, I don't know. For istance: Last night I was sitting in AP when an MSR was announced. I went to the RWZ, and was going to double check that I had camera shake off. I crashed each time I tried to open the Options window. I can open any of the other windows, just not the Options window. Any ideas?

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This problem is still persisting. I managed to get to the options screen long enough to bring my settings to the bare minimum, and played for a few days. Now, though, I wanted to change the color of my speech bubble, and tried to open the options tab. And the game froze, and crashed, twice. I've no idea why this keeps popping up.

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