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  1. I think Butt Stallion is already copyrighted, sadly....
  2. As I mentioned earlier, the problem with Empathy relative to other sets is that it's designed around recovering when things start going BADLY. If a team isn't having problems in the first place, then an Empathy defender doesn't have a ton (relative to other sets) they can bring to make the team even BETTER. Hence the suggestions of modifying powers so they're useful even when people AREN'T hurting, letting it be a proactive instead of reactive set.
  3. Reiterating how I've heard that the hardest part of new sets is the animations....is it difficult to simply relocate where on a model a blast attack comes from? I know there's a few blasts that can vary, like Fire Breath coming from either your mouth or a hand, or X-Ray Blast coming from your eyes or hands. Also, lots of Sonic blasts can either come from your face or your hands. It would be cool then if either Beam Rifle could be come a "hand blast" set, OR, if other blasts could be made to come from a weapon of some sort! (Also, I'm still desperately hoping for a shoulder canno
  4. Wouldn't the latter be a sword? I've heard those have an INSANE degree of cutting power!
  5. This looks awesome, thank you so much!
  6. Now I'm specifically imagining low-level Energy Blasters fighting at the top of a skyscraper; whoever gets knocked off the edge falls to their death!
  7. Oh, I'm not seriously suggesting it, it would just be funny (and narratively make sense) if it happened.
  8. True, but if the community can identify the biggest hurdles they face, then there's at least SOME hope we can help the Homecoming team overcome them ❤
  9. What everyone would hate, but would be REALLY funny, is if anyone starting a duel in a non-PVP area suddenly became a valid target for ANYONE ELSE who wanted to join in....a la, "Dammit, Hulk and Thing are at it again, we need to neutralize them both before they cause too much collateral damage!"
  10. I imagine if you start fighting in Pocket D, the DJ instantly KOs you.
  11. I forget what type of damage TW does, but it has both blunt and sharp skins for weapons.
  12. I was thinking of how folks were trying to come up with solutions to a teammate dying immediately after being rezzed....and giving them Untouchable is the most direct solution to that, and would be a unique and massive perk for Empathy, without being game-breaking. If it's the best heal set, shouldn't it have the (defensively) best Rez? And what better defense is there than being temporarily invincible?
  13. Just a thought, I know that some folks (including myself) dream of a "paladin" type melee-support. Would it be possible to reskin the Fighting pool powers so that instead of punches and kicks, you're whacking someone with a sword?
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