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  1. What happens if you make that shield double-white or double-black? Is the animation still visible? Sometimes those color combos help to hide details you don't want, I know.
  2. I never knew they did different amounts of damage! I thought the only differences were aiming, secondary effects, and element!
  3. To be clear, everything that COULD be slotted? Like, Protectors CAN be slotted for Defense, but assuming I didn't, do they still get the benefit from a defensive Alpha?
  4. Is there a particular reason for Pyronic? I was given to understand that, barring choices for flavor, Ionic tended to be the go-to, for ease of aiming.
  5. So I kinda bumbled my way along to level 50 as Mastermind, and it's just now occurring to me I have no clue what incarnate abilities to get, or how they'll even work. If I get a damaging proc, does it only apply to myself, or my pets? Will defensive Alphas help them survive, or just me? For all the other ATs it seems pretty straightforward, but I have no idea what to do on MM. Anyone have any advice? I went Bots/FF as "easy mode" for my first MM, if that matters.
  6. That reminds me of an idea I had before for you to have a Nemesis character who popped up now and then, with counter/inverted versions of your powers (swords vs axes, ice blast vs fire blast, rifles vs pistols, etc). Would be complicated to do, but would be AWESOME.
  7. So for some of us going for the "flying brick" concept, Mighty Judgement is most thematically appropriate....but it's tricky to use it while airborne, or even when in the process of landing/jumping. Could we either have an option available (maybe from Null the Gull) so that when you use it while flying or jumping, you suddenly slam downwards in a badass Superhero Landing? Or barring that, can we make it so that if you click the button while falling, it doesn't just fail, but instead does the usual circle "waiting" effect, and automatically triggers as soon as you get close enough to the grou
  8. It's bothered me for AGES there aren't a lot of good concepts that mesh with the "magnetic" costume aura!
  9. THIS! I had a couple concepts that require a rotund physique!
  10. My apologies if I missed this in another thread, I did a quick scan and didn't see it.... It used to be that if I saw someone speak up in LFG or Help or whatever, and I wanted to do a quick message to them, I could click on their name, then press either M or T (I forget which) to automatically start a Reply. It's no longer working with the quick key, though I can still click on a menu with the mouse. Relatively minor convenience thing.
  11. Anyone making kickass builds for this? I've already got one someone was kind enough to post in the Beta thread....
  12. A double-bladed sword in general would kick ass.
  13. So, idea for a power set: Energy Absorption, like Bishop in X-Men. Has powers like a click to steal some Resist from all enemies around you for a while, and maybe a buff that, once you click it, remembers the last damage type you were struck with, and gives extra Resist to it for a while. As an interesting twist, could give it LESS protection to Smashing and Lethal, as it's about absorbing radiant energy as compared to strictly kinetic attacks.
  14. Love it! Especially since it would finally allow a 100% "poison" themed character, via a Toxin/Poison Troller!
  15. A fee I already paid in advance, as I want this for my energy/energy melees! 😉
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