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  1. Speaking as someone who has taken an NRG/NRG brute to 50..... Do NOT use Energy Melee until the dev team de-nerfs it. Its strongest attacks take so long to land, your team has often killed the mob via AoE splash on other targets first....which is worsened by the fact that your T9 does self damage, EVEN IF you're left punching a corpse. Energy Aura is very painful on the blue bar until you get Energy Drain, then it's amazing. Plenty of defense, an endurance drain and a self heal...it's great. Can't speak for Soul on Brutes, haven't done it yet.
  2. I remember there was some explanation for it posted, other than just "how would it distinguish its role compared to other DPS classes?", but can't remember what it was.....
  3. In that vein, there are some female-only headgear items like headbands and crowns/tiaras I'd like to have as options for male characters.
  4. If someone has a build for a Staff/Bio brute, lemme know! ALL THE STANCES! (@_@)
  5. Basically, the crux of the issue is, how do you make Sentinels both awesome for solo, AND have a dedicated purpose in a team, without making them OP? And the most direct solution is....do something to make their abilities different DEPENDING ON if they're solo or in a team! I know people don't seem to like stance mechanics, but some ATs already have inherents that depend on the presence or absence of teammates...... EDIT: Another option, what if either the Sentinel did more damage, and/or applied more of a -res effect, if an enemy was within close range of one or more of the Sentinel's teammates? Giving them the "opportunity" to land a more accurate or debilitating shot.
  6. Hmm, how about an inversion of Vigilance? A Sentinel on their own has to focus more of their attention on watching their backs, giving them a defense (and/or res?) bonus. As allies surround them and preoccupy enemies, they instead are able to focus offense. For each ally nearby, they lose some of the defensive bonus, and instead gain a bonus to damage.
  7. Agreed, I'd also love a bomb- throwing blast set (and would settle for a debuff or control set....hmm...control grenades.....) One other thing I forgot: A lot of "themes" have comparable representation across ATs and sets....such as whether a Thermal defender shields you, or you use Fiery Aura to shield yourself. The closest thing to a self-armor FF equivalent is Energy Aura, so I think it'd be cool to have some EA power options that resemble FF powers.....just a "one-person" protective field.
  8. Regarding spines NOT coming out of your body.... I've actually wanted someone to do the following powerset reskins, but didn't know how hard it would be: 1: Reskin all Archery powers to use a throwing-knife animation. 2: Replace the bow with a CoT crossbow, then use rifle animations. 3: Reskin Trick/Tactical Arrow to use the "web grenade" throw animation, to have a "bomber" set.
  9. Third for KM, the overly dramatic strikes are kinda like somatic spell components.
  10. Change the colors on Granite Armor. Remove the green trails from Spines. Also, this is sorta midway between costume and power customization, but.... There are these nifty rocket boots in the customizer that shoot jets of blue flame out whenever a Flight power is active, and it's awesome.....but I can't seem to recolor the flame jets, either by adjusting my costume, OR the Flight powers.
  11. Flip side to this, have them ALL include an elemental sword, if that's your schtick.
  12. An idea I posted elsewhere was to have "neutral" golems for the different henchmen, then your upgrade powers imbued them with a certain element, giving them different stats and abilities. It'd be CRAZY time consuming to code though, I imagine. Honestly, just letting folks reskin MM sets would open up a ton of concepts. Mercenaries into Longbow agents, or Ninjas into Wyvern, for example. Maybe Robots into Vanguard?
  13. Wait, so what was the reasoning for Scrappers not getting Stone Melee?
  14. On a quasi-related note, it's always annoyed me a little that we have ice, fire, toxic, rad, sonic, and dark buff sets, but no electric themed one. And/or Energy, for that matter.
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