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  1. Anyone making kickass builds for this? I've already got one someone was kind enough to post in the Beta thread....
  2. A double-bladed sword in general would kick ass.
  3. So, idea for a power set: Energy Absorption, like Bishop in X-Men. Has powers like a click to steal some Resist from all enemies around you for a while, and maybe a buff that, once you click it, remembers the last damage type you were struck with, and gives extra Resist to it for a while. As an interesting twist, could give it LESS protection to Smashing and Lethal, as it's about absorbing radiant energy as compared to strictly kinetic attacks.
  4. Love it! Especially since it would finally allow a 100% "poison" themed character, via a Toxin/Poison Troller!
  5. A fee I already paid in advance, as I want this for my energy/energy melees! 😉
  6. Quasi, maybe? My concept was that someone can produce both healing and detrimental bio-compounds, but then uses a sword as an "applicator" for the negative ones, since he doesn't have fangs or claws or anything. Though if a paladin were an ACTUAL option, I would've made one long ago....
  7. What would be absolutely IDEAL would be Poison/Broad Sword, as a combined mesh of biokinesis, like Elixir from X-Men.
  8. Maybe, straying a bit further in terms of looks, but I suppose it might be closer in terms of theme of "active healing" abilities.
  9. I'd prefer Regeneration for theme, but honestly, Willpower is more Regen than Regen is, so it could work.....
  10. So I know that Streakbreaker prevents you from having too many misses or failed dodges in a row if your accuracy or defense are too high for it to be realistic. What I'm wondering is, does it automatically trigger on the pertinent attack, BEFORE or AFTER confirming it should hit or miss? For example, let's say I have a 95% chance to hit an enemy, and I miss. On the following attack, does the game roll like normally FIRST, see if it hits, then apply Streakbreaker if it misses? Or does it FIRST apply Streakbreaker, without bothering to roll first? Just wondering because it FEELS like Streakbreaker is kicking in an awful lot...
  11. I want to make a character who uses a sword, has the regen pool, and takes the Medicine pool, and possibly the buffs from Experimentation. Given those requirements, which AT will be hurt least by this?
  12. So I know in general it's not really worth it to take pools like Medicine, etc, as compared to just taking a support AT, but if you want to do one for theme/concept's sake, which one is LEAST BAD, if you want to take those? Was hoping to do something with Sword and Regen........
  13. I was just thinking about this. It could be tricky in mutli-level maps, but you might be able to limit it to outdoor maps, and say your character falls from the sky, with some massive amount of fall protection for a few seconds. Hell, even if it was limited to non-instance maps, and just had a number of "hotspots" you could teleport to (certain contacts, detectives, transport, etc) would make it feel more "valid."
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