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  1. I think the first game I ever played where it mattered was Super Mario 64, and it used "inverted" the same as a flight sim. Ever since then, it's always felt natural to me that stick/mouse go forward = "down," stick/mouse go backwards = "up."
  2. I was more just thinking your different toggles sounded like they could be individual powers to debuff. Alternatively....maybe just a flat reskin of Trick Arrow?
  3. I had an idea a while ago where everyone gets a nemesis with the same AT and origin, but "inverted" powers like Iceman and Pyro. So if you're a sword/ninj scrapper, you fight maybe a mace/shield scrapper. Ice Dom vs Fire Dom, Archer blaster vs either DP or AR, etc.
  4. I've mentioned before, I think it'd be cool to have a small dirt geyser effect, as if you were actually diving underground and then popping up somewhere else. Would work really well for stone tanks, who are the ones most likely to NEED teleport, anyway.....
  5. It might be interesting to have an "armor" set that focuses on lowering the offensive potential of enemies, but that might run the risk of stepping on a Support's toes....
  6. While I'd love to play this, I assumed it was considered unbalanced since the range of Sentinel would help cancel the slow speed of Granite, giving you the advantages without the drawbacks. You'd basically be a heavy turret.
  7. I think Butt Stallion is already copyrighted, sadly....
  8. As I mentioned earlier, the problem with Empathy relative to other sets is that it's designed around recovering when things start going BADLY. If a team isn't having problems in the first place, then an Empathy defender doesn't have a ton (relative to other sets) they can bring to make the team even BETTER. Hence the suggestions of modifying powers so they're useful even when people AREN'T hurting, letting it be a proactive instead of reactive set.
  9. Reiterating how I've heard that the hardest part of new sets is the animations....is it difficult to simply relocate where on a model a blast attack comes from? I know there's a few blasts that can vary, like Fire Breath coming from either your mouth or a hand, or X-Ray Blast coming from your eyes or hands. Also, lots of Sonic blasts can either come from your face or your hands. It would be cool then if either Beam Rifle could be come a "hand blast" set, OR, if other blasts could be made to come from a weapon of some sort! (Also, I'm still desperately hoping for a shoulder canno
  10. Wouldn't the latter be a sword? I've heard those have an INSANE degree of cutting power!
  11. This looks awesome, thank you so much!
  12. Now I'm specifically imagining low-level Energy Blasters fighting at the top of a skyscraper; whoever gets knocked off the edge falls to their death!
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