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Looking for people to team with.


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Hi @Kawika79!  Excelsior is chock full of amazing people who would love to team with you!  The best thing to do is to post a message to the LFG (looking for group) channel stating your level and what you are looking for (missions, AE, DFB, tfs, etc.) or to send a tell to someone who is forming a team that you want to get in on.  As you play with different people, you'll find that you "click" with some of them and can start building your friends' list from there.  Before long, you'll have a long list of friends you can ask and who will ask you to team.  


I hope this helps!


Oh, and I should add:  You don't say what your toon is, but if it happens to be a plant troll or dom, we have a plant troll/dom crew that runs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. (EST), and you are very welcome to join us!  You can send a tell to me ingame @Tahliah or join our chat channel:  Parks and Wreck to get added.



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