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Bio Armor Double Adaptation


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While playing my DB/Bio scrapper I occasionally after loading into a zone or mission I notice little green 'heal' numbers floating over my head while attacking. After looking into my combat attributes I see that Defensive Adaptation is kicking in as well as Offensive Adaptation.



HIT Harlequin Fencer! Your Typhoon's Edge power had a 95.00% chance to hit, you rolled a 55.62.
Your Defensive Adaptation heals you for 4.56 points of health!
Your Typhoon's Edge slices Harlequin Fencer for 174.26 points of lethal damage!
Your Offensive Adaptation hits for 21.85 points of Toxic damage!

I have not been able to find a great way to replicated this, but it happens frequently enough for me to think something is up. I rarely use Defensive Adaptation and normally just keep Offensive Adaptation toggled on.


I just seem to be getting the healing ticks, not the extra defense or resistance.

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