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CRASH Resolved: dialogue boxes

Impish Kat

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Please excuse the cross post.



So, there has been mention that some folks were experiencing horrible movement lag, to the point of motion sickness.


I was also suffering from this, which was boggling to me since I'm using the same laptop I played on during live.  Nevertheless, I resigned myself to setting my graphics to "performance" and turning off Ultra settings completely, which I had not needed to do before. 


Then the last patch did something... and every dialogue box caused an immediate hard crash with a .dll notice.

WTF??!!??  Been on the game for how many weeks and never had this happen.


Long story short.... after several hours of troubleshooting, with frustration levels escalating, Hubby got the idea...


See, my laptop has the on board Intel graphics chip AND a GForce GT chip.

We'd heard there had been problems with the Intel chip, but I didn't worry about it because of my GForce chip. 


Problem was, we hadn't told the GForce chip to take care of the game!


SO... We went to the NVidia control panel and had to add the score game executable to the list of programs.  This was done with a simple browse and click.  Then set the NVidia graphics options, and voila!  all problems solved.


My movement is smooth, game movement is smooth, graphics back to ultra, no dialogue crashes... It's a beautiful thing.


Wanted to share, in case anyone else might have a similar situation.

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