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I was just messing around in costume creator last night. Was going to make grav. Then thought about my ice concept.  Halfway through I realized I was I. A dark evil theme.  So changed to Dark/Dark vampirism theme.  And entered the city villain style


hit pocket D switched to Rogue and did 2 DFBs. Then a farmer posted an any and all welcome. Less than two hours later I have a 32 Dark Dark Dom.  First Dom since about a year before live was killed by evil soulless cubicle zombies. I Brute a lot lol


so...  the 32 pet changes my concept slightly. Rebuilding as a crossroads demon with a hell hound. 


Powers wise i avoid the melee but am doing the PBAoEs including going to do Ghost Widow arc and get those epic dark powers. Love to stay ranged but will be jousting for more damage and staying there if a Tank or Brute is around to hold agro and just help burn it down


still not in a huge rush to 50 this guy because I have a couple projects running. Finishing accolades and earning in my main and soloing Blueside on a Brute


i will do a cheap I/o build on this guy since that is about the same as throwing SOs on at this point and redoing them every 5 levels


planning to do the low level task forces more or less in order to build my Dom chops back up


see you in the city

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