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  1. Snarky

    Rumors of Changes

    Okay. Its been more than a month since i posted this. I have a 19 tanker i am soloing Redside with. Invul/Dark Melee. IMO toughest Tank outside Granite. I would even argue toughest if you allow strategic positioning as part of the defensive argument. Patch of Deaths in an Incarnate Trial or the Fist of Doom in Lambda have got to suck on a Granite. but i digress. As usual. In fact i think digression is perhaps the overall point if the entire exercise. Wait. Doing it again okay. So any word on when?
  2. I was told to craft orange recipes and sell them. Since i do not have AH history i have no idea what to sell them for i am getting bought out at low values. Sometimes the sale is less than salvage and crafting costs. I am seriously considering Using my earning to just buy Recipes from merit vendor and/craft convert upgrade oranges for sets i need and only buying off AH when i Have a ton of inf i earned through kills. Selling nothing on AH. No converters no recipes no enhancers. In fact the last week except for experimenting with crafting/selling oranges that is what i have been doing. Since i do not lime to be ripped off i will probably adhere to this in the future. Using AH as a way to get some salvage (i bank a lot in my base) and maybe bid on some enhancers with extra cash. But sell nothing as the market is defacto set up to rip people off who do not watch it and research it like a stick trader
  3. I do appreciate the 1337 team of geeks what has brought us the game back i do want the Tank update. A Brute update. And cookies the find thing does not work for me on AH. I am no marketeer and i grind and make my money that way. Still a little frustrating to know tou are getting ripped for millions by AH gremlins who play the market more than the game and are keeping track of AH niches while you cant even see last 5 bids. i been trying to follow some formulas for making monet on AH but I can tell they are mot working. When you craft an Orange and sell it and it only gets 600k then you know you are upside down. Ut i jave no idea what it will sell for in advance because that feature no longer exists. again i make my money by grinding. I am bery grateful to have a place to get enhancers i would never have easy access too otherwise still it seems a shame to lose money on most transactions due to completely flying blind. I know if i did not know how to grind purples this would upset me a lot more than it does. So pit this post down as a shout out to the new players who are still running on SOs and look at the AH as evil. That is how i viewed it my first year on live because i knew there were peeps scamming every niche and i was just making money for them. Now i am like ‘here if that makes you happy spend hours doing it’. but it seems like such an obvious QOL issue i just wondered what was up with it and if there was a plan
  4. Okay. So now going to go into a lot of detail or grumpiness here you all know what i am saying is there a fix in the works or even a reason it is ....dont be snarky dont be snarky..... the way it is?
  5. I am pretty good at Fast Leveling 50s. Then i abandon them strip of i/o and never play again couple of tips i have for you DO NOT stick to a plan. Have an outline. Throw it out the window if aomething better comes along DiB is a great idea. Very hard to get. The best most consistent leveling 15-35 is hopping into a PI team. Getting Lucky and landing on a Farm is the gold standard. I never beg or actively search for either of these two but if an AD foes out... task forces earn good experience help you learn thhe character organically and het merits and cash 8 person radio teams of your level are never bad. Better than sitting in Pocket D wondering who is the biggest Cat Gurl After 35 as many ITF as you can jump on. Fast consistent levels. Again Farming is better and hard charging PI teams may match it ir even beat it. But ITF is consistent last tip. Do not alt after a day or two. In a few short days using the above plan you will be 50. I have done it literally countless times GL. Ps. The incarnates system is actually awesome. Have fun
  6. Snarky

    Quit a TF

    So... My Snarky butt quit a Task Force Sunday. It is something i really try not to do. I try to understand when peeps leave for RL reasons. A Synapse on Saturday took 2:35 and we were down to 5 peeps on the last mission. We finished Yeah but Sunday I rage quit lol. Posi 1. I switch sides. I am on my 14 Tank Rogue who is soloing all Redside content. Invul/Dark and with as many procs ATO sets and uniques as you can cram on at 14. Not squishy we fill and start. I have no taunt at this level and so eace ahead if the team to take the alpha. They are all squishies. Team lead is a squid and there is not a melee in the group but me i get pasted. Hit Dull Pain and eat every insp and dead in 15 seconds. The team lead was set at +4. It happens. I have made a mistake before. Just the one the team lead says he will change it after mission. Fair enough i guess. I would have restarted. The team wipes of course. The leader is giving pep talks “we got this” i mau have said something sarcastic. Yeah probably. The team leader responds. “ Why did you run in?” okay. That irritated so i just calmly say “ task forces are usually run at + 0/x1 for speed and merits” and another voice aays “not everyone runs that way.” that was all i had in me. Not going to run a half hour with that team. I quit. Maybe i should have stayed ran a Posi 1 later stull at 14 exp stopped and got through it 59 minutes. Wipe at city hall steps on last mish. Because someone could not stay away from the door while we cleared. Ut we got through it pretty good anyway. Sorry if i pissed anybody off on Snarkrot mu Redside Rogue Zombie Tank.
  7. Snarky


    Thank you all. Just what i needed. I am soloing Redside story arcs on this guy. Grinding through 10-14 Cap content today at 14. The kill all on 7 floors was irritating. Having to never worry whether the build will survive a combat - priceless at 212 reward merits. This is mu reserve lol. Wont be spending until 50. I have a mean 50 (Hyperstrikes build on a SS/Invul Brute and have started a Rad/Fire Brute for farming now at 30. The Invul/Dark will be my focus for awhile. Love relearning the Redside Lore. So well written. I have done this Project on Brutes before. Fun on a Tank After this i will prob do a Invul/SS Tank to celebrate the changes to the AT. That is some weeks down the road since i work heh Again Thank you all so much. Knowing what I am building toward as i level is so much better for me
  8. I talk in LFG and use Help for LFG and random bits of my personal opinions. As well as my battle cry “I’ve upped my efforts. Up yours!” sometimes people complain about this. But i either say something snarky or ignore the complaints. If i see a question in help when i am not teaming ROFLstomp i try to answer it. I have a second comp up with Paragon Wiki cause my memory aint so good. So while i walk on Help i also try to make sure every question gets a response even if it is not a perfect answer i play on Everlasting. The RP server. These geeks is hardcore. I do not use quotes or soliloquy in character. I tell peeps i am Snarky so i dont have to RP that now for all my grumpy weirdness i am very experienced at CoX and when i join a team even with an SO’d lowbie i tend to stay focused and know my way around. Being useful helps. All my characters names begin with Snark. Snarky, Snarkbot, Snarkrot, Snarks, etc. Branding is everything and people tend to pit me down as a known quantity i believe. They may not love me but they get that i belong But rather than get in an argument online about channel etiquette i just point out that Help is being provided or that no one is currently using LFG for any teamming. Again i may be missing a ton of possible love but i try to survive without online fans. If someone pushes it i tend to ignore them. Not on ignore list but just chuckle as i read their comments bouncing off my 90% internet comment resist armor. One time since i been back some one tried to get under my skin. I warned them. They persisted. I pointed a couple things out. They stopped responding. But again i try not to argue with peeps. I chat. Sometimes in Help and LFG. But with an eye on if the channel is swamped or slow. So in essence i show respect. And in essence i have felt welcomed.
  9. I put no one on ignore. I do not do it when i play WoW and i do not do it in the City or Isles. WoW has a mechanism for temporarily putting peeps on ignore when you report them. If it is a time where i am in Orgrimmar for a while i report up to 20 or so people an hour for racism sexism homophobia truly nasty cursing and sometimes pedophilia. That community is not healthy. But i will mot ignore it. Just like a Brute i stand there and deal with it. Maybe my armor will hold. Maybe it wont. But i will not let any nasty ignorant bully push me out of geek heaven. So i stand and watch i have not reported anyone in the City. I think i did a few times back on live but CoX community has never been as bad as WoW. I am not just being sweet either. I dont have a ton of sweet so i got to ration that out
  10. Not having exact percentages is not a problem. I see the pattern you are describing. I have a base for all my alts. I cleared all the salvage out a week ago but there was nearly a hundred orange and all sorts of yellows and whites. I tend to save oranges until i am short on cash for an enhancer lol. i am starting a Rad/Fire Brute farmer tonight. I will stop selling recipes and salvage and start using them as proscribed. This system you lay out makes sense. I am doing all this from my phone. (Typos are free). When i get home i will save this convo to a folder so i have a roadmap. i appreciate the time you took to lay this out for me and anyone else who is struggling. It doesnt help i have really expensive build tastes and love to alt lol. I have a few 50s i really want to i/o and there is the army of alts always trying to claw thier way into the world. So this helps me get more than the one main i can afford and the few frankenslotted SO 50s on the backburner. Should be an interesting weekend. If your method produces results fast enough i may even buy a winter pack. Ich. Just typing that irritated me lol. Maybe i will put that off awhile
  11. Snarky

    Brute farmer

    Going with a Rad Fire. It is time to Brute forward to the inf dispenser
  12. Very nice thank you.
  13. Snarky

    Dark melee / regen

    I am definitely in the minority. I love Dark Melee and believe it pairs well with most sets. Not so much Regen. If i recall Regen has no endurance issues whatsoever. One of Dark Melees big bonuses is a PBAoE that replinshes an end bar from none to full. Another draw is an attack that does okay damage and gives a heal 10% of health bar. So. This Becomes a slow mediocre attack with health benefits you dont need in Regen. Shadow Maul as already pointed out is a long animation during which you have no access to you Regen click powers. So. You have your first two punches that are working for you minir damage and moderate and then waiting for the PBAoE buff power and tier 9 attack. Almost any other set would be better with Regen. I like Dark Melee. Not enough to gimp a build. My two cents.
  14. Snarky

    Kinetic melee

    I have not but that is soecifically the language on the Paragon wiki. I have not looked at the power desription or leveled a scrapper KM high enough to check. Was hoping the Scrapper community would both know and know if this effect is better than a crit. The spreadsheet on scrapper damage specifically says the proc effect of rech power siphon happens 2-3 times a minute. That is what the paragon wiki says it will do. The spreadsheet guys were not overly impressed from the brief read i got
  15. That does help. I never understood how the converters really worked and when i get burned during experiments my Rage bar goes past softcap (like with 10 mil winter buy fiasco) i will start a Farmer tonight. Can pretty much kit one out with procs and uniques and some lower level sets i have laying around. (I do not sell once i buy. I really hate the AH so if i go to the trouble of buying it i own it forever) i will also experiment with the converter tricks you mention. Crafting and selling to buy back attuned sort of makes sense but gives me trepidation. I dont want to lose money there. But i will give it a week or two. I am bery good at math and not good at science. Weird i know but my Calculus carried me thru intro to science for science majors with a B and i understood nothing. The Doctor teaching the course pulled me aside and commented on this. I owned up to it. He still gave me the B. Said my math was perfect. As long as i had a formula i got the answer. Just never understood what the number implied
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