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  1. City of Heroes exists in a world where we will probably never see a major update. So, I suggest a greater use of the content that does exist. Another way to play more of the game. I suggest the ability to TF your solo character to a level of your choosing. And do any content in that level range. Yes, I know Ouro solves most of these issues. But it does not have all the odd storylines that mostly gather dust. I am a completionist. I have soloed every story arc Redside multiple times. I do love the entire run. Gritty, petty, strange, and fun. I have never successfully soloed all Blueside content. Two major factors, maybe three. !) There is a lot more of it. 2) It is 9in my opinion) not as well written as Redside 3) I do not appear to be much of a hero. If I was able to log onto a main at 50 and decide to spend a night doing X level story arcs, then go back to 50-ing Incarnate content, it would open up more gaming options. It looks (from a surface glance) as if all the coding exists for this. Just putting in an interface would be needed. On the surface it looks like that anyways. I know CoX code has more squirrels than Central Park. Anyways, that's my 2 cents on how to get even more mileage out of the old car.
  2. Been taking a break from CoH. Have there been any new enhancers or modifications I should know about for SS/Invul since late March? Or are the old Hyperstrike builds I am using still optimal? Just back for a character concept I have developed a writing interest in. But I do like to stay current. Thanks.
  3. I have made two previous threads with complaints about the baby following everyone the 1st disappeared without notice. I learned just now it was merged without telling me into oatch notes my second thread was just merged there i care nothing about talking about the patch notes i consider the unwanted unasked for and undesired kid following everyone a form of bullying for some Devs amusement and i consider burying the discussion of this issue censorship
  4. And evidently the dismissal is temporary. this is indeed a form of bullying. Doing something to someone without their permission or approval because you think it us funny soecifically because they do not like it. i am not only logging out until it is fixed i am considering taking a longer break from the game. This type of irritation is not something i will put up with. No matter how much you laugh and explain it is a joke. Enjoy the humorous situation. Without me. I enjoy the city for the art if character building. Having this thing following me is as much fun as you adding it into one of my oil paintings and trying to tell me how neat it is. Get the F away from my art
  5. I could bot figure it out last bight how to get rid of it. So i asked. No one knew so i did not get done levelling an ice blaster up to 35+. So i will not be going in tonight’s ICe ITF with my SG the joke, like so many, is more griefing people and then laughing about it than it is being humorous. The human race is vile. And that is just another reason not to want a small one following me
  6. I was a us navy sailor at 17. I am a truck driver irl right now. Semi truck in heavy metro traffic. I “talk” like a truck driver. Really have to hang with just the rough crowd at church events lol when i see vile stuff i report it. There is a way to do that easily in WoW. I use that a lot sigh. One if the reasons i dont go there much i have not seen hardly anything that rises to that on the Homecoming. Servers. If anything my off color remarks tend to be about as bad as it gets. hopefully what you saw was just an anomaly and not a trend.
  7. first, my complaint about the kid seems to have disappeared from forum. its early so maybe I missed it. second. I wont be gaming with a kid companion. I don't know hat sending kid to its room for a short time means. if its anything less than the rest of my gaming session I have zero interst. your kid. you keep it. none of my characters have a child following them staying logged out until this stupid idea "err...hilarious joke?" goes away. its funny though. do more each week add another stupid thing following our characters around. try to pick creepy like kids have fun with it you have the power
  8. Those numbers are a relative guide at best. They do not even truly apply to every base build in the Archetype pre working on it with all the toys in the game. For instance Ice Blaster would not really fit Blasters graph. It has less damage and more control than those bars indicate. Once you get into building a character with Invention Sets, in game buff from P2W vendor, base buff machines, Incarnate Powers, Accolade Buffs, and above all talent the numbers are almost meaningless. For instance I was just in a discussion with someone who has soloed every Task Force except one with a Sentinel. I believe them. But I have difficulty getting a Sentinel to do anything truly effective. The truth behind their statement drives a stake through the heart of those bar graphs and plants it in a coffin. Sentinels are believed by many to be nearly impossible to power game with. (okay, by me anyways) So talent has a lot to do with going beyond design. Having said all that it is a good general look at what a character can do, graphically. Brutes do high damage and have high survival. Blasters do very high damage and nit much else. Unless you have talent. Then you can make them survivable and do magic with one.
  9. it breaks all of my character and genre creations by its very existence. while many of you might have me pegged as a uber power gamer and chaser of bonuses I play in the city because it is here I have the most creative control over costumes powers concepts and immersion. that turd in a toga breaks it. I will check in later. until then I am watching Supernatural and getting some rest
  10. I was just informed the kid is not removable. can someone tell me when it goes away. until then I am in WoW thanks
  11. I have asked in game and been told there is no way to remove it. it really creeps me out and I been working a lot, so my gaming time is precious if there is no way to get rid of it I will be going to WoW for a while. any ideas?
  12. Thank you Homecoming Team! Even if you fall flat on your faces in a drunken knife fight of failure (yes, I always assume the worst, it's a curse) I will forever be impressed at what you have done this year. That is not easy to earn from a Snarky beast like me. You folks have rocked it. /em hold Olympic flame
  13. For those who want things tougher. Everytime you get a level where you get a new power hit your big toe with a hammer for every incarnate power hit both big toes. Everytime you tier 4 hit the same toe twice there. Content just got tougher. And it affected no one elses gaming experience unless you are on a voice server because your SG mates might hear crying
  14. I agree with the largeness. I went badge hunting all shards on saturday. It took....a while. But the experience felt right
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