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  1. Best wishes on your new endeavor. If it doesnt work out you can always join me on my backup backup plan. Creative Diamond reacquisitions
  2. Lol. That was actually part of my motivation. I started thinking of the words and time i put in on the boards and was like....if you put that into the book...and so far 500 a day feels easy. I will keep this goal for a week or two and see if i want to increase the minimum per day
  3. I have started writing again. My goal is 500+ words a day. Which is not huge until you realize I have been writing 0 words a day and thinking i am "working on" a book. Putting all those ideas to paper is generating more ideas....and actually writing lol. How about you?
  4. now i want to see a granite race. sort of. yawnfest. but definitely just to be able to say "i have seen a granite race" is there a badge for that?
  5. I do not make character notes much. And always forget to look to see if someone has a note. But if you invite me to a Khan then insist on running it at +4 you will get such a note. Stupid is not the word. It is not stupid enough.
  6. I have a Dark/Dark I ran for quite a while as a main. I like the Dark/Dark because Dark Melee stacks more to hit debuffs and the End Rec power can be very welcome. Also, great build up buff.
  7. It would during some of the incarnate trial cutscenes...
  8. Well, just like being a mass murderer everyone starts trying to get that first one. The only AV I have even tried to solo was the first tree of thorns respec AV some months ago. at +0 I was able to accomplish this. I did use envenomed daggers and a lot of temp pets. I was going for the badge not the bragging rights. I still owe the original Positron EB at the end an ass whooping. Everyone abandoned the TF and left my poor Energy Blaster alone. I still have horrid memories.
  9. well. what you do is find an AV. Then, you attack it. successfully killing it hopefully. m'kay?
  10. I am Snarky enough without additives
  11. Wait? Didnt we already cover Sentinels do crap damage in the flame war section of this thread? Damn i hate the circular nature of these conversations
  12. This is a horrid deviation from the current state of affairs to perform a “fix” for a relatively new AT that has not received a tuning. Why would you change the entire “normal” for everyone to “possibly” find the “perfect fix” for this situation. Nurse Ratchet, bring me my mallet, I must anesthetize the patient!!
  13. So many things in this game are all or nothing. If your try to turn Sentinels into a class with agro management powers.... in my opinion you are adding complexity and mediocrity instead of simplifying and adding excellence.
  14. I did not start this thread because I dislike Sentinels. No, not even close. I love the concept of Sentinels. i ran Brutes for years rather than Blasters because I prefer toughness to outright damage. Having said that. (and without data mining DPS calculations until I could write a college research paper on it.) Sentinel get seriously shorted on the doing damage end. As a AT with a secondary armor set the most logical comparisons to doing damage would be Tanks, Brutes, Scrappers, Stalkers. Based on health, resistance caps and other factors you might logically assum
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