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  1. I think of it as a Hell Hound. Which puts it then squarely into Demon/Devil characters for me. A lot of my Dark is Undead characters. It is odd how the game choices interact with my choices to define where certain AT powersets have to go for me
  2. Snarky

    Shadow Field

    I am trying to understand this. It looks different than the only Dom I know, Grav. Does it not hold everyone, but just a few in the area? Because the description and the detailed info both indicate a "chance" of holding... If it is not a hard hold, how does Darkness control, well, control?
  3. interesting. I have played crabs, never a huntsman. had to delete my crab and opull a couple other tricks as well. that backpack started showing up on ALL my characters. like a virus. sad. But Huntsman? Thank you. Will put that in the hat.
  4. I am flirting with the idea of starting another Redside run. Every contact/every story arc. I usually do this with a Brute. I tried it with a Tank a couple months back and got to around low 30s. Then the Tanks were updated and I wanted that thing incarnated asap. Also, the kill alls were killing me. So slow. But....A squishy? I have never tried it before. But, with I/os, temp powers, and every trick in the book (mine and the ones you folks show me) I am pretty sure it can be done. The only question is...what AT and powerset. Thoughts on possibles: Blaster AR/Dev. Things get nasty can always build a fort pull and watch the fireworks. I am half tempted to do this. Or Dark/Psi Or Fire.Fire. The pure Blap-happy killer Trollers: I hear Grav is super powerful on a Troller, and I love Grav conceptually and in game. Plant Troller. Here those are mad powerful. Not an easy concept for me to work with though. My thoughts keep going to poison ivy from Batman. I got nothing character wise. I have never run trollers and those bits of info is everything I know about them doms: I have had a couple 50 doms. Okay, not since live, but I ran them. I ran Grav / Nrg. I think Fires/Psi, Dark/Dark would also be strong possibilities I am not sure a Corruptor is a good choice. They really shine in teams. I think some of the power sets are still decent solo though I am not sure I could do Defender. I am not sure I have ever even rolled one. Sentinel. The odd Duck. Impossible to min max, yet soloing +0/x1 1-50 may be the ATs sweet spot. I guess the outlier here is Stalker. I have never seriously ran a Stalker. Not really a squishy. I suppose Sentinel isn't either. Kill alls on a Stalker? I know they excel at glowie runs like 1 min later done. But it is like Brute lite on kill alls. Any thoughts would be great. I will probably be percolating this for a few days unless lightning strikes or I haven 7 cups of coffee tonight.
  5. I agree. I e-mailed a 100 mil to someone who said they were new to the game and dead broke the other night. dropping a few mil every couple days on myself to not break concept is pretty much a no brainer. And the money is a pay it forward. Before I learned how to earn (thanks to the good people on the board patiently walking me through it) I could not afford crap. I told people how I was struggling and making cash with my strange tactics and a few (more than 2!) threw buckets of Inf my way.
  6. This is a very well thought out critique of Redside. While Redside arguably has some of the best storylines in the game, it is a specific type of storylines that it falls into. I have said before to do Kalinda and Burke's stories if you plan to run Redside. This is because they lay everything out so perfectly. If you like that, dig in, there are months of the same set up for you. This is not a perfect explanation of what they tell you, but it is not wrong either. Kalinda: Work for Arachnos. We reward loyalty. There is no other game in town. Watch your back. Burke: Screw Arachnos. Work for them, but steal from them. Oh, and some of them are honorable. But get your cookies and keep your distance. If you have a different character concept than will fit easily into running missions for the semi-organized evil organization Arachnos, whether being a loyalists or a traitorous selfish rebel, then the Redside storylines (mostly) will not work for you. There are some exceptions. A few of the contacts Redside offer storylines that explore meta concepts for CoH/Cov, but even these will almost always flirt with villain politics. For me this has always worked out. Somehow I just naturally click with the selfish backstabbing greedy pretend to work for you while looking for the angles world of Redside storylines. (looks at sentence, sighs) But seriously, I enjoy running those same arcs endlessly. Itching to run a complete all Redside contacts completionist toon again. Had one up to low 30s and just 50'd them. Was a Tank, horrid choice for kill alls. Doing Brute probably, or maybe I will go nuts and try a Dom...no....that would be....hmmmmm But yes, I do enjoy the petty villainy of CoV Redside. You might enjoy Goldside. So much more political and cerebral. I personally hate the missions for pure politics sake. Give me a Bank Robbery anyday. I sort of enjoy the difficulty of Goldside, but it is a messed up place over there. Even the street cleaning robots are politics junkies.
  7. Now this is an actual discussion. Thank you. It has made me realize I do not care if they make 1 more power pool available or all of them. Really a P2W option for fly that works on magic characters would have my propeller beanie spinning like mad lol.
  8. buildwise and inf speaking jetpack is a steal...but I run a lot of undead and wizards who are using a jetpack? can we get a wing option or a mystic fly aura or anything non tech in p2w?
  9. I posted here after starting the topic in discussion. I was informed there was a discussion going in here now i went back and read through. My opinion my point if view is that this is not so much a discussion. It doesnt really fit into an argument. Nor is it just snarky comments. It just seems everyone is unhappy with the opinions of everyone else and are expressing that. Peace out
  10. Great minds think alike. Or the moon is full. Whatever the reason i just started a similar thread in general discussion i make A LOT of brutes. Many. More than a few. Soooo. Fighting is a must. 3 left. Manuevers 99% time, so Leadership is a must. 2 left. Combat Jumping 99% time, so Leaping. 1 left. Modern builders wont even consider a build that doesnt have Hasten unless you are playing ?/willpower. ? Being some mystical set that derives no value from recharge. So. Super Speed. Sigh. Another build with Perma Temp Jet Pack. which reminds me i need to do an alt with the Perma Temp Jet Pack as part of their origin. Should make an interesting writeup But what (if it does not grind the game code into splinters) is the harm of more power pools. Wasn't Diversification what the Devs wanted at one point. Go wide not deep? in the modern game with i/o builds giving more than what the entire fighting pool manuevers and combat jumping give with a side of stealth and incarnate powers slathering on powah i cannot see a logical justification for saying more power pools are a game changer. Other than “ well this is how we always done it” so please look at this Thank you
  11. I tend to like the wild west of “discussion”. So much more fun
  12. You have no isea how many times i get to the end of a build I bave soent hours in research and construction and tweaking. It is pretty much done i have maybe a pick left over that could go for a travel power. (I really like fly). But... i have taken jumping for combat jump, fighting, leadership, and hasten. Well. There is another toon destined for a perma temp jetpack. Sigh i do not know if the coding is easy or impossible to add an extra power pool. it absolutely cannot be game altering to add a power pool in todays environment. A little more flexibility or proliferation into different support powersets cannot be important compared to i/o incarnate and various permatemp powers. so please. If possible. Think about doing this
  13. I cannot actually tell if this is a warmup for an april fools joke or something cool or something outside my interest Go. Hunt. Kill Skulz
  14. I just get this image of Mr Garrison sitting in front of a computer trying to interact with the Southpark kids. Saying excuse me, stepping away to slam a shot of vodka, then stepping back in front of the computer.
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