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  1. THe main issue for me would be reward merits. TFs would be harder to get. But I have been known to solo story arcs for thousands of merits. With standard recipe drops, converters, and buying purps from AH ATM with merits the only sticking point would be getting the cash for winter packs. Long time sure, but doable. Could even trick out all the Incarnate stuff with solo DA arc. Not a quick way, especially one toon in. But then there is fire farming for cash I suppose. That would net enough to buy Winters, and convert those to ones you want. Serious grindage, but a few months in could be as tricked out as on HC.
  2. I did not know about the underground game until it went public, less than 2 years for me now. Out of curiosity, what was 'the weasel?" supposed to do? Stand up to a corporation that has lawyers on the payroll and copyright law on their side? Just jump in their face and say "screw you, we do what we want!" I play a lot of Redside, and a lot of Brutes. But even my crazy villains know to sit behind the wall and do the math on your fingers and toes before you crash the boss fight.
  3. yeah, i forget the exact numbers. But I believe 3 is crap, 4 is good. 7 is basically 4. 8-9 is slightly, slightly better than 4. 10 is very good, and 12+ is very very nice. I hsve a blessing of the zephyr 4pt KB prot on my Dark/Dark Brute main. All I find he needs. Disclaimer, he flies 99% time. Not hover, just flight. This turns any knockback I do take into moving me and maybe flipping me in a circle. I do not need to stand up again. I may need to close back to melee range. KB seriously does not bother me with just that 4pts and flying. and I hate KB
  4. I would go 'further' off the ground. Lightning leaps from thousands of feet up to strike the earth as it 'grounds' after all. Not a scientist, would love to see the power to distance numbers on the math relationship of the physics of electricity grounding after passing through air. But just for game purposes the power does suck as is, and a tweak would be nice.
  5. I ran one of Hyperstrikes posted SS/Invul Brute builds as my main when I first got back to the game. Homecoming. Thank you. He ain't lying. I still have the toon, unmodified, ready to pull out of the garage. It is just smashtastic. And, like Hyperstrike said, it can just stand there stone cold and ignore 99% of the game. Huge Psi battlefields like the one iTrial, Battle Maiden's blue patch, and Magisteriums final battle do require you to watch the screen.
  6. I got a wish list that would make Santa cry. "Breaktimes are cancelled elves!" But I think adding more costume options would rule. Because as much as I would like to be able to earn extra enhancer slots by badges, veteran, etc, or have enhancement conversion not be a all day click fest, or be able to see in a MSR, I think more costumes would feed this alt hungry community more. I would love to see more lower body options...centaur, spider, floating mists (think CoT spectres) that Freakshow with a missing lower body and some mechanized floaty disc in its place from the new Doc Buzzsaw arc... I would love to see more giant head options that are the size of brain in a jar. round ones, cones, cylinders. and about X100 other ideas lol. More faces added that can have the vampire glowing eye affect (bonus points if the color is controlled separate from the neck cover! I could go on... I think costumes would have to be it. After Brain in a jar and a few of the other spectacular late game pieces came out (floating skull....) I had hundreds of alts I tried those on. Yes, one thing? Yet more costumes.
  7. faster, i will give you. but 50 merits is 150 converters. after expenses i need to make 3-6 i/o sales to beat 12 million. i can make a lot more than 3-6 I.Os out of 150 converters. thats (rogh guess) 40-60 million. yes, it does take time. if you are obsessive compulsive it is both easier and more annoying lol. but it makes cash. to truly make cash fast you farm. but i like TFs. this morning i got up and did a market crash, a LGTF, A LRSF, and a LGTF. some merits and two hami i/o. i much prefer play to farm. i farm randomly to test toons and if i just want to dive into non stop madness. but mostly i like TFs. soooooo merits lol. and the best thing is while i wait for a good TF to advertise i sit and twiddle my thumbs crafting those i/o money bags
  8. in a word. horseshit. Built out (which you specifically mentioned a built out character) my Dark/Dark will stand right beside a Rad or Bio and not have any issues. My Dark/Invul Brute is guaranteed tougher than them. and my Invul/Dark Tank? Fuggedaboutit My Dark/Dark Brute. With no external buffs, incarnate powers, no Rune of protection (which he has) or any outside help. Stone cold resist numbers 80.8% S/L, 53.77% Energy, 77.79% Neg, 74.03% Fire/Cold, 50.02% Toxic, and 85.16% Psi. 30-37% Defenses from I/O except Psi, ranged, and AoE, those are lower. He has various T4 incarnate powers. He has Rune of protection, he carries a moderate amount of purple and orange inspirations, and he has +107.5% global recharge before haste or either of his two Force Feedback proc attacks add to that. Which really helps bring Dark Regeneration (11 second rech stone cold, 6-8 second with personal buffs) up and give back a full health bar. Also, Does Rad or Bio have stealth or TWO mezz auras to deal with trash lts and minions? Because Dark Armor does. And it works. (I use a kismet and have purples etc for global accuracy, those things hit!) Oh, and probably finally Dark/Dark is constantly debuffing the tohit on mobs. Rad and Bio play by the rules Def>Res>heal. Dark/Dark says "Stealth>Mezze>Def>tohit debuff>Res>Heal, and oh, if it gets to heal 'best in game'" Oh, one last thing. Dark Armor has an incredibly powerful self rez with a huge stun and untouchable. Try bouncing back like that on a Rad or Bio! Maybe Rad or Bio is 'tougher' than this. But you are going to have a hard sell telling me it is 'observably tougher' Because the Dark/Dark Brute is going to stand there and take whatever the Rad or Bio takes. Conversely, with the exception of Psi (very rare damage type) a Dark/Invulnerable Brute WILL be 'noticeably tougher' than a rad or Bio Brute. I run the Dark/Dark as a main not because it is tougher. I like the strange tactics and strategies of Dark/Dark, the damage aura, the stealth and the two mezze auras.
  9. So some random Sybil can wipe a team? This is the same Dark Astoria people argued for pages and pages was not tough enough for 50s? *facepalm
  10. I joined a PUG at around 330 am yesterday (odd sleep schedule, not feeling great) and it was for a Dark Astoria team chugging along at +2 I think. First off it seems to me with the extra effects and lighting it is a horrific idea to use Oranbega. I could barely see half the time. Second, as we were in our third plow through everything easily mission...team wipe... I am on my Dark/Dark main. Normally only get killed if I am not paying attention or one shotted in Magisterium end fight. I wasnt running my protection accolades (Destiny/Hybrid) or Rune of Protection....but still. WTH one shots my Brute (and the team?) I dont even die that fast when i screw up in Battle Maiden fight. After the mission I asked and someone said it was a "lightning user mob" What, the Devs stick Thor in there and not warn everyone?
  11. Yeah, no. 800 merits for 8 purple...recipes.... ooof freaking duh. 800 merits nets 2400 enhancement converters. off the top of my head i think that would be somewhere around 250-350 enhancers created using the method i favor (learned from boards) those enhancers will bring in 2-5mil a pop. lets just call it 800 million. I am almost sure it would work out to more but i havent tracked specific numbers. I just grab ECs and twiddle while reading LFG chat between TFs. Buy level 25-30 Uncommon recipes off Auction. (these cost less to craft than 50s, and the bulk of the sets you want start at 25-30) Ensure that no recipe requires very rare salvage to craft. a very few do. Buy 50-100 recipes. buy salvage. turn merits into converters. grind baby grind. craft recipes. use converters to turn all of them into defense, resists, heal, or end mod sets. then take each enhancer and convert to another resit, defense, heal, or endmod. You are looking for (incomplete list for comparison) Numina, Miracle, Perf Shifter, Unbreakable Guard, Kismet, Reactive Defenses, Luck of the Gambler, You have to use the clunky drop down menu on the right side of the enhancement converter on each convert to tell it you want a certain thing. ugh. i know. convert "in set" each of the ones above until you get the global or proc from the set. Unbreakable guard you want any besides end/rech. check auction on prices, and start listing. if you want to hold out for more that is okay, they take longer to sell and the market may bottom past you for up to a week. Perf shifters inexplicably dropped from the 3-4 mil down to 2 this weekend. My selling 30 or so of them prob didnt help lol.
  12. For a trip down the rabbit hole read the 48? pages on Regen armor that is currently a hot topic on General Discussion page. In a nutshell, Bio is a good armor. There ar no bad armors. There are armors that are way easier to make tougher, and there are armors that will always be tougher. Bio is a good armor, with flexibility and some offensive capability.
  13. To me they are, but I Brute a lot. Was doing a stupid Master Magisterium run and the order came down to kill no pillars of light with Jacosta temp.... I died at least 8 times and prob 12. It was brutal. I die once in a while on a +4/x8 ITF. Which is funny there, because the self rez is brutal on the mobs. Then i have to reset the 10 toggles I run...sigh.... I have a couple 'armored blasters' and a ranged corruptor that is pretty good at staying alive. But yeah, squish time. And as long as we are on the subject. Taunt. My Dark/Dark Brute has no taunt. (I cant remember the last brute I took taunt with. Always Tank, never Brute) My Dark/Darkhas a stealth aura....so...I fly (always on, fly, not hover) to where I want and hit my PBAoE +buff Soul Drain. Let the mobs know I am there. Then start laying out AoE. I have a damage aura, and 2 mezze auras going. I make the mobs around me miserable. But the guys 30 feet away? They see nothing. No taunt, no see me, no problemo.
  14. 17 mobs is all anyone can taunt. a tank can taunt 17 in about zero seconds. a brute just jumps at 17 and hopes they think its funny. a blaster tries to nuke the 17 and prays it all dies.
  15. Invulnerable be like....why you stop attacking and doing all those things with your armor? Just kill stuff.
  16. i was already wondering about pairing this with Dark Melee. i love DM, although its a mixed bag definitely. didnt think the combat heal would help much and the Dark Consumpot is not needed....but the -tohit debuffs.....that could not hurt
  17. Okay, trying to think of possible ways to make regen as strong as possible, as it exists now. I am thinking Brute. 1) I love Brutes, 2) No one will auto assume you are a Tank (like if you rolled a Tank) 3) you get huge health So, Bute Regen. Then build for +Health and Rech. With the build focus on +Health. Just cram as much on as possible. Solo, you have the giant helath pool. on teams, stay tight for buffs and lean into Inspiration Tray.
  18. thoughts? Liu Kang, the new Toxic Avenger!
  19. you could, ....but its not worth chasing psi resist for the % of the game it is an issue. carry some purples and oranges and don't be lead tank on those runs. prob solved
  20. It is part of a larger Nemesis plot.
  21. Invul does not realize S/L exists, laughs at everything else beside Psi. At Psi Invul is like...so this is what everyone else feels all the time?!?
  22. I just 50's a Energy Melee / Willpower Brute. I am really surprised how strong Energy Melee is now. But what shocked me more was how, without even being softcapped, Willpower just rocks content. Granted I did I/O him like crazy and pushed to get energy resist to the mid 40s. But still, it plays WAY stronger than what I see when I look at MiDs buildout.
  23. Aragorn: "Give me your sword." Aragorn: "What is your name?" Háleth: "Háleth, son of Háma, my lord." Háleth: "The men are saying that we will not live out the night. They say that it is hopeless." [Aragorn stands up and swings the sword.] Aragorn: "This is a good sword, Háleth, son of Háma." [He lays his hand on the boys shoulder.] Aragorn: "There is always hope."
  24. Well, I must be batting for the other side then. To me (just to me. ? !) You are saying Regen is best for teams/leagues because it is hands down so crappy it gets the most boosts from everyone's buffs.
  25. This is the only way I have found to change the 'loincloth drape' on the Tech Knight belt as well. and another belt piece now that I think about it, has an optional drape. One of the oddball cape options may act like this too,. dim memory. Set it 1st thing. If you get deep into the design and decide to slightly tweak the color.... you are linking colors and setting that one piece, then unlinking and doing the rest of the costume over.
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