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I installed the game and can run the game just fine.  But after I make my Character and enter the game, there are no enemy's and I can click on my powers.  I also can talk with the NPC to get a mission.  So I'm pretty much just running around the map.  Help  I love playing COH and was extremely sad to see it go, and so happy that its back.

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Are you sure you're connected to the Homecoming servers and not to Paragon Chat? Paragon Chat is essentially a chat server using the CoH client as a front end -- you can create your character, enter Paragon City, and can use Sprint, Super Speed, Super Jump, Fly, and Teleport (IIRC) to move around the zones, but your only interaction is with the other people logged into the chat. There are only a few fixed NPCs like the trainers in place, and no wandering NPCs or traffic.

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