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Incarnate Trial League Formation


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NOTE:  This change is for iTrials only, since virtually every league that is formed is either completely full, or fairly close.  I've never seen a partial league queued with the intent

of picking up additional players who might have queued solo.


Just a few changes to make things easier:

1.   Remove logic from the queueing system that allows solo players to join an in-progress or a currently queing league that has a spot open.   This essentially makes all iTrials private queued.

2.  Add logic to preserve the league leader.

3.  Add logic to preserve the pre-defined team structure.

4.  Make new invites to the league auto-added to teams 1,2, and 3 only.

5.  Show the incarnate shift for all players in the league list.


Effect of these changes:

1.   Makes things easier for the iTrial leader as far as the formation of specialized teams.  ( such as group 1 for the north path in BAF )

2.  Makes things a heck of a lot easier after zoning in, as far as re-adding disconnected players, since the leader  doesn't have to deal with

regaining the star and with recreating 3 groups.  


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