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  1. I do have an Ice/Cold troller. It's an ok combination, though very light in the dps. There is only one power, Glacier, which requires me to be in combat range. I have no problem with the power, and I use it when appropriate, but it doesn't make me feel like I have to use it constantly.
  2. Looks interesting, my take: 1. I prefer controller sets with a pet, so don't lose the pets. 2. Not a fan of ground targeted AE powers in this game, so having more than one power of that type would be a big negative. 3. I prefer to stay at range when possible with my trollers, I'm not a tank or a blapper. So, all the PBAE powers... not sure about that. As to whether I'd play the set ... with me, character concept always comes first before I decide to try a powerset. After that, it depends on how it plays - I've deleted characters due to either awkwardness of
  3. The only thing I can think is that he thought you were forming an old time sewer run. In which case, don't really blame the guy if he wanted a real dfb.
  4. I have several level 50 blasters. Of them, I would say the Ice/Ice is the most soloable with +4 content. Any blaster build will do fine though with level 50 +0 content.
  5. I think a compromise would be to replace the "bowl" fight with the "invade the ship" sequence. Would definitely be more entertaining.
  6. I played a Thugs MM back on live, and always wanted his henchmen to look like Family. So I agree, some customization would be awesome. The ability to create custom mobs already exists in AE, so I don't think it's impossible.
  7. Maybe if it was confined to the northern end of the zone. The southern part is already used for mission arcs, and a constant invasion would make life very painful for lowbie players working on those arcs.
  8. I picked up this build from the proc monsters thread some time ago. It has great resists and somewhat decent defense, but tends to get overwhelmed at times during TFs when my team isn't fully backing me up. I'm looking for something more survivable that can hold its own when needed. Some DDR during an ITF would be great. Love all the procs, but they can go, however I definitely want to keep the knockback to knockdowns. Current build: Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink
  9. Consume, yes, for endurance management. If this is for fire farming, Rise of the Phoenix is kind of useless. Better to take something that helps with stats.
  10. I could see something like this IF there were some kind of option in the TF settings to turn the "insane difficulty" on or off. Not everyone wants that level of difficulty, and I don't want a repeat of what I experienced in Neverwinter where only the insanely geared people were welcome in end game content. It probably wouldnt hurt to add a level or two to the regular mobs in the mission on the difficult setting.
  11. A better variation would be to have the Rikti invasion to occur either in the RWZ or in Kallisti Warf rather than in some random zone. It would give the latter more of a reason to exist, other than costume contests.
  12. I sincerely wish gold side had been a full level 1 to 50.... if this were to happen, however, some balancing of low level missions needs to be done. Many of those missions are just not soloable by certain arch types, and some are extremely difficult for any archtype. Needs to be toned down, a lot.
  13. Yep, yet another run! Pretty good TF, with only a couple of deaths, and a decent time of around 49 minutes. Unfortunately, one of those deaths was me. Not much to do with one of those AV one shots though that somehow make it through your defense. :) Thanks to all who joined! Group composition: Ice/Cold ( Me ) Mind/FF Illusion/Rad Fire/Kin Grav/Time Dark/Dark Fire/Cold Illusion/Therm Screen shots:
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