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  1. I and a few others have suggested this in the past. +1 again.
  2. Yeah, I realize it's a bit of a rant. Most teams run fairly smoothly, but occasionally you run into one of those teams, and today's team encompassed 1 through 5. :)
  3. I run quite a few ITF's, and occasionally some lower level TF's. Just a few suggestions for players when joining any TF: 1. If I ask for someone to be in zone to ask for invite, please honor it. It doesn't take 5 minutes to get to any TF, it literally takes 5 seconds. Just do the following: a. Select LFG menu b. Click on Task Force tab and select the TF ( in this case "Time's Arrow" ) c. Select "Lock the event" and click "Queue" button You're there, takes just a few seconds. Two issues specifically with the ITF: it takes a
  4. I've always enjoyed playing card games, unfortunately everyone I played with has passed away. 😞 Some of my favorite games: 1. Rook ( Kentucky rules, not in the game manual ) 2. Uno Spin ( again, we made up our own rules to spice it up ) 3. "May I" - a variation of Rummy 4. Scrabble
  5. I'd seriously doubt this would pull people off the main LFG channel. No one's going to want to monitor two channels, I know I wouldn't. So I'd have to vote no.
  6. Ghost invasions of Croatoa and Dark Astoria would be interesting - maybe implement a few new badges to go with them.
  7. Gotta narrow it down a bit, that's 95% of the characters. :)
  8. Interesting concept. I always wanted an Egyptian themed AT and/or power set, but I doubt they would spend that much time on something so specialized.
  9. Maybe a new enhancement slot at vet level 100, 200, 400, 800, etc.
  10. Nothing wrong with playing a Storm - just slot some knockback to knockdown procs where appropriate.
  11. One annoying thing in Cimerora, is that it wont allow you to invite red-side players to the team, if one of your current teammates is out of zone. I've never had this issue in a co-op zone like Oroboros, for example. Could this restriction please be removed to make it easier to form teams, without having to ask people to be in zone for an invite?
  12. Cimerora is an active zone, what is an echo needed for? Or did you mean add it to the main exit portal?
  13. Decent movie, but nothing spectacular about it. Just your typical action/martial arts type movie, with just a splash of magic thrown in.
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