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  1. Looks like a good overall build, but how does it do in a farm with low fire defense? A lot of attacks in the farms are ranged, so the melee defense wouldn't help there...
  2. I'm leveling up a new tanker in anticipation of the upcoming changes. I realize it probably won't be as fast as my 2 brute farmers, but thought it might be fun to run occasionally just for a change of pace. Just curious if anyone has a good farm build planned out already? I'm looking for a high end build, so cost is not an impediment. Thanks.
  3. Hello, brother Junk. :) Sincerely, Junkyard Bot, Excelsior Server
  4. I could see value in something like this when soloing, for example to measure how my farmer is doing in an AE mission in terms of dps. On teams, not so much, since there are so many variables depending on team composition, buffs, etc.
  5. 1. Family ( would probably be a cross between Mercs and Thugs as far as powers ) 2. Carnies ( Psychic, Flame, and Melee powers ) 3. Cabal ( mostly ranged electric )
  6. Just curious if this is solely for plants, or could I bring my Nature Affinity defender on some of these runs? :)
  7. I've also been thinking of making a Merc MM, but not sure which secondary. OP narrowed it to just two, but out of all secondaries which would you say is best overall for keeping self and pets survivable?
  8. A few ideas I've seen in other MMOs: 1. Very restrictive mission timer. 2. Environmental Effects specific to the map. ( i.e. a constant DOT or slow effect that hits the whole party, I remember in GW1 a map effect that hit you with a DOT only when you moved) 3. Certain types of powers are disabled until a certain boss is killed or an objective is met. 4. Survivor ( having to survive increasingly larger and frequent ambushes at a certain spot on the map )
  9. You build to theme, that's fine. My final builds are about performance - to each his own. Then I guess you propose eliminating the rocket packs, since there is no practical difference, other than cosmetic? We'll just have to agree to disagree then.
  10. I don't feel that the flight power is marginalized, considering its unenhanced base speed is quite a bit faster than the jetpacks. This is just a convenience for those with very tight builds, who don't want to break theme with their costumes.
  11. I love to take flight on my characters when I can, but I have a lot of builds where I just cant fit it in. I end up buying a rocket pack from the P2W vendor, which is fine, but often what is available just doesn't fit with my character concept. For example, a magical character would not want to use a technological device to fly. So, it would be nice if we could buy a temp power that works like the existing rocket packs, but looks like the flight power. Plenty of temp prestige run and jump powers in the list, but unless I missed it, I don't see any for flight.
  12. I'd like to have a min-FX version of most of the powers, maybe some very small unobtrusive spines vs the over the top ones displayed now.
  13. I think they could make sleep more useful by turning it into a stun/disorient when the sleep is broken.
  14. I guess it was like this back on live, maybe, but the activation time for powers can be very annoying, and makes the game feel sluggish. Note: I'm not talking about cool downs - I'm referring to the time it takes to draw the circle around the power icon, before the power actually fires. I can understand the 1 or 2 second wait for attacks, to prevent exploits (damage spikes) in PVP, but not so much in PVE. As for inspirations .... I can't tell you how many times I've died on squishier characters after clicking a green inspiration several times, to no effect. It just takes too long. Suggestion: Reduce the activation time for self buffs by about half. I can see the possibility for exploits on attacks in pvp, so leave them alone. Reduce the activation time for inspirations to be as close to instant as possible.
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