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  1. Just a few ideas to make missions more pleasant. 1. CLUES - currently, received mission clues appear to be randomly ordered and if you have 2 or more missions going at the time, can be difficult to identify. I sometimes like to run through arcs and actually read the clues that go with them. Identifying that last clue can be a pain. Suggestion: a. Highlight brand new unread clues a different color than the rest, so that they stand out. b. Order clues by contact, then by time received in descending order. c. Always shows the latest clue at the top. d. Put a sequence number and contact name (or mission arc title) at the top of each clue. 2. ELEVATOR ICON ON MAPS - sometimes on large maps when you have to go back to find missed mobs or missed glowies, it is easy to get confused and forget which are UP and which are DOWN. Suggestion: Color code the UP elevators as green and the elevators in the opposite direction as a light blue. 3. FINAL MISSION TARGET - on a lot of missions, the final target, whether it be a glowy or a hostage, will show on the map. It doesn't happen on every map though, leading to a lot of headache trying to find that final objective, especially on very large maps. Suggestion: Fix all missions to behave the same way. The final objective should always show on the map.
  2. It would be nice if they could just convert those missions to completion on defeating the enemy mobs in the same room as the hostage. Having to lead the hostage to the entrance is very annoying and nothing more than something they implemented to consume time due to lack of content when the game first came out.
  3. I was recently playing a new character through the Rikti War Zone arc, and was a bit annoyed by one aspect of the mission arcs... the fact that you can't continue from one contact to another uninterrupted. Note: This is with double experience on, and actually killing most of the mobs in the missions. What I'm finding is that there is usually a 2 to 3 character level gap in between contacts. For example, I finished Levantara's arc, I'm at level 37. Now I have to get to 40 to start Drummer's. I'd prefer to continue uninterrupted, without having to do multiple levels of other content to catch up. Suggestion: Loosen up the minimum level reqs in between contacts, OR increase the mission completions bonuses to compensate, OR have no min level req after completing the first arc.
  4. It would be nice to have a min fx global option for any external buffs/powers, otherwise you're at the mercy of whoever has the power. I strongly dislike having my costume hidden fully or partially by other players.
  5. Shrug, I've had people quit due to impatience while I fly across the zone. So, it can be an issue. Hard enough to keep people going multiple missions when chaining radios. I would place it fairly high priority due to the popularity of radio missions.
  6. I don't think that's right. Bonuses can apply multiple times or people wouldn't bother with multiple LOTG global recharges.
  7. Yeah, I asked for this some time ago. Very annoying making that trek to the Detective to get the mission, which breaks up the flow of a radio team. As far as new enemy groups, definitely yes. Currently, I usually pick either Council or CoT, when they arent in a cave location. The others - Malta, Carnies, etc. I usually dont bother with unless in a very strong group. More options would be good. Some I'd like to see: 5th column Freakshow Nemesis Clockwork ( Yes, I think they'd work just fine scaled to 50 ) Rikti
  8. Maybe they could give an option at character creation as to which path you want to take... to avoid the forced respec? Option 1: Bane Option 2: Crab Option 3: Not sure atm, Let me decide at 24 Then if you want the other path as an alternate build, you can still do it.
  9. I think I could live with cave maps if they would just do something about the pancake room.... that room is a nightmare for locating mobs....
  10. I remember years ago on live, being on Lambda itrials where a dark ( probably a defender? ) was able to prevent Marauder from jumping using tar patch. Saves quite a bit of time not having to constantly follow him all over the map. I haven't been able to replicate it using my dark/dark corrupter. Does it require a huge amount of recharge, or is it something only a defender can pull off? Or do I need to get to +3 before it will affect the big guy?
  11. I wish the different dev/server teams would stop with the infighting and start helping each other out. The problem with retaining a community is going to boil down to new content - and refusing content or changes just because "they" did it doesn't help.
  12. It looks like that is the issue. I just tried it on various people in Oro. It works on some people just fine, and some people I can get 2 feet away and it still says "You're too far away to use Tar Patch". Very odd.
  13. Same here. I'm guessing their servers are down?
  14. Tried the quotes, it didn't seem to help. I'll try the bind to \ next.
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