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  1. I just started a character with this combination. Anyone with a good end game build who could share? Thanks.
  2. Yes, I know, this has been a recurring issue since day 1 of the game, however, it would be nice to revisit since we have new devs. I've been struggling with various character concepts, some of which I had on live. The names I had are now taken, and almost every variation is also unavailable. Just curious what it would take to make names unique per account instead of per server. Obviously both the tell and mail systems would need to be revamped to use something like charname@accountname. It would also be nice if the global vs character friend system could be merged - it's kind of confusing as is. The obvious con to this would be people who want to retain the uniqueness of their character concept. Back before this game was sunseted, I would have agreed with this, but I've played other games since then, and it didn't really bother me as much as I thought it would on those games.
  3. Currently, on my farmer Brute, I have filtered out all inspirations except for blues and reds. For AE, that's pretty much all I need. I also have the Inner Inspiration power, which is supposed to give you 3 random inspirations. However, the combination of these two things doesn't work too well. If the RNG of Inner Inspiration creates something that isn't Blue or Red, I get absolutely nothing. I find that the vast majority of the time, I get either 1 or zero inspirations. Request: Make it so that the filter works in such a way that I'll get 3 random red and blue inspirations, instead of nothing.
  4. I honestly wish they hadn't implemented the incarnate system. Like Neverwinter and other games, they could have created campaigns that gave your heroes incremental changes, rather than drastic changes which amp your characters to extremely high levels of power. End Game doesn't necessarily have to mean "I'm now at Thor level of power". It could be Fantastic Four levels, who routinely fight villains like Galactus.
  5. Yes, I'm quite aware of that. I'm also aware that it's unnecessary to put such high restrictions on who joins your team, when the TF was created for level 35s. You can certainly do it, but you're not going to convince me that it's right. But, my original point was that if you open up this particular TF to having level shifts, you will get the same thing - "It's my TF team and I'll invite who I want, and I'm not inviting anyone who isn't level shifted already, because they slow me down and are just "dying or hiding"". And the people who the TF was intended for, non shifted, will have a tougher time finding groups. I don't think that's good overall for the game, so we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  6. I remember running speed ITFs as well, I started quite a few. But I don't remember saying "level 50s only" either.
  7. I'm opposed to any change that encourages elitism. Already seeing people advertise for friggin ITFs "incarnates only please".
  8. Paladin sounds interesting. Although it would be nice if the shield power set could be worked in as a secondary. The other 3 are already covered IMO: Zoomer sounds a bit like a corrupter. Infiltrator = Wolf Spider as stated Instigator = Brute/Scrapper
  9. Currently, there are a number of powers that allow you to pick a minimal setting, in terms of what they look like. However..... not all of them - and there is no setting for what other players can do to you. Request: 1. Expand the number of powers with this setting. 2. Let me turn off the transparent effect when I'm using invisibility powers or enhancements like Celerity. 3. Let me turn off the ability of other players to change how I look. ( i.e., Frost shield, etc. ) I go through all the trouble of making the perfect costume for my characters, and most of the time you cant even see that costume while playing.
  10. Thanks for the info. Not sure I understand what you mean by spinning the camera, and what does that accomplish?
  11. krj12

    Scrapper or Brute?

    For playing in groups and leveling up, I would give a slight edge to the Scrapper. Others may have a different experience, but I have a hard time building rage consistently outside of farms. The scrapper on the other hand, comes out swinging with 100% of his damage potential at the start of any fight. The brute is a bit more durable, but if built right, a scrapper is fairly hard to kill.
  12. I just hit 50 with my AR/Fire, and thinking final build. Searching through both the old and current forums, there's not much information beyond AR/Devices builds. Goals for my build: Good survivability, I'm assuming through capped ranged and melee defense. Good DPS and recharge levels, with procs where appropriate. I don't want to blap, so not really interested in using melee attacks that much. Unsure at this time how important insta-snipe is to overall dps - I'm guessing using Full Auto as much as possible will be where most of my DPS comes from. Leveling up, it seemed to be useful as a leadoff attack when full auto wasn't available, but other than that... The two short range attacks, should I bother adding a +range enhancement, or just go with a full IO set? Thematically, I would probably have to go with either Fire or Munitions for my epic set, though from what I'm reading Munitions seems to be looked down on. Not sure if I should do Combat Jumping or with the Tough/Weave combo. Or both. Also wondering if I should go Recharge or Damage with my Alpha power. Cost is no barrier, so I'm not opposed to liberal use of Purple sets where appropriate. Thanks much for the help.
  13. I think the identified problem is that no one wants to do the lower level content, hence they speed through it with DFB or whatever. Not sure providing SOs will really solve the issue. The reason I speed through said content is as follows: 1. The content is boring and unimaginative. A little better than the old "Kill X" rats in fantasy MMOs, but not by much. 2. It's annoying having only 1 or 2 attacks. You spend most of your time waiting for powers to recharge. 3. There is only one starter zone, making you replay the same content over and over. 4. They nerfed the drop rate for enhancements significantly when IOs were introduced to the game. Possible solutions: 1 and 3) Provide more starter zones, and IMO more zones across the board for all levels. ( which is why I thought it was a bad idea to remove Galaxy City zone) Provide more quest lines and more content. Rewrite some of the old content, way too many arcs where you feel like you're repeating the same mission over and over. 2) We already have several temp powers which can fill that role, such as Nemesis staff and the Dark Wand, Sands of Mu, etc. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to let the player start out with 2 attacks from his primary power set instead of just 1. 4) Put the drop rate back where it was. Never understood the rationale for this, unless they were worried players wouldn't use the new sets and felt they had to force the issue. Low level SOs really wont solve anything. If that was done, the next thing would be people complaining those aren't powerful enough, and only having IO sets.
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