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  1. I'm curious, where's the best place to host images for posts like this? I used to use photobucket years ago, but they appear to be behind a pay wall now.
  2. Just curious why fire melee would be considered best on a tank, when Rad or Spines is currently considered best on a Brute farmer?
  3. I had a load of fun with the ITF team last night, 4 plant trollers, 2 sentinels, and 2 scrappers made for an interesting combination. Thanks to everyone.
  4. Seems like the best solution would be to just not allow it to double stack. Either have it auto-cancel the current invocation of rage, or just set it to not add any more damage beyond what you can get from one invocation. Problem solved, no rage crash needed.
  5. Neverglade. I logged in at 9 PM, not a soul in the supergroup was showing as logged on. I'll try again next Tuesday.
  6. I logged on Tuesday night, and no one was there. Has this been moved to another day of the week or time?
  7. I remember years ago, playing Guild Wars 1, you were expected to play very specific cookie cutter builds for your class. I remember being kicked from a number of teams specifically because I didn't always go with the norm, which I very much hated. I don't want any changes to the current system that will allow that kind of behavior. How I choose to do my build is my business. I don't really approve the current functionality that shows the set bonuses, to be honest. So I vote no.
  8. I'll respond to the question "what did you expect them to be". I expect them to be something complimentary to a ranged dps play style, preferably a set of self buff powers along with a build up.
  9. I'd prefer to have her turned into a full-blown GM.
  10. If you stand close to one of the bowling allies, you can periodically hear the sound of pins being knocked over. Always thought that was a nice touch.
  11. Hmm, there are a lot of people still on windows 7, and considering the overall crappiness of win10, probably wont upgrade. I know I wont until forced to when I buy a new system.
  12. I remember seeing a post about this weeks ago, maybe on reddit.... Is there any plan on speeding up the character list? It currently takes 2-3 minutes to bring up my characters ( on Excelsior ). I don't remember it being like this on live, Could it be something as simple as adding an index on a table? Seems like this could be a major turnoff for new players checking the game out.
  13. I don't see the issue with allowing AE missions to have contacts and doors outside the AE building. Heck, provide an /AE command so I can search for them without going into AE. As far as most of the content being low quality .... leave it to me to pick my own missions, I'll decide for myself what is bad and what isn't.
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