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3 hours ago, DethStryke said:

I have an electric/electric brute that I haven't played much. The 1 time I did play him he didn't seem to do much damage.  Anyone with experience share if these sets are worth playing.  Am I gonna see the kind of damage I get with a ss or spines brute? 

Electric Armor on a brute is awesome.


Electric melee is meh.


IMO where electric melee really shines is on stalkers.  The damage is just more impressive.  And stalker has a good single target element with AS.


I've tried electric melee on tanks, and brutes and almost had written it off - don't get me drone visually its cool and pretty - untill I rolled a Elec/ Shield stalker.  That pair belongs together and in that AT IMO.


Elec armor is harder on stalkers though because being capped at 75 and no native defenses its letting a lot get through.


On a brute Elec Amor can cap everything but toxic and neg energy at 90.  Elec armor has a great synergy with the brute AT.

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