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  1. Mass levitate, imo, is the power that makes psi melee work. Skipping it, or not using it, is like skipping foot stomp in SS. The combination of COF and OG is fun. Run into a mob and watch them just stand there waiting for your next move.
  2. DethStryke

    Ice Armor/?

    I'll put in another vote for ice/dm. So much fun. I considered for about 10 seconds if I should reroll as a Brute but decided against it cause I didn't want to lose anything that makes him awesome. I have 2 end recovery powers, but only use 1, and 2 heals that are never used but nice to have them. He handles all content and can farm really well. I have ice/stone as well, but I think stone melee suffers from a decent instacast t9 damage power.
  3. My experience with putting Superior Avalanche in burn is the knockdown proc makes the enemies knockback. Now I put the set in blazing aura and it works great. I put the Armageddon set in burn.
  4. Really enjoying my ice/dm tank. Not that I need or use them, but he has 2 end recovery powers and 2 heals. I also recently rerolled my stone/ice brute to an ice/stone tank and have liked the results.
  5. Not in front of my computer atm, but I believe the Armageddon set is best for footstomp. If you 6 slot the power (and you should), i recommend putting 5 Armageddon io's and 1 Sudden Acceleration knockback-knockdown io.
  6. I'm a big fan of the psychic/mental combo. The double t9 powers are awesome (1 of them recharges real quick). Drain psyche provides amazing regen. I have impressed a couple of teams by tanking for them. Probably 3rd fav blaster after fire/fire and ice/ice.
  7. DethStryke


    I really enjoy psi melee. I started my toon as psi/ice, then switched to psi/fire, then psi/elect, then back to psi/ice, then psi/inv, and finally settled on psi/wp. I am happy with the toon. I think greater psi blade is really powerful and mass levitate is a lot of fun. Dont let anyone try to tell you a set is no good, cause I avoided claws forever and finally made a claw/wp brute and he is 1 of my favs now.
  8. I second claws. A better set than I have always believed. I went claws/wp and he is a beast. Other good sets, at least for me, are ice/ice, ss/fire, and one of my fav psi/wp.
  9. HelenCarnate, nice reply and great info and advice. I never thought about the Hybrid option.
  10. Had in itch to make a new blaster. Already had a fire/fire, elect/elect, and ice/plant. Decided to roll a psychic/mental just for fun. Ended up farming him to 50 and running PI radios. OMG! So much fun! Psychic Wail+psychic Shockwave took care of most. One of those recharges really fast. then hit psionic tornado and psychic scream. Drain psyche is a nice utility. Overall. a great experience. I felt as powerful as when I play my fire/fire blaster. Would highly recommend.
  11. I have a few that are fairly rare. Have only seen a couple if any: Ice/plant blaster - blasttroller at it's finest Ice/fire brute - effective and fun Ma/wp brute -:yes, I said MA brute Psi/inv brute - everyone should try psi melee
  12. Take ice mastery. You won't regret it. On my ice/ice/ice I lay down ice slick then use all the aoe's to rain down and freeze in place. The mobs melt away. I barely use /ice secondary. Just goes with concept. Alright stop! Collaborate and listen............
  13. water/time corr - Slippery When Wet stone/fire brute - Fire N Brimstone ill/storm troller - DethStorm spines/fire brute - Stabbin N Burnin
  14. My altitus is almost cleared up and am now trying to pick a stable of regular playable toons. Wanted to know everyone's top 5 toons based off of dps, survivability, and most importantly fun factor. Mine are: spines/fire brute - farmer fire/fire blaster - crazy damage earth/earth Dom - solid control, great damage ice/ice dom - aoe madness, so much fun ss/inv brute - unkillable I have so many more toons that I like, but i would say those are my top 5.
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