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  1. Thank you Helencarnate
  2. What enhancement category goes with electric fences and ball lightning?
  3. And this build would be strictly for fire farming.
  4. Can some post a solid fire farming build for a spines/fa brute. I have looked over the forums and what I've found does not meet my needs. Looking for a build that includes: Super jump Spine burst Throw spines Ripper Mu mastery My biggest concerns are end usage and defense. I have all t3 incarnates, working on t4. Cost is not a concern as I am currently running a 250mil build that actually works ok for me. Just looking to move into epic status. Thank you.
  5. I hate to ask Newb questions, cause I have a few yrs in this game, but what is the benefit of the xp you earn after lvl 50? And is it something that can be turned off so that I earn influence only?
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