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  1. My altitus is almost cleared up and am now trying to pick a stable of regular playable toons. Wanted to know everyone's top 5 toons based off of dps, survivability, and most importantly fun factor. Mine are: spines/fire brute - farmer fire/fire blaster - crazy damage earth/earth Dom - solid control, great damage ice/ice dom - aoe madness, so much fun ss/inv brute - unkillable I have so many more toons that I like, but i would say those are my top 5.
  2. My earth/earth is my favorite toon. He is so powerful and I have always loved earth control. Move over tanks, let Stone Justice go in first!
  3. I have a psi/ice brute that I enjoy a lot. He is 50 and I haven't noticed any problems.
  4. I just lvled up a fire/plant/fire. I really like /plant cause it gives some nice control with some scrapperlike melee. I have a fire/fire/fire that I really enjoy, but wanted something a little different.
  5. Started up a new water/plant blaster and was wondering if either Dehydrate or Water Jet were skippable powers.
  6. Hey dad, go with earth/earth. Great control and powerful secondary. Jk on the dad thing, (48 here)
  7. I found electric melee to not have much damage output. I ended up shelving my elect/elect brute. Maybe for farming try fire/fire, stone/fire, spines/ice. I only recommend ice secondary because of it's amazing job at holding aggro.
  8. I have an electric/electric brute that I haven't played much. The 1 time I did play him he didn't seem to do much damage. Anyone with experience share if these sets are worth playing. Am I gonna see the kind of damage I get with a ss or spines brute?
  9. Thank you Helenincarnate. I was keeping sj so I could get around outside of ae, but after looking at my other 50's I have decided to keep Thorn Burn as a farmer only and set up another toon as my main outside of ae. I will tryout the build above, ty. I would hate to lose sb, but if you say I dont need it then I'm willing to try it. I think my main outside of ae will be either ss/inv or elect/elect brute. I kinda wanna go with elect just for something a little different. If anyone has a good build for an elect/elect brute I would love to try it out.
  10. What enhancement category goes with electric fences and ball lightning?
  11. And this build would be strictly for fire farming.
  12. Can some post a solid fire farming build for a spines/fa brute. I have looked over the forums and what I've found does not meet my needs. Looking for a build that includes: Super jump Spine burst Throw spines Ripper Mu mastery My biggest concerns are end usage and defense. I have all t3 incarnates, working on t4. Cost is not a concern as I am currently running a 250mil build that actually works ok for me. Just looking to move into epic status. Thank you.
  13. I hate to ask Newb questions, cause I have a few yrs in this game, but what is the benefit of the xp you earn after lvl 50? And is it something that can be turned off so that I earn influence only?
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