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  1. One cool thing about the new Regen is that it will let you 12 slot miracle into a 6 slot power, even at that it still probably will not be enough of a "Miracle", but if you can make it to the epic pools there is a new option there called Intervention - the Tier 1 is Reform as a Willpower, but that will likely have to be nerfed at some point also because it will be universally chosen and nobody will ever know what the Tier 2, 3, 4, and 5 is. The sound for Reform will be "Best Cry Ever."
  2. Is it true it may also play this jingle when MoG is activated, but only if you are within 10 ft of a devouring earth eminator? https://youtu.be/oih0oB0m8uI
  3. You don't even want to know what I heard MoG was going to do, But I did hear that if you activate integration in a nemesis mission, Mender Silos will teleport in to debuff you by doing the whip and nay nay.
  4. Visit that thread and you can see plenty of that lol
  5. Give this a try. Brute (Super Strength - Radiation Armor).mxd
  6. I guess im a purist, because i never use any of the pool power attacks. I take that back, I have used spring attack once actually and its fantastic.
  7. You cant legitimately separate the two, because rage by itself without the Procs, or set bonuses make it worlds harder than without them. Rage by itself sucks honestly its not OP and its a hard mechanic to work around when it crashes. In game i would dispute this, because there is no way when playing a Hybrid resist/defense set without the existence of Procs and other set bonuses against certain types of enemy that can defense debuff especially that Rage will put you in a bad way really fast. No you wont ever get me to accept temp powers to buff around a mechanic designed to gimp you - and rightfully so - as a means to overcome the mechanic. Sorry but that dog doesnt hunt. LoL if you read back a ways on some of the old rage topics you can find tons of this, maybe even one where i shelved my Invul/SS last June because i hadnt figured out how to overcome the new rage crash yet. Theres lots of gripes out there about rage crash and how bad it is. but again, rage crashes - therefore it cant be 100% up, the crash is there whether you admit it or not. you have 10 seconds of not being able to do anything, and a frequent back to back 10 seconds if you are double stacking rage. Its not perma even if you have it running its never perma because... it... will... crash. If anything is broken it isnt rage its SS as a whole, because as it is its fun to have that vulnerability to work around. Saying it isnt a vulnerability is disingenuous at best. I personally dont see it as broken anymore, because its limitation is in the crash. You literally have to build around it to not matter.
  8. AC is fixed now thankfully. Do any of the CoT do -dmg to you? cause i just did it on Nemesis and jab was 5 haymaker was 11 KO Blow was 24. Same on combat log. Earlier i was testing it on the death mages at portal corp.
  9. I honestly forgot to check, and not going back upstairs till the a.c. blower gets fixed. It's hotter than Satan's buttcrack up there right now. If anything was open today, I could get a capacitor and fix it myself. I'll check again later when it's not so hot.
  10. I just checked, it was jab at 2, haymaker at 4. But the point is you literally lose damage output in the crash. Thats a penalty no other set experiences. And worth it for the benefit when it's not under penalty. You can't justify the set being OP because of proc effects and other bonuses though, because set bonuses and Incarnates is the only way to make the crash not lethal, but you still do no damage worth mentioning for 10 seconds.
  11. Nothing is balanced in the current game. Especially proc monsters. Rage is a minor offender compared to those. With rage you are penalized then penalized again if you are double stacking, and that will kill a novice. There are no penalties to proc monsters.
  12. Talking tanks though, remember Brutes hate Elvis.
  13. Sure, the rad part anyway but I should be able to swap in SS as the primary. I'll post something later for you.
  14. Nah, I don't miss it - I quit Tanking with taunt years ago. It's just a preference, and skill to be able to tank and not need it. It's still a useful power, especially if you are newer to tanking, but I usually opt for more damage or survivability in its place now because a good aura and aoe in the right hands is all the taunt you need.
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