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  1. Do they though? In most epic pools the energy or body pool is avail and makes end usage ussues almost irrelevant. If you pick a different pool you may then have end issues at the expense of damage, travel, utility etc. So I see how it would add to diversity and more options, and would be all for that, but wouldn't that also lead to more power creep or have we already jumped the shark there anyway? lol
  2. Its not opinion, if you only revert the change to the ET animation, the set won't compete or even be the best ST set. At best all it would ever be is a graveyard for nostalgics like me. Because i would play it, and i would love it, but I want more than just that for the set.
  3. There is when its holding on to something that would be both obsolete if it did exist, and also hasnt existed in that format for over a decade.
  4. Don't make me link a Sheryl Crowe song.
  5. 1. EM Buffs 2. SS ported to Scrappers and whatever adjustments to allow that to proceed. 3. Energy Aura ported to tankers. 4. On sets like unbreakable guard and shield wall where you can only have 1 6 slotted set - allow an alternate non unique ENH to get more of the 6 slotted set bonuses. 5. Battalion story lines. 6. Additional Difficulty options - by unique enemies or damage types - not just scaled up more difficult. 7. Team size increase to 12. 8. Wind Control. 9. Water Control. 10. Most importantly Wrasslin melee. lol
  6. That isnt classic 1 trick pony EM. Thats modern post nerfoclypse EM.
  7. Readjust your thinking a bit to the reality of the situation. 1. Classic EM died with the nerf. Thats reality. Furthermore classic EM wouldn't even balance to be worthy enough in the current melee field by simply adjusting animation changes. It was at best 2 good powers and 1 slow one. 2. Nerfed (current) EM needs adjustment upwards - currently it's still playable, still strong, but slow with little utility in a fast paced team. You can either see the adjustment when it happens as either good or bad. For me I will be weighing the adjustment with a few criteria in mind. It should be the king of ST damage. There should be no other close. Does it recapture the nostalgic feel of classic EM? This one is important but it can't be the only one deciding factor. Does it modernize EM to function in a competitive melee field or fast paced team environment? This is probably the most subjective point, but also probably the most important to the set as a whole. If points 1 and 2 are met, then point 3 is icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. I'm not looking for a remake either, but it needs more than animation tweaks. Given the tanker changes I believe HC can pull off all 3 and we should be grateful they are doing anything to make the set better.
  8. Page 6 EM Details and Breakdown You heard it here first. I think it fits if you really listen to it. :-)
  9. Still hits like a train that takes 2 hours to get moving though. lol
  10. To be precise it was a train wreck which is where the thread was heading. lol
  11. Unless, of course it plays the same, is improved, has the glowing maglight hands of death - and most importantly is titled Energy Melee then it will still be Energy Melee.
  12. But.... You haven't... Tried it. You are dismissing a ghost at the moment. Who knows what the changes will be, but it would be a shame to prevent yourself from potentially experiencing a positive change and great experience because you are poisoning your own well before it even has any water in it.
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