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  1. Everyone says this trivializes content, yet each night thousands play without the content feeling trivialized. Maybe because incarnated super powered beings should feel powerful? It's not anymore out of line than any other incarnate buff or AT out there built to the gills for end game fun.
  2. I don't think these changes will supplant brutes as the Premier farm choice.
  3. I'm going to footstomp and mighty radial the kaka out of hellions in AP with my fully incarnated lvl 50+ tank bulldozer.
  4. If I'm waiting on a crash I usually reserve ageless if I need it. Ageless also give good ddr so sometimes I'll pop it before also.this method works well on shield.
  5. Seriously though why does it need to be a problem? I play my tanks more than brutes now, and enjoy them more. Ive never seen anyone get offended that more than one tank is on the team. And personally I could care less that more people are playing brutes than tanks also - that's mainly because of ae farming anyway. Ive played a lot of tanks and I wouldn't call any of them boring to play, and its not like its hard to level up in homecoming too. I just dont see any reason why the two cant share the same space. Who cares what anyone else chooses, if its fun play it. If its not don't. Dont worry about what it's title is, play it enjoy it.
  6. You are kinda limiting yourself in other areas though usually recharge bonuses dont have good defense bonuses or resistance bonuses you already have. I like building for a little of everything depending on what set I'm slotting already provides. I go for incarnate defense caps first on defense builds, resistance caps on resistance builds, defense soft caps on squishy builds first. Then I start rounding everything else out, damage, recharge, regen, recovery. This balances the build out nicely IMO. But if you focus on one set bonus you are almost self nerfing your builds balance anyway.
  7. Wanted to update here. I've fiddled around with my invul/SS build and I will tip my hat to it now as being at least equal to shield if not ever so slightly stronger than shield. Mainly because as it is now the both survive equally well, both have ageless for ddr, but invul has dull pain. Shield has no heal unless I slot rebirth instead of ageless, but that IMO isn't as reliable as dull pain or beneficial as ageless to even a hybrid defense build. Now to be fair I haven't needed a heal on shield and it also has OWTS to rotate if I needed it. I haven't needed the heal from dull pain either but it's nice to know it's there. It's nice though to see my first ever live toon and first ever 50 be ultimate again.
  8. Ageless is a good way to eliminate the rage crash altogether. Ive been running the heck out of SS lately with a revised invul/SS build and ive pretty much made the crash non-existent between ageless and conserve power.
  9. I want to say SS simply because you can double stack rage, yeah it crashes hard but if you slot right and incarnate right you can get by that. Rad has the intangible of contamination though... Its honestly a toss up but i would give a slight edge to SS.
  10. Are you using the Blazng Aura? nevermind thats Fiery Aura, sorry brain fart. I didnt realize the shield defense taunt aura was broken though. I run Street Justice, but ive never had issues with agro honestly.
  11. vain? get a life, you are like the crazy person yelling at anyone walking down the street and when someone confronts you about it you say nope was just yelling at the clouds... just the clouds or the birds YEAH THOSE DARN BIRDS. lol i get a laugh every time you try to deflect something derogatory, or accusatory that you actually said. too chicken to admit you actually said it and stand behind what you say. You talked about men being men again a few posts back, well be a man or woman - as i dont know what you are behind a compter screen, and stand behind what you say instead of trying to act like you arent targeting someone. Just dont act surprised when you get called out on it.
  12. It would be a nerf, plain and simple. It would be a huge nerf to the billion inf builds out there everyone has grown accustomed to. Ok answer this, are you talking about changing the whole game or adding an enemy faction that poses this threat in limited end game content? There are ways a player can choose to negate some of the debuffs now though, under your method there wouldn't be any way to negate what you are suggesting. Even with decent ddr a pure defense set will cascade, then you want to limit also the number of characters that same pure defense set can engage. With hybrids like shield or Ninjitsu or even rad with all its mechanics it probably wouldn't even affect them. Then also how would you factor in regen sets like willpower and regen? I think the way it is now with the various debuffs is better than what you are suggesting because at least then there isn't an arbitrary line in the sand that instantly makes you weakened and there isn't a thing you can do about it. The various debuffs and what you are suggesting accomplish the same thing, only one way allows us to attempt to game or plan around it. That's why if you are looking to making new endgame content difficult I wouldn't be opposed to sour suggestion being a new enemy faction - or maybe even making end game Malta an annoying threat again. I still think there would be more fun and engaging solutions if difficulty level is what you are going for like the exotic damage route I was suggesting. If applying this to the game in its entirety is your goal... Sorry but /jranger. What is your objective here, whole game change or end game enemy faction?
  13. I have actually only started one topic in Suggestions on rewards merits. Hardly filling it up, seriously can you function without being over the top in attributing things that people don't do or say to them? Think about it. You are now picking a fight over where I am posting things. Haha. Whatever.
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