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  1. DDR is the decisive factor, I honestly had no idea Rad was as weak as it was against debuffing enemies, and I never hung around long enough to find out until I got shreaded a few times on a rad rad tanker when I was pushing too far ahead and got isolated on a double spawn where the sybils were. I had never had any issue with Rad before so I thought it was a bug. After the TF was over I went back in and camped in a spawn and watched my numbers - without attacking - defense in about 15 seconds goes to -50. Shortly after that the health bar plummets and ends - and thats with 90% res to all but cold. It wasnt a bug unfortunately, but when you apply ageless radial you hang in there with no HP bar movement until the ddr buff weakens, then the above happens again. Thats not saying rad is bad, because against LR and other tasks it's top tier, but it does have a weakness in no ddr in some settings like the ITF. Thats why hybrid sets that have ddr like shield or invul can camp in an ITF spawn indefinitely. Even my willpower can outlast my rad on spawn camping in the ITF - it has some DDR also combined with insane regen. Never tested it on SR but I would imagine it would be fine.
  2. Rad Armor isn't the best for a max level ITF under normal circumstances, let alone under debuff or buffed enemies. With rad having no ddr - once the defense collapses they shred even capped resistances - even through the regen, absorb shield, and heal.
  3. Updated on Page 1 with some other non Tanker Goodies.
  4. I am going to update this with some new builds actually, and im not sure where MIDs is in the update process but if you have trouble viewing the builds let me know and i will send you my files in Mids that will allow you to open them. As far as EM goes, i absolutely love it, i made several EM characters to add to the ones i had already that had shelved cause EM was outdated before this update. Check the first page of this for the updated files.
  5. Basically use any of those invul builds and swap TW to the secondary - and you are unkillable against anything not exotic - and by exotic I'm talking Hamidon -heal type stuff or Tyrant magisterium at crackling lightning.
  6. I stand by seeing me do it last night effectively.
  7. Thats actually not entirely true anymore. Combination of the new combat teleport, and teleport utilizing keybinds for movement and movement to target make a granite with with rooted a whole other level of fast, deadly and unkillable. Throw in fold space and you have a nightmare to the bad guys.
  8. I'm not even ashamed, i made 5 EM characters once I27 went live, spent 1.4 billion and 8k merits to slot them up fully. I have 38 active fully slotted level 50s 14 Tankers 6 Scrappers 4 Stalkers 4 Brutes 6 Controllers 1 Blaster 1 Sentinel 1 MM 1 Corruptor I also have about as many "Projects" I'm working on the back end, but its probably going to be a while before they get attention due to my EM obsession at the moment - I have 8 of those. lol
  9. Updated it further. Basically travel based on target acquisition and distance. /bind q "powexec_location target combat teleport" /bind x "powexec_location forward:100 combat teleport" /bind s "powexec_location back:100 combat teleport" /bind a "powexec_location left:100 combat teleport" /bind d "powexec_location right:100 combat teleport" /bind z "powexec_location up:100 combat teleport" /bind w "powexec_location forward:400 teleport" /bind e "powexec_location target teleport"
  10. Rad melee is pretty good as it is, 1. devastating blow is the only really slow animating attack but for such a powerful hit with contamination as a special effect it kinda fits where it should be. 2. the rest of the set I believe is balanced around the contamination effect which does splash damage when a contaminated target is hit and a mix of Smashing, energy, and toxic dmg which is applied reliably through atom smasher aoe and irradiated ground aura then the remaining attacks. 3. All of the attacks do -def All of that combined actually makes rad melee one of the better one's all around despite its slow ST heavy hitter. Claws while one of the better sets too due to its speed and rotation is strictly lethal dmg, with - def on two powers. If rad melee had claws speed and retained its effects would be horribly imbalanced albeit fun. :-)
  11. I now have 7 EM characters to 50 Invul EM T Fire EM T EM Invul B EM EA B EM EA Sc EM EA St EM SH St ST it's awesome - the best. AoE is serviceable enough to grab agro - this is why you have a team. I have toons that can clear maps faster with AoE death but nothing feels as fun as EM does, for me its because it recaptures and then goes a few steps further than pre nerf EM. I wouldn't call it OP It excels at what its supposed to and is balanced around Focus. Its definately not Old TW broken OP.
  12. Thanks to all that came out! and see ya next year!
  13. Have a pretty good sized group already if you want to raise a torch with us - there is still time :-)
  14. Last year we celebrated returning from this sad event. Our City is back and once again we should commemorate overcoming the sundown on that date. I would like to do it again - Atlas Park under the Atlas Statue - the steps of City Hall - Monday November 30 - 10pm Eastern lets raise the torches once again!
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