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  1. This is all good stuff, I tested my stone stone tanker tonight - this is an unkillable too - so I was curious what would happen - he faceplanted it twice with that -hp debuff - the next time I went at him I led with earths embrace and never ticked my health off again. Same thing with my Ice Ice tanker tonight - leading with hoarfrost he cant touch ya. He really cant do crap for dmg - I never knew his big hitters was -hp debuffs till you posted this.
  2. My tanker Ice Ice build is awesome. Nothing kills it It has DDR
  3. Even that isnt enough sometimes towards the tail end of the destiny
  4. I'm with ya there its silly how fast def debuffs can drop a res based character with no DDR.
  5. I'll give you another example of a sideways event im famous for. lol Happened last night - been running Market Crashes all week at +4/8 last night had a great team but the last mission i dont know if it was the stalker that agroed the robot solo that set it off, or if it was a glitch but he kept overspawning once we would get him halfway and then crashing the whole team - which was made worse when he and his cohorts crawled up the hill like a spectre of death and started nuking the hospital. I base ported and went to PD and bought everyone level shifts and even bought signature summons and temporary power buffs - but again half life on it - 20-30 skyraiders would spawn and crash us - I was on a EM Ninjitsu scrapper my wife a dark dark tanker - we tried pulling away from the hospital but two people had already left, so we chalked that one up to a loss - that was with all of the team but 1 being level shifted. I'm going back tonight and sanford and son'ing that big metal SOB though.
  6. Mine would be a bunch of tankers laughing at each other yelling DIDNT HURT or THATS THE BEST YA GOT. With my stalkers going around stabbing them in the back then running off laughing maniacal like while my Scrappers are one of the scenes from DBZ where literally thousands of punches and kicks are exchanged and nobody gets hurt.
  7. Lordy, life after 30 was like a BMW that ran out of warranty and expensive stuff started breaking every month, and now I'm a high mileage BMW nobody wants to work on.
  8. Did You read the part about it being a setting thats optional?
  9. I dont think it would be resource intensive to take the following and add them as a setting to randomly appear in spawns. 1. Incarnate nullifies like in the magi 2. Battle maiden blue blades of death 3. Enemies that require control to easily defeat - Hamidon greenies. 4. Enemies that require range to easily defeat - Hamidon blues. 5. Enemies that require melee to easily defeat - Hamidon yellows 6. Massive random ambushes All of that currently exists in game - you wouldnt have to add or change maps - although that would be a nice feature one day soon. I think the only hard part would be creating the setting to enable it. And I get it - part time developers - and I am in no way being critical - but goals shouldn't be averted by the difficulty to achieve them. If that were the case why bother with any of it rather than a heavy handed approach that will put off any of the player base - who likely from my experiences nightly aren't perceiving a problem as you are - even though in do understand where you are coming from. Most people dont want a grind - introducing a difficulty setting to create random exotics spawning wouldnt be grinding but would increase the challenge level - until we as a player base crack that code as well.
  10. But how fun was that? lol. That gave me a run for my money that night too and I was decked out on my tanker - there was just.... So... Many. lol I have a knack for rooting out odd scenarios like that and its always fun. I would love it if stuff like that happened more regularly but randomly also.
  11. You only cut a snippet of what I said - you have to add the rest for context - what you are suggesting introduces a grind - because there is content that is difficult even as low as even or +2 depending on your team make up or other scenarios. If You read what I'm suggesting - its adding spice to whats already there - creating a variable scenario to make meta teams think twice and slow them down at certain points through uncertainty.
  12. I think what you are saying there is the perceived issue with the content. It has to do with the majority of us being several thousand vet levels across many characters - if not more. Storybook mode is getting harder and harder to do because I know what the next page holds. It's a thrill to find something new or rediscover something I forgot. So how or why do I keep coming back? Because each new hero I make - I usually power level also - has to write their own story. I usually take one through maria Jenkins, then another through dark Astoria, then another through task forces, then another through trials etc And I'm teaming all the way - that is more fun than solo for me even if the path is sometimes easier. But IMO being veterans - just arbitrarily changing mechanics without new content won't make anything better - but I would believe worse because now you have grindy - stale content - that makes you feel less super. I think the solution lies with adding a difficulty option not changing the mechanics on the current system - that adds depth to the missions we currently have - especially end game content. For instance the code already exists in the Magi Trial that negates incarnate shifts. Develop a new quant like character or faction along with others that has that incarnate negates and also others that perhaps can only be defeated easily once stunned, or controlled, and maybe another that can output dmg like battle maiden has in the apex - that once you select the (call it for now the incarnate difficulty option) spawns start randomly adding that faction to a spawn - and that would add variety that would make you think twice before running ahead zerging. That I think is the path forward that could make the most peopke happy - because: 1. We get to really test our fancy builds under stress 2. The current system remains in place to make that group happy 3. It will revitalize old content with new exotic threats for those that want it. Well that's my thoughts on it, I don't see teaming as the issue - just repetition.
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