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  1. I'm pleasantly surprised with the damage of street justice. I built my Shield stj for theme, but honestly it outdoes SS in single target fairly easy without any of the drawbacks of rage.
  2. I already have one for normal content, remade him from live and got to 50 months ago. I regularly do it in around 3 or 4 with my brute. If my tank can do it also - even better. lol
  3. Infinitum

    Rare tanker

    Kinetic melee suffers from long feeling animations and less damage than EM. It doesnt feel right to me, but thatd just personal preference, there really isnt anything wrong with it.
  4. Infinitum

    Rare tanker

    Honestly you could aura street justice and it would feel similar and look similar to the old EM. I think STJ is awesome myself.
  5. Infinitum

    Rare tanker

    Well, I have an energy melee Elec armor brute. It works pretty much the same as a tank would just with less HP and more damage basically. Energy isn't horrible, it will still output the absolute most ST damage per click than any set in existance. It's very slow with a weak AOE though. It needs a buff and I believe will fondle day get one. So it's not a bad set to run with for now or the future. If you want the capability to one or 2 shot some bosses energy is still the way to go albeit slowly.
  6. Thats just not been my experience playing blasters and playing alongside blasters. I want them with my tank or brute because I know they can leverage damage to take out anything we could come across while I keep their attention. On my ranged powers on my blaster there are three that fire faster and out damage my brute or my tank by 3-4 to 1 on most powers and 2 to 1 on the heavy hitter usually. And thats not even taking into account nukes. They also fire faster so they can definately out dps my brute or tank. Most of them dont have to enter melee range unless to nuke.
  7. You arent sacrificing damage because you still have a primary set that's better suited to deal damage that's inside your wheelhouse as a blaster.
  8. Again blaster has 2 attack sets. The ranged alone blows anything a melee centric AT has out of the water. Their secondary shouldnt be stronger than the one attack set a melee oriented AT has. That would create too much dependence on blaster damage at that point. When its already better than anything melee has to offer. What you are suggesting would throw balance out either way. From my perspective blaster damage is > any melee damage. And both seem balanced good as is, and will be even better with the tank changes. If you play your blaster in an extreme way you have to accept the risks and consequences of it. If I want to spec out a brute or scrapper for more damage you can but it makes survivability harder, but the option is there if you choose to do that. You have to sacrifice something somewhere to get what you want.
  9. Thank you, thats what I was trying to say but couldn't get my brain wrapped around it.
  10. They don't deal more when you figure in the ranged part. There's no reason blasters melee should be made stronger than it currently is or melee made to be weaker, because of the ranged portion of their sets. You are playing outside what should be allowed for a blaster if you want more melee damage or survivability exactly like a tank or brute. It's basically a ranged scrapper. Keep it at range and pick your melee opportunities and there's nothing that can touch a blasters damage. It would be about like making iron man, hawkeye or falcon stronger than hulk or Thor in melee. That's not how it's supposed to be.
  11. Ok basically I call that gathering. Yeah I do thst with blaster too leveraging the build ups nuke burnout then repeat.
  12. I dont think a blaster should have stronger melee attacks than a melee AT. Aside from Nukes which require you to be in melee range. I'm not a blaster by nature so I dont know the ins and outs of blaster playstyle. after I set up a bunch of tank brute tank style builds i set out to create at least one epic build of every AT just so I would have one to play if needed. When I built the blaster I had already built a controller and learned with it to keep enemies at range. So when I came to the blaster I basically set up the same way. From my perspective hover blasting is fast enough, if there is another way I wouldnt know how to do it anyway. What do you mean by collapsing a spawn exactly?
  13. Listen closely you will literally hear my bubble bursting. lol
  14. Yeah forgot about those, you are right - toxic tarantulas and the jade spider you have to fly with it too.
  15. Foot stomp has kb also. I have been a long time SS user but didnt realize that till the other day.
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