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  1. Yeah its great, but its just a matter of taste. I dont like it. lol. Theres no reason really aside from my peculiar style and I have never cracked the code of making it feel good to me. I may revisit it at some point and try to make it click.
  2. I have never been a huge Mace fan - one of my go to tankers is sd-stj. You really cant go wrong with either one though.
  3. What is this word.... "Nearly".... not in language database.
  4. I feel like I was around when the Dead Sea got sick. Until I switched careers recently - now im like the old lady Bones slipped the future kidney pill to in star trek IV.
  5. Sometimes the fun and the experience isn't always about dps - For theme though that's a cool idea, but the last time I checked it would proc off multiple enemies - I vaguely remember a chance to heal working well in it also. Basically do what makes you happy and be your own hero @Generator
  6. I have a few top notch controllers that actually contribute as well as any other AT in max level decked out content worthy of a decked out team. They lock the content down and neutralizes any threat while contributing dmg - would the team be ok without them - sure would but that can be said of any AT at that level - but they still contribute well and i usually get a few "awesome holds" during the course of the runs. I wouldn't bring them out for radio missions, but there is content for them to be useful. I don't bring them out for radio missions - I don't remember the l
  7. Yet you can't back that up without cherry picking your testbed biased towards your goals. Every time its a neutral test your claim is blown out of the water.
  8. You arent entirely correct with the AOE analysis, sustained aoe you are, but if you think and operate an elec shield as a 20-30 second multiple mini nuke delivery - its very impressive. Build up + Lightning Rod + Shield Charge + Thunderstrike + Chain Induction the just about any spawn ive been up against is not standing anymore. Its even better if you add assault radial and musculature to the mix. Granted its not a dps monster, but when you are wiping spawns every 20-30 sec it doesn't really matter. Its a burst AOE dmg monster thats very fun to go unhinged w
  9. Thanks and Yep this is my final act so I have to get it right from the get go. I have learned an incredible amount this last month and its really going well. I will be back here soon ;-)
  10. 1 month into switching careers. lol haven't been around much getting settled into the new me. But yes Invul/EM4EVAH
  11. Well.... Dang that's awesome.
  12. Character concept. Sam Axe.
  13. Neither do you because you haven't provided concrete data on what scenario a tankers survivability outweighs the brutes dmg advantage by what percentage under what circumstance.
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