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  1. It wouldnt be you. lol I was the Thunder God Stormie tonight actually - so I get it what you are saying :-) but it still wouldnt be you if I was on my tanker.
  2. I'm talking about going ahead of the group once the current spawn is under control. Which involves agroing everything in a room or corridor so they gather behind you and is one nice group when the team catches up. Even if you lose agro they will regain interest as you destroy the spawn and the cap isnt full. It actually speeds it up.
  3. I'll generally just gather ahead and ducking behind a piller or any object along my way will collapse the room very quickly and efficiently on you just as good as a corner pull and theres no waiting or down time or pulling near the team. It reminds me of Chris farley in Beverly hills ninja hiding behind a column. lol Corner pulling can still be a thing but not like it was when you would pull an entire room of x bots with the message of pulling to here... Wait here.... Then spongebobs 3 hours later 500 the tanker rounds the corner followed by 200 x enemy. An
  4. You can also use any lvl 50 fly speed in swift and fly. In combination with Evasive a lvl 50 soaring fly + end at minimum and you are at the cap - plus your combat speed will be in the 40s. Blessing of the zephyr is good also because of the defense set bonuses - if you have more than 1 slot to spend on fly or evasive.
  5. Pretty much this, if I fail at these - I go all you have failed this city and scrap the build.
  6. I can chug thousands of inspirations on a petless mastermind and "tank" like a boss too. That has nothing to do with the armor or lack thereof in this case.
  7. When I'm on a team that has little or no communication I will routinely break the ice by asking how long dead bodies will keep while frozen. You will get a lively response and sometime may not be what you expected. lol Its a running SG joke now when one of us goes Thp thp thp thp we instantly segway into talking about fava beans. Hehe. The amount of fun to be had in this game isn't in any mechanic or slotting or setting but in the company you find and keep. That's the treasure of it all.
  8. Again, I'm not saying unenhanced flight should be at the cap automatically, but it is rather lackluster being slower than live when the last 2 builds had it faster than live with Fly+EvM - I would even settle for the same speed as live. Otherwise its a patch thats kinda meh that requires a lot of effort to make it not so meh. Which hell I will do of course but I liked it better when I didn't have to - and be a little bit faster (not even at the cap)
  9. Well at first it was faster, now its not. I never had blinders on, thats why this reverse course patch has made me reverse course also.
  10. Well it wasnt so much as a way to get around the AB click - because that was a nice bonus too any way you slice it, but it was postures from the beginning that fly+EvM would faster than or at least equal to live fly+AB and now that isnt the case - its slower unless you want to unslot and convert every character you have that has fly to take advantage of the cap. Which is fine but it should have never been postured as the other way if this was the original goal. It may not seem like a harsh change to some people unless you have 40+ characters that have fly that now require you to ch
  11. I know all the math to it Bopper, lol I'm still sticking to my guns on build three being a bit to heavy handed on what was taken away from EvM vs what wad added to fly - just to make it the same as build 1 and 2 - I will have to unslot 40 characters or replace a 1-2million inf enh just to equal what build one and two did just by logging in. Thats roughly 40-80 million inf just to make this equal to what was already a good build on B1 and B2. Especially when all the initial wording was hey look with Fly+EvM its slightly faster than live fly+AB . Now there i
  12. Yeah i get what you are saying in all of that - I slot BotZ KB protection in fly and could easily slot a fly speed increase in it to boost it - but thats not the point. Setting all that aside - again - one of the talking points was on build 1 and 2 you dont have to change any slotting and you are still faster and a decent bit faster than Live if you dont change anything. And those build 1 and 2 numbers werent at the cap either way, the biggest problem i have with it now - is that its no longer a buff to fly aside from boosting the caps - which is great - but with all the testing
  13. Its not an edge case if its true, when one of the original selling points of it were - just log in no changes needed and you are faster - that is verifiable no longer the case because its 8 mph slower than it was and slower than live with the same slotting.
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