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SS/Elec, better res/def?


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I've got an SS/elec toon that I main, but he is built more for damage and has issues holding up to +4 enemies at times when swarmed. If possible, would anyone mind helping me with a better build to cap what I can (without the t9)? I know this is a res based toon, so defense is whatever as long as I can squeeze my LoTGs in there.




Edit: I don't care about cost, I just want the most optimal build for damage and survivability. 

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Use frankenslotting to split the Brute's Fury ATO set into two groups of three.  That's 10% smashing/lethal defense right there. 


Slot four Kinetic Combats in single target melee attacks.  I usually frankenslot this with two Crushing Impacts for a bit more S/L resistance and to improve the accuracy and damage of the attack.


Take Fighting for Tough and Weave if you haven't already.  Combat Jumping or Hover also help.  Maneuvers won't do much for you, and eats precious endurance with too small a return. 


Put an Energy Manipulator Chance for Stun in your aura.  Does a world of good there. 

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