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  1. AFAIK it's always been possible to get the Midnighter badge at level 1 by a trip to Night Ward, via Ouro or the AP Tunnel swirly, or IIRC Echo Galaxy. Which raises another issue, actually. A trip to Echo: Galaxy City was and AFAIK still is needed to get the reading badge for the Atlas Medallion, and there were many exploration badges that are accessible nowhere else. This makes Echo: Galaxy even more inconvenient to access, which seems another pointless nuisance. ____________ EDIT: This may be a bug. On my test base, Mercy Island and the other redside zones are showing up as available to heroes. Tried to go there on a hero; got kicked out as expected. When I was, I was kicked into Atlas Park, but nowhere near the base portal. Rather, I was sent to a place a few yards from the current AP portal destination, but at the bottom of the hill rather than the top.
  2. What you're looking for is called a 'tanker'. In itself, tanking is a support function. Some do it more obviously than others; Ice and Dark armors have substantial control abilities, while Bio and Radiation have valuable debuffs and (in Rad's case) team heals. I play tankers as support; I am not eager to rush ahead to the next spawn if that's going to leave bosses in the backfield. Like a healer, my job is to see the whole team safely through, or at least those who want my protection.
  3. I would also point out that requiring the exploration accolades to use the power benefits stealthies over taunties; they generally can go where they please without spooking the herd. And getting, say, the Hollows accolade is most useful for a character within level for Hollows content. Not getting aggro is going to make a big difference here. To a lesser but still significant effect, it privileges fliers over runners and jumpers. Now, this evening I just got a character to level 47 on an ITF. Time to get serious about the build. Time to pop into base to see what's there and what might be needed. Easily done now. I need a Steadfast +DEF enhancement. I do have the merits to get one, but am missing one piece of lowbie salvage. Time to pop back to Cimerora and invoke the trader, then back to base to craft it. All of these cooldowns and restrictions are going to make stuff like this much more tedious. Best thing to have done, IMO, would be to leave well enough alone. Still seems the best option IMO.
  4. I have created a (rudimentary) public SG base on Brainstorm Test for such as can't be bothered, Code is NEWS-90; name of the SG is 'and the Action News Team'. I do think that if these powers are going to be changed, they ought to be made to work a bit differently. They need first to be uninterruptible, the problem that makes Mission Transporter unusable in areas with any NPC traffic. The new animations do not give that impression. I also think that Cimerora needs to be brought within the ambit of the system, at least to the point of having a base portal in Cimerora. Losing the passcode command will weigh heavier on those of us who play a lot in Cimerora than on others. There probably ought to be a SG portal in The Hive and The Abyss as well. I am uncertain what counts as an 'unlockable' zone. I logged into a character with several exploration accolades; her options from the new LRT power were Hollows and Striga. She also has accolades for Eden and the Hive, I believe.
  5. On TB, the Amazon Army has a loose SG uniform. No costume pieces are mandatory, but they're based on Heraclea's colors: red and gold above, blue and white below.
  6. Brian Jonestown Massacre - She Made Me
  7. I'd have to see your build first. For an end-bound character, job one is having the Panacea (level 7), Miracle (level 17), and Numina's (level 27) IOs frankenslotted in Health, and the Performance Shifter proc in Stamina. These are relatively affordable, in that with patience you should be able to get them all for under 8 million. These all have the advantage that they work throughout the game, while incarnate abilities are only available 45+.
  8. Or losing them to need/greed rolls. Not having crap like that is one of the major reasons why the community here is so much better than elsewhere. Games I gave up quickly have drama drivers like - the MMO trinity (if you're a tank or healer you're indispensable and you know it); - repair costs (i.e. you are expected to know the fight mechanics before you even start); - complex choreography and catherding (ditto); - public loot with raid leaders or chance mechanisms deciding who gets (this one should be obvious); - 'soulbound' and other forms of non-transferability of game rewards; - strongly integrated and progression related PvP (inevitably discriminates against non-stealth melee, who can be worn down or CCed by people they can't touch). All of these misfeatures increase drama and tension in the player base for reasons that should be fairly obvious. Their absence here is this game's glory. They are also why introducing choreography in the form of floor patches you must move out of is a bad idea here. That sort of thing just doesn't work in a game where powers have been re-balanced by un-abortable animation times. It never should have been added; if it's possible, it ought to be removed.
  9. Black Oak Arkansas - Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
  10. Mace is probably more basic than Axe, and that's where the hammer is. Mace/Electric sounds pretty good, actually.
  11. I made a Rad/Spines to serve as a moneymaker for my new TB supergroup. This is also a very satisfying combo with no real holes and high resists to all but Cold, and quite adequate damage.
  12. Heraclea

    Savage/Bio or WP?

    The main advantage of Savage -- the endurance discount -- is lost on either Bio or WP, neither of which really need it. I'd suggest Savage/Dark or Savage/Invuln. I have a Dark/Savage tanker and that combo convinced me that Dark Armor was not a waste of time and effort. Savage/Rad also has possibilities.
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