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  1. The safest blaster I've played is Ice/Plants. 3 ranged holds, going to take this one to Hamidon. You also get a rain power that somewhat works like Caltrops, making mobs flee slowly. Your nuke is a rain that periodically knocks down mobs in its AoE. I took no melee attacks in the secondary; instead I took Concealment to Invisibility. If you're trying to do as much content as possible at even level this one will work well. If you're willing to twink the character a bit, I recommend Defiant Barrage Chance for Mez Protection in a t1 or t2 attack.
  2. Katrina and the Waves - Walking On Sunshine
  3. Thus far on my newest blaster (Ice/Plants) I have slotted Defiant Barrage in Bitter Ice Blast, and Blaster's Wrath in regular Ice Blast. Did I get it backwards? I did so following the new conventional wisdom about procs; that if you slot them in slower recharging powers, they have a better chance of firing per activation. Since I value Defiant Barrage's chance for status protection more than Blaster's Wrath chance for fire damage, I wanted it to be slotted in the slower of the bread and butter single target attacks. But it dawned on me: the tier 1 and tier 2 attacks will fire even if I'm held, slept, and so forth. So do I put that set in one of those attacks, instead, so it can fire and possibly proc under the circumstance where it is most valuable? What does the group mind say about this?
  4. But St. Martial is where the action is....
  5. Not really NPC chatter, but this act looms large in my personal in-game mythology. The name is just too perfect, especially for 2004: This poster is in a low level Hellions mission from Azuria. Firemullet appears in 'Lawyers of Ghastly Horror', and my Everlasting SG is 'Firemullet Groupies'.
  6. Most of my mains have ties to Cimerora. In actual play, too; that's where they usually go to log out. The Amazon Army base is on one of the Talos outlying islands, though; it has diplomatic status. Heraclea says, 'Cimerora is where we go to be at home. Warrior Earth is where we spend the weekend.'
  7. Maybe a rerun of the Rularuu, Nemesis, or Council invasions? Better yet - Issue 2 Winter Lords.
  8. Right now I am heartily enjoying a blaster build that I thought would be quite scarce, but according to the March data enjoys middling popularity: Ice/Plants. Made it to claim the joke name 'Ice Minstrel'. With three ranged holds and Vines, this is the safest blaster I can remember playing. Have felt no need to take any melee attacks from the secondary. AoE is a bit lackluster before the t9 but looks like there is a lot of possibility to slot exotic procs. Has invisibility, recall, and hasten; full up on pool powers instead of melee attacks.
  9. I enjoyed a Radiation Melee/Electric Armor brute so much that I eventually made her the character who does what limited badge collecting I do. Radiation Melee is kind of like Dark Melee's red headed stepsister. You can't rely on the self-heal, but you're spreading debuffs around. But it kind of works like a Spines/Fire: all you have to do is show up and stuff dies around you. While being tougher out of the box than Fire to boot. This will be a long hard slog to get to 35, when Power Sink makes it a lot easier to play.
  10. If we really want to try a BAF I can kick Vanth over to the host server for an evening. Although my tanker that's most useful on a BAF is Impetua (wp/mace) because she has Salt Crystals and Quicksand.
  11. I also did the arc with Protean on the stalker. Decided to wait until I had several levels on him before attempting the Protean mission. Roy Cooling is much more fun but offers similarly small rewards for the time it takes. Anything that lets you beat up Captain Castillo is never a waste of time.
  12. Did Provost Marchand on a stalker . This was rather difficult, involving many unhelpful 'allies' aggroing random spawns and a battle with an elite boss Silver Mantis. The reward: 6 merits IIRC. Ran the Lou Pasterelli arc "Unity Plague" on the same stalker. This was quite easy and quickly done. Most of it is glowie hunts, boss room defeats, or named mob hunts with IIRC two relatvely easy defeat alls The finale is a long tour of the Freedom Phalanx TF givers plus another destroy the glowie hunt. No EBs. 43 merits. Something here seems amiss. Generally I think that any old line mission with multiple parts or timed missions lurking behind a first mission ought to give some merits.
  13. Johnny and the Hurricanes - Reveille Rock
  14. Fire and Spines are probably the best way to go. Fire doesn't take a whole lotta procs, though. Spines was made for procs; a lot of the Toxic attacks take recharge slow sets. My spines/bio tanker Frankenslots many procs, although almost all of them are Trap of the Hunter recharge slows, which improve toughness rather than doing damage. Old fashioned 'buzzsaw' damage proc based builds are no longer feasible because of changes in the proc mechanics. Better now to focus on debuff procs and add multiple instances of the same kind of debuff to multiple attacks. Any of the primaries with a damage dealing aura - Fire, Ice, Bio, Electric are the ones I know best - will make a good pair. Shields also works because of the charge; that will need a lot of recharge. You will want a primary with a recovery power if you are running Spines and Quills. If you're doing a -recharge proc based build like I do with Spines, Willpower is also worth a look. Your taunt aura can take Dark Watcher's Despair -recharge procs. This is what I did with a Spines/WP scrapper back on Victory. I run a Bio/Spines and a Shield/Fire tanker on Torchbearer now. Both are strongly AoE oriented. I also have a WP/Mace tanker that does fairly well in the AoE department, but that's all conventional damage and doesn't take a whole lot of debuff procs.
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