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  1. This is a lot more hostile looking than some of the Hostile female faces. One of those I find attractive; she just looks sarcastic. And of course the crazed looking Hostile faces, male or female, go great with clown makeup. This oen might as well.
  2. Resistance, for one simple reason. Adding a little bit of defense to a resistance armor set is IME a lot more beneficial than adding a little bit of resistance to a defense set. You don't need to approach the softcap, or weaken your build chasing set bonuses. Just adding small amounts of defense means that some attacks don't connect. And that's enough.
  3. I have a beasts/mind MM at max level that I rather enjoy, but I consider the character mostly support and do not often solo with that one. Beasts are one of the least annoying MM pet sets, at least not at demons or robots level, and that helps. But mostly I bring her out to rim team content where a lot of debuff helps.
  4. This is one of the reasons why the supposed 'exploit' teleport to base is needed and ought to stay. It can be used when you are dead. I generally don't attempt missions like this without stocking up on incarnate purples. Giving all the mobs stacking mez and debuffs was never a bad idea, and makes having a team on these kinds of missions a liability.
  5. I always take taunt on a tanker. It's the reason you made a tanker rather than a brute or scrapper. It's just the best tool for the job.
  6. Hate to be the buzzkill here, but giving characters names in languages you don't understand is pregnant with the possibility of going very wrong. Also, Google Translate is utterly incompetent in Latin. Please, folks, I'm right here. I'd be happy if you run it by me first before committing to the Latin name of your supergroup. That said, I'm tempted to look at Outrider_01's list to figure out what are the worst possible names I can make using it. "Challenge accepted". Burn Skull Cracker Rose Sovereign Hell Heart Jinx Regis Wicked Come on. You know you can do worse.
  7. The Morning After Girls - Lazy Greys
  8. There are a couple of ice themed power sets I've played. Ice blast is a very controllish blasting set with several ranged holds. There is rewarding content it excels at. Ice as an armor set is also rich in self-support, with slows and two damage auras, self-heals and all of the other things you want in an armor set. It too is something you can have a lot of fun with. All I can really qadd is.....
  9. I prefer STF because when I see MLTF, my mind's eye corrects that to MILF.
  10. I tried to get into it myself. The levelling game was enjoyable, but after that it turned into a tedious gear grind, and most new content was gear-gated. FWIW the DCUO version of Heraclea is one of the several here.
  11. I have never played Who Will Die in its entirety and really am not interested. A story referencing the tiredest trope from post-Silver Age comics just doesn't interest me at all. Especially when it's apparently shot through with the goofy mechanics that were suddenly trowelled on in the post-Incarnate game and that never fit well with the game they were grafted on to. In my head canon Statesmen the character is still the hero's hero and head of the Freedom Phalanx. People still refer to the high level task force in Independence Port as 'Statesman TF' daily. If I were developing new HC content I'd finagle a way to bring him back in-game. The game's biggest problem has ever been the several attempts that have been made to shoehorn it into the mold of other generic MMOs, rather than recognize its greatness as a superhero/villain construction set. This unfortunately did not stop with Emmert's departure. Endgame raiding and PvP are sidelines; character creation, base building, and AE are the core.
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