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  1. As I said, my mace character is a Willpower tanker. I always skip generic buildup on tankers, it's too slow, and you probably have inspirations that do more and last longer. I'd suspect it's eminently skippable on most brutes as well: while DPS is more of a goal for the brute there are more efficient ways to buff your damage.
  2. I had a hard time getting into the character at first as well... but after more was in place it rapidly became one of my favorites. That said, my newest character is a Willpower/Mace tanker. Curious as to how the AoE changes affect Willpower's ability to hold aggro. There are also many chances to add procs and to slot up control to add toughness in ways that aren't obvious in hero builders.
  3. I did a random Tsoo mission for an IP contact. She then offered me the Tsoo Coup, which I remembered and specifically did not want. IIRC that story line starts with a street hunt and ends with a series of five chained defeat alls on random maps. She now appears with a book in my list. Am I screwed? Will test again when I'm sure I've outlevelled her. But I really didn't want to run that story.
  4. Roll a radiation melee/electric armor brute, if melee strikes your fancy. You will have close to the pulsing AoE damage of Spines/Fire without the weaknesses of /Fire or the esthetic annoyances of Spines.
  5. Nothing terribly flashy or interesting for this new tanker. But one of the Samurai chest details actually helps make a pretty good set of overalls.
  6. Heraclea has always been Female Face 14, because she was Face 14 when she was made back in Issue 2. This is a face I've used on many female characters before. Female Retro Sci-Fi face is one I've gotten quite a lot of mileage out of on Homecoming. I might have chosen it for Heraclea, if she did not have a traditional face. Not a fan of Female Hostile Faces 1 or 2, but Hostile Face 3 doesn't really look hostile to me, only sarcastic and skeptical. I've used that face more than once as well. My male characters tend to be philosophers, wizards, or hanging judges. As such they get a fair amount of mileage from the Older Faces. What are your favorite faces?
  7. Good idea. I am SO making Elvis imitators.....
  8. With a bit of global recharge or Hasten, it isn't all that implausible to just use Soul Drain and Dark Consumption as reg'lar attacks. Heraclea doesn't run Hasten and finds them up reasonably often, And adding targets improves the buff you get from Soul Drain also. I just made a new TB tanker, Impetua, Willpower/Mace. Curious to see what bigger AoEs do for Willpower.
  9. Dark Melee benefits a whole lot from larger AoEs. And ir already is the tankiest of the tanker sets, adding survivability to any primary with its reliable self-heal and constant -tohit debuffs. It works best with primaries that lack a self-heal (Shield, WP) or slow self-heals (Invuln) but it benefits every primary. Whether it benefits defense sets most or resistance is a perennial debate. If Willpower's taunt aura is normalized that would make an excellent pairing.
  10. I havw a radiation melee/electric armor brute that I quite enjoy. Kills mobs and builds fury just by standing there thanks to two damage auras. Was an end hog and somewhat hard to level.
  11. Heraclea


    Fire lacks control, and is all damage. Damage is good. So a secondary that supplies it, like Dark Armor, would seem to commend itself. You will need KB protection. You should also try to max your recovery ASAP, starting with the Panacea unique at level 10. I would also take old Fly as a travel power because Air Superiority will also supply some missing control.
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