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  1. * "This falls somewhat short of a best case scenario."
  2. During Manticore TF, mostly, and other stealthable Crey missions.... * You would think Elite Security Agents would notice doors opening and elevators moving. Synapse TF, sent to one of the police boxes.... * The Clockwork King called. Your vehicle warranty is going to expire. Synapse TF, warehouse worker rescue: * This city is full of soul sucking wizards and Nazi super soldiers, but no. You got tooken hostage by these things. Citadel TF: * Where are the soldiers? I was told there would be soldiers!
  3. I greatly enjoyed ME1 and ME2, probably my all time favorite Bioware style games; ME3 not so much. What exactly is being re released in this edition?
  4. Whitesnake - Here I Go Again RIP Tawny Kitaen
  5. I believe this is exactly right. And the last time I ran story arcs in Croatoa, I finished a mission that needed Red Caps to be defeated in Misty Wood, where they're hard to find, by kiting spawns of Red Caps out of the Broken Teeth and into the Misty Wood. Once they were across the border they counted.
  6. The same odd little glitch repeated for me later in the arc, where I got yet another street hunt for Carnies. I defeated those in St, M as well. This time I got an autofire mission that sent me to Nerva, but when I arrived in Nerva it wanted me in Brickstown instead. The mission door worked in Brickstown FWIW. The strangeness of old school content, where office building doors lead to blue caves, and vice versa, was very much in evidence during the arc. It's as if old school content just picks a random door in a random zone. So if you're redside the mission sends you to a rand
  7. Bio is at heart a resist set. Tankers can improve that easily. Brutes have a bit harder time, but the poor scrapper is stuck with a 75% resistance cap. My rule of thumb is, defense sets shine on scrappers, resistance sets on tankers and to some extent brutes.
  8. I always recolor stuff 'bright' and then as dark as it goes to diminish those kinds of effects. On my archery/traps corruptor, I actually had to recolor the force field so you could tell; where it was, I got it too subtle.
  9. I have two staff cbaracters now - a staff/regen brute who was basically a science experiment, seeing if a /regen brute could make an adequate tank. The other is a staff/ninjitsu scrapper, another concept character, this one trying to build a retiarius gladiator. Neither has terrible endurance issues but I just like to see the blue bar hardly moving, so I have always played both in Soul. Will give Body a go.
  10. My basic rule of thumb is that it depends on what armor set you're planning on building. If mostly resistance based, go Brute. If mostly defense based, go Scrapper.
  11. I just finished levelling a staff/ninjitsu scrapper. Question: Do you ever, evern use anything other than Form of the Soul? Body might be beneficial to people with resistance armor sets, but I am not that.
  12. I suspect that one difference is that after the street hunt I had to call the contact. Old school content like that is notorious for having autofire missions - especially timed missions - that lurk behind street hunts or other missions. If I am remembering right, something like this bugged out the finale the last time I ran On the Psychic Plane, which this was a part of. But in this instance I had to make the call to get the next part.
  13. Almost all outlevelled story arcs are still there in Ouro, and are more fun with characters who have slots in their powers anyways. No levelling character can make enough inf to meet all their needs, and the price of levelling went way up with the Upgrade button. which also made most of those carefully stockpiled level 15 generic IOs obsolete. I buy the full eight hours in the tutorial and keep it running until 50, and keep tranches of inf moving in the mail.
  14. I find that I mind absolutely none of these things, no matter which character I brought and no matter which playstyle they work best in. If I am on a melee, I make it a point not to mind the earth controller who obscures the whole screen with giant rocks. I reckon they know how their powers work and how to use them. Masterminds with annoying pets? Glad to know there's some ally out there whose hit points are even more disposable than mine. And that's the character you want on your team on the ship raid. I figure the energy blaster also knows exactly what she can handle. Leve
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