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  1. At the Crowned Heads base on Torchbearer, we believe in religion. Which one doesn't matter much; we believe in them generally, as useful to keep the best people on top and the peasants contented and unrebellious. You may have seen our mortuary chapel.... which gets used mostly for funerals. Because we are the secret elite who rule the world, we also offer.... which does not get much use for funerals, but is quite popular for weddings. We've now added a third house of worship: The Temple of Mustapha Ibrahim: The portal here is the entrance. The holy of holies here is a niche in the wall.
  2. Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High RIP Phil Spector
  3. Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin' On RIP Tim Bogert
  4. New York Dolls - Stranded in the Jungle RIP Sylvain Sylvain
  5. I am fairly confident that the AH day job badges can still be earned, but they no longer grant charges of an AH transporter, which is no longer in the game.
  6. Flower Knight would also be good for Posi 2; she has no current connection to Faultline per se, but a good many Asian themed characters seem to have ties there (the Yins, Mirror Spirit), and thematically Vahzilok relate well to the sorts of things she seems to get involved in (Contaminated). I agree, more should be done with and for her, especially since it's possible for new characters who run a tutorial to skip Outbreak entirely.
  7. Much depends on what you want to do with the character. Go brute if you mean to spend a lot of time farming or running /8 missions. A full strength taunt aura is your friend there.
  8. This link has my current Inv/DM build -- I have always had Touch of Fear, had it before it did damage, had it for the debuff. Now that it's an AoE that does a little damage it's even better. Bear in mind that Inv/DM is not really a DPS build. It's about overcoming the slow self heal in Invuln with a much faster one in Dark Melee. Air Superiority was taken mostly as homage to Heraclea's Super Strength origin on old live. Feel free to do something else. It does add some useful control.
  9. That turns one of my favorite AVs to fight (Battle Maiden) into a rather tedious chore. I'm used to that; what I find most annoying there is the massive toxic damage in the Rikti sewer. That, and the omnipresence of overused mobs like IDF, Praetorian robots, and Warworks. That stuff is like Synapse only more so.
  10. It's a superhero construction set with an attached MMORPG style game.
  11. I have kinetic melee on two characters: Ann Atomic, a kinetic/radiation scrapper on Torchbearer, and Witchfinder General, a bio/kinetic tanker on Excelsior. On the tanker I like the animations fine; he's supposed to be casting spells, but the sounds are rather incongruous. On the scrapper, I built her to represent a speedster concept, and that's a bit less successful; the revving noises work just fine, but the animations are slow and there isn't quite enough AoE in the set IMO. Works best on AVs and other hard targets than it does on regular spawns.
  12. Switchblade Symphony - Naked Birthday
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