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  1. I also have separate tankers on each shard save Reunion. My mains all are on Torchbearer, but each shard has a different combo: bio/kinetic on Excelsior, rad/SJ on Everlasting, shiueld/axe on Indomitable. On Torchbearer I have two 50 tankers - Invuln/DM and Bio/Spines, and one 28 Reflexes/Katana.
  2. I also have a Bio/Spines tanker that I enjoy a great deal. She probably counts as a Proc Monster because each power that will admit it is Frankenslotted with Pacing of the Turtle Chance for Recharge Slow. Spines/Bio is a canonical farming Brute, but as a Tanker not so FOTM. I also have a Super Reflexes/Katana tanker. She's stuck at 28, but it was my intention to level her to take on endgame content like New Dark Astoria, as well as playing story based AE arcs. My existing tankers (Inv/DM, and Bio/Spines) are whole-game tankers in a way she'll never be, so I just haven't been motivated to finish her. Radiation/Street Justice is another favorite tanker of mine, and Radiation Armor is one of my favorite armor sets generally.
  3. I have done very little AE levelling on farming maps. I have nothing against it, but I'd rather level in taskforces. A character levelled through AE will hit 50 with hardly any reward merits, and will have little basis to construct a more interesting build. They just feel naked to me.
  4. I am an old school builder with old school floor plans, but I'd be happy to throw my Everlasting base into the contest: Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401 Contact - @Heraclea
  5. Radiation Armor's Meltdown is very much worth having and slotting. OTOH I have never taken Unstoppable on a tanker.
  6. With the new Force of Will travel power, everybody gets Foot Stomp now.
  7. I may well burn another respec once I get this character to 50 and she has enough recharge to need fewer attacks. But right now it seems that the character's need is more attacks that do damage. I also don't want a build that isn't a whole-game build, and relying mostly on attacks that will disappear when exemped below 30 will make it harder for her to get the recipes for an expensive build.
  8. I find instead that everything else sucks compared to task forces. My usual method of levelling a character blueside is fairly simple. I run one or two DfB trials on a new character, enough to put them in range of Positron 1 and 2. Then, with double XP or 1 1/2 XP I run the Freedom Phalanx TFs in series, together with a couple Moonfires, repeating as needed when a character falls a bit shy of the mark. Then it's off to Cimerora to repeat ITFs and then Lady Grays. I ding 50 with a stockpile of usually more than 400 merits that can be used for ATOs and the most important set recipes for my planned builds. And since the main thing my max level characters do is run the TFs for merits, including exemping task forces, I have all the recipes I need. AE figures into the plan as a once in a while thing. I play for tickets. Those recipes need salvage. By this artifice I don't have to worry about what the markets might be doing. I get to buy everything now without having to play for inf. This is the plan I followed on old live. I realize that inf on Homecoming is a bit more valuable than it was on old live, but that just means that I need less of it. Where the inf mostly goes is to my crafters, who keep the base stocked with level 15-35 generic IOs. Once the recipes are memorized that's not a major drain. I will also use the market to buy white salvage in bulk that gets converted into the big five lowbie IOs - accuracy, recharge, end-redux, end-mod, damage. That again doesn't require playing for inf.
  9. On Torchbearer, I see people recruiting for Maria Jenkins mission teams fairly often. The fact that this brings you to AVs needed for an accolade helps. The other PI mission contacts, like Crimson, Harvey Maylor, or Unai Kamen, are not all that popular. I occasionally see people running missions teams in the Hollows and Striga as well. And I do see people running mission teams Redside on occasion. One problem with mission teams is that they are more rewarding for the person running the arc than for most other people; only the mission owner gets the merits, unless everybody takes the same contact at the same time and stays from start to finish. This is why I prefer task/strike forces, where everyone gets all the rewards.
  10. Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer - Cat Eye Willy Claims his Lover
  11. What I find intriguing is the way that stone obelisks, desks, crates of ancient artifacts or DNA samples all manage to explode when destroyed.
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