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  1. If you are Shield, you get the scream, at least if your tanker is female (most of mine are). I started making female tankers back in i1 because back then the female taunt was always the 'Ah-ha' while the male was the call of a dying giraffe. Do not know when or why this was changed for Shield tankers specifically.
  2. At one end of the continuum, Dark Melee makes every scrapper tougher, and works especially well with defense oriented secondaries like Shield, Reflexes, or Ninjitsu. Say goodbye to perverse slotting chasing defense bonuses: you won't need it, you have consistent -tohit in everything. On the other end of the continuum, Titan Weapons is painful to level, but a lot of fun past 40 or so. If you want a scrapper that just feels super strong this is the way to go. Pair this with a set and forget secondary like Willpower. Animation lag will punish secondaries like Regen or Bio that rely on click heals. And speaking of perverse slotting decisions, Spines works wonders with endurance friendly secondaries like Bio, Rad, or Willpower. Spines allows you to slot most everything with recharge slow procs. Willpower gives you a chance to add even more in your aura. Take Caltrops for even more.
  3. I have a street justice/willpower brute at 47 and a radiation/SJ tanker at 24. I think that the set does more for brutes. It's chief virtue is that the lower tier attacks are fast recharging and fast animating, which is good for brutes and does nothing for tankers. One of the attacks does -dmg on enemies, which suggests it has some slight synergy with resistance sets. Another does slow and -def, which allows the slotting of exotic procs. But it is all smashing damage, which tends to fall behind in the late game. It doesn't really have powerful synergy with any tanker primary. Since super strength is broken right now, if you want a punching set this is your best option. If you want a character that feels super strong go titan weapons: that requires something like Willpower or Invulnerability that relies not at all on click heals for toughness. EDIT: But every time I see a six slotted Taunt, I throw up in my mouth a little. One of the best things about being a tanker is getting to use your precious slots for something better than that. Pull that out and put some accuracy in your attacks. That will do more for your survival than any set bonus, especially given your endurance heavy primary and secondary. Perverse slotting chasing set bonuses is less needed now than ever once Incarnates open up.
  4. Another entry in my 'short bio, big story' competition with myself:
  5. I slot for endurance drain on my electric/electric blaster and it appears to work reasonably well. Do wish that it had more of an effect on EB/AV/GM class enemies.
  6. They appear essentially the same to me. But I looked at a post with an attached poll that said it had 49 votes, but none registered in the bars above. This one seems to work for all.
  7. Most browsers can do this in their settings somewhere.
  8. Wondering about this. Do they look different to thread creators?
  9. Heraclea

    Name Release

    Got rid of 'Alara'. Good costume but the concept called for Super Strength and I'm not bothering with leveling one until it's fixed.
  10. I generally don't make hitting soft caps a total priority for a Dark Melee character. All of your single target attacks and Shadow Maul do -tohit on the mobs, which is the moral equivalent to defense against those mobs. But if you are /SR softcapping is so easy that there's no reason not to. I would also consider Touch of Fear a must take power for similar reasons. It has the biggest debuff of all of your attacks and is reliable control.
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