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Give Knockback some Impact

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Knockback is fun! That is, when you first start out...


Soon, you come to realize that Knockback is the most annoying form of crowd control as you often push enemies away from where you are fighting, have to chase them, or even get them stuck in weird places. This makes something that seems fun quickly become annoying outside of the learning curve of leveraging knockback into a corner of a map or something.


One thing that CoH is missing though is that in most media, knockback doesn't just "end" once the enemy is knocked away. Once they go airborne, they have to hit the ground, a wall, or another bad guy! This should result in some sort of bonus damage to the knocked target, probably scaling on the magnitude of knockback suffered + base damage of the power in some manner. Just throwing a number out there, but how about 1/10 base damage * magnitude? 100 damage attack with a 2.5 magnitude knockback -> 25 bonus damage when they hit the floor / actually take knockback. Given that most powers that deal good damage have a chance of knockback vs powers that almost always deal good knockback have little damage, this should work out.


Knock Down would not have this applied as it is universally considered a mini-hold if anything and in the meta it is way preferable to Knockback. Knock Up might have the same effect applied as there are only a couple powers with this effect iirc and since they go up then slam down... sure.

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