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  1. This should be weighed against having to slot the same power twice.
  2. I do feel like the way they work is a product of their time. With new things like how TW works (it swaps one power for a near-identical one when you have momentum) it could be feasible to have the same power be different if you have X form running. The question tho is if that is a good idea.
  3. Haha, fair enough! In this case it is not strictly a combo like with EM though, maybe a better catch-all term?
  4. Lets start the fire: Is global rech out of line? Disclaimer: My main is a blaster that regularly gets itself to 350%+ global recharge bonus.
  5. Gravity Control says hi 😉 I don't think making the "Force" attacks in the set be actually good as an attack is any more harmful than having Lift and Propel in a control set is. It'd be 2 attacks that are sorta/kinda on par with Pri (or Sec) attacks, and FF already has a niche with those powers being proactive mez/attack hybrids. This would be more akin to making it do what it does better already.
  6. I agree that it is tough to play, and if everything else stat-wise is covered then it for sure has strengths! My issue though is that it gets real fuzzy to even compare things if you have capped stats and team mate coverage as... well at what point does it even matter what armor you have? The bigger issue is that until you get to that point, Regen is hard to play and on it's own or in a less saturated environment it can struggle to match the performance of playing another set, on top of having WP and Bio as "regen themed" competition. Regen SHOULD keep it's theme of being hard to p
  7. I'm sure if you write up a turorial it will not be deleted. At the very least, it it lives on a google doc it can be untouched by mods here.
  8. True! Though if you have capped Def/Res with all those buffs, there would also assumedly be a lot of debuff on the enemy and allies with heals as well? To me, the lines get verrrrrrry fuzzy when a whole team is involved buffing you beyond what any one set can achieve
  9. @America's Angel, I would love to see the objective data on that! 🙂 Do you mean in PvP, Angel? As for the teaming bit this always confused me, there is nothing special about Regen in a team that a SR or Invuln wouldn't get either.
  10. Yep! Current one that has been up is the "Brutal Mission Simulator" (Coined due to being used for specific Brute stuff)
  11. Haha, yeah it has come up quite a lot! The difference though to me is that no other thread has truly been *focused* on it as a topic from so many angles + had data and work put in to explain trends or back up certain claims. For that alone, as @Luminara said the thread has a ton of Merit like with how I was able to isolate certain powerful IOs and provide data on their impact vs the "baseline".
  12. Results time! Part 1 : Isolated IO testing So for this phase, I ran the following build across a handful of missions in my Mission Simulator map (3x runs at 0/3 difficulty) to gauge general performance on a "Generic Slotting" level: All generic IO's was just easier to "Freebie" and is essentially the same as SO slotting if not a *scootch* better. Parry, Resurgence, and Focused Accuracy were NOT USED as they would skew results a bit much for our liking. Broadsword was chosen due to it's very middling performance across the mel
  13. I do agree there should be more options to "crank the dial up", though level shifts on enemies should only go so far. A +10 enemy will just be a snoozefest where each minion takes a minute to take down 😛 As for matched rewards, we definitely need that in place to incentivize using the harder content over "radio mish lft". The reason people opt for the easier content is that it is far and away the most efficient. Clearing 100 Council will net roughly the same Exp and inf as 100 Carnies (give or take), though the Council will take far less time per kill (even at balls to the wall spe
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