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  1. While the other enhancements are available for a sort of hard mode, and a TO run of the ITF would be hilarious, they are still sort of artificial difficulty in that you're just debuffing yourself and you have to go really out of your way to slot up like that...
  2. Having spent a good chunk of time trying this out, I think the overall changes are great as a baseline! Though certain sets need help here and there with AoE now that it is a ffocus, and some AoEs (Fire Breath...) are still kinda bad even with boosts. As for Bruising, I will say that after playing Sentinels that I feel Tankers should have had their inherit. Tanks having a way to mark a target as a team-focus, and all their attacks having a very small, non-stacking from the same user Res/Def debuff instead of 1 attack having a moderate debuff. The IO bonuses are another matter, but upon thinking of it I think the problem with them is that a full set not only gives you the IO bonuses but also fantastic enhancement values as well. Even though each IO is split into different values per stat, a full set will net you much more than SO slotting on top of the bonuses, which compound onto the enhancement values.
  3. I mean ok, but redside did not come out *that* much later. CoV launched with issue 6 iirc, which is literally like a little over a year younger than Blueside. Redside has always had less players for... reasons, but with no restrictions on ATs / etc anymore, there is far fewer reason to play red now
  4. counter offer: Make Redside content way more rewarding than Blueside in terms of Inf / Xp / Drops / merits The difficulty of the content there makes people avoid redside, so making it lucrative for the challenge will balance out the content rather than making getting to the content easier.
  5. That is a bit of a secondary convo for this thread : Though it does factor in! Ideally, there should be a healthy spread where each damage type shines and is ineffective throughout the game, not just on the hard modes
  6. Well yeah, but this is also based on whoever is interested in the topic to begin with. If people are ambivalent then they probably dont care either way to answer or say something about the difficulty We could share this to reddit / etc, but that requires a but of momentum too
  7. I think it could be cool if these were super powerful, super rare, and ultra-unique. Like, what if you could get a "Statemans Resistance" that is a golden IO that gives +12% res to all. This takes up a slot somewhere in your build, and slotting it means you cannot slot any other golden enhancements. I like the idea of the legendaries being a truly unique IO per character where you can only choose one to use. This could help balance then out a bit if they're not only global effects but restricted to one per chatacter. Another idea that is kinda out there... what if it took more than 1 enhancement slot to equip these?
  8. While true.... its not always the case and other damage types have had -Def as well. I think part of the problem really is that there is just an imbalance of enemies that are weak to and resistant to each damage type. Negative Energy is the least resisted type despite having a 26% chance to encounter a resistant enemy because there is also about a 20% chance to run into an enemy weak to Neg. The next smallest gap is Fire with a 25 / 13 split between the chances, and it gets wider from there. Lethal (and Smashing) by contrast has a spread of 48 / 5 (and 49 / 7 for Smash) which is just way out of whack when you look at these side by side. You are about 2x as likely to run into a resistant mob with lethal than negative, and 4x less likely to run into an enemy weak to your powers. In an ideal world, you would have roughly equal chances of Resist / Weak (rest being neutral) to encourage different team set ups and to have highs and lows with each powerset as you play instead of just lows with certain ones at higher level.
  9. Just to touch base: So far, ~81% of respondents are in favor of sweeping changes to the game when it comes to difficulty, but only if it is optional and has scaled rewards (32% on the optional diff, 17% on boosted rewards, and 16% on both global diff overhaul and looking into IOs/Incarnates) Only ~19% of respondents are in favor of specialized difficulty content, minor changes, or no changes at all (8% on minor changes, 6% on only certain special content being difficult, and 5% want no changes) ~46% of respondents want to see new/specific enemy tweaks that likewise carry stronger rewards (26% want to see "Advanced" enemies introduced, and 20% want to in turn see rewards for harder enemies / groups be boosted) ~28% of respondents want to see enemies just have adjusted stats, and/or specific ways to scale vs teams (14% for both general enemy stat changes and some sort of ramping difficulty per team member) ~24% of respondents want to see enemies just have adjusted stats in general, specific ways to scale vs teams, and/or certain enemy groups to be revamped for challenge (14% for both general enemy stat changes and some sort of ramping difficulty per team member, 9% for enemy group glow-ups) ~8% of respondents want to see changes to IO/Incarnate bonuses ~8% of respondents answered N/A to specifics What I can gather here is that there is a strong desire for a better difficulty option to be available, emphasis on option, where enemies get stronger but more rewarding. Specifically changing up most encounters with new stats as well as special enemies thrown into the mix. There is some backing behind looking into IO/Incarnate values as well, but that is a 2nd place to just reworking the people we fight.
  10. You know I've run the numbers to show TW is bigger WM 😉
  11. So no buff threads either!
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