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  1. Thanks for the input everyone! Been juggling some ideas for another controller or dom and the breakdown is very helpful 🙂
  2. Even on SO's Armor T9s are kinda booty 😕
  3. I do think that they'd be slower.... SR especially as it'd be luck based with no HP recovery. Invuln would probably be safer and more consistent with +Acc from Invincibility... worth a shot 🙂 Also, anyone know the easiest way to load up IO's on Pineapple?
  4. The purpose of this was to get a "baseline" for the primaries, so ideally this would be the measuring stick to compare further tests on 🙂 The purpose of using /WP and SO's was to us an armor that was not intrusive to the primary so we could isolate it's performance as much as possible. On SO's, it provides 6.1% Smashing Def + -4.5% ToHit to foes melee range (effectively 10.6% def), 35% Smashing Resists, and a bunch of Regen as foes gather round. So, you're hit about 39% of the time, and when you're hit you only take 65% of the damage. Effectively 74.65% damage mitigation when averaged out. Lets factor in the Myshkin build: With this IO spread, the mitigation would jump to 98.5% as you cap S/L resist, and with the -ToHit you get effectively 43.95% Smashing Defense. This is not including the procs / Recharge (66.3% without Hasten) and other perks like +Acc/ToHit, a bit of damage, etc. For the sets that had +Mitigation as an advantage, and those that lacked it as a disadvantage this will be a huge game changer. Eyeballing it, e build's IO spread could easily be replicated by most all melee sets as well making for a decent starting point for the high-end. On the lower-end, I wonder if runs with just minimal "patch that up" style enhancements like the KD proc or such would have a big impact? Runs on the IO's should be much easier as you'd be much more efficient, its just a matter of comparing the times to their SO counterparts as well as the comparative ranking.
  5. Been curious on this topic for a bit, but besides Illusion which is Controller-only, and Mind Control which seems to be much better on Dominators... are there other primaries that are much better or worse on a Controller than a Dom?
  6. Don't mean to triple post, but after talking with @Hopeling I have added in the Standard Deviation to the columns: SPREAD = The "accuracy" of the Average. The smaller the spread, the more accurate our Average time is for the runs. SD (Standard) DEVIATION = Shows the consistency of the runs, similar to the difference between the Best and Worst times but averaged across all runs. The smaller the Deviation, the more consistent the sets.
  7. I'm going to see if I can mulligan run a couple sets this week for better times. Also, going by @Sir Myshkin's willpower slotting for IOs on a prior page I'll start a few comparison runs too. I think going right to high end with a decked out WP and such may prove more impactful for some of the sets where survival was the issue, and bring into question the sets that had ample survival as a plus.
  8. It sounds more like we need additional difficulty settings / content where control would be valued. Adding damage procs to team mates hitting targets you applied a power to is neat, but it kind of strips the control aspect away. If new settings were introduced where like, enemies had toggles and such that a hold / stun would break then suddenly controllers become awesome.
  9. That is a bit drastic of a change, even if the prices were like x2 the cost of the bids on AH. Lets keep this on the topic of just figuring out IO data. Are there any specific data points that haven't been brought up?
  10. I do want to touch on the test as a whole real quick. Survival was a decent factor for a lot of set's performances. WP can let you sustain damage and recover quickly, but it has limitations even with these basic enemies where you can get pummeled to death pretty easily if you just stood in a group. Even a smaller group can be dangerous due to how RTTC scales. Several sets like Savage and Fire had real trouble with certain groups since they lacked either any mitigation besides "kill them first", or they had unreliable mitigation like Battle Axe where most attacks only had a chance to Knockdown / stun / etc. Sets with recorded DNF: Battle Axe - 2 Deaths, KD did not proc in time to prevent death Dark Melee - 2 Deaths, vs a ST you are invulnerable but the lack of AoE damage and mitigation is very risky when tackling groups Dual Blades - 2 Deaths, unlike other sets it had guaranteed Knockdown mitigation but the lengthy animations meant missing those leaves you open to several attacks. Elec Melee - 2 Deaths, mitigation is tied to very slow powers, or ones that scatter the mob everywhere and then slows you down considerably Fire Melee - 2 Deaths, no mitigation aside from well.. killing with fire. Several moments where kiting and pausing needed to happen Martial Arts - 2 Deaths, the % chance to mitigate enemies is a gamble as always, making it almost all ST attacks to do this is even riskier Rad Melee - 4 Deaths! Lack of guaranteed soft control is noticeable. The heal relying on Contamination is funky. Savage Melee - 2 Deaths, no real mitigation outside of a ST knockdown with RNG These are all factors to consider for how hard some of these sets could be pushed if by themselves. The meta of the tests has leaned to herding up enemies yes, but that also requires player skill in order to navigate and round enemies up effectively. I would also argue that it can better emulate a team environment as the enemies moving about / deciding to run gives more chaos into the mix that other players could provide. The test as is I think still stands true as a solid simulation of your average mission. Though, it would be interesting to maybe add in some more X factors like a mob or two with debuffs or separate powers to deal with that may make herding not as profitable?
  11. Great times! Unfortunately, KM is still on the slower end but you bumped it up a good bit EDIT: If we just use @Sir Myshkin's time, it goes up above both Elec and Fire
  12. Definitely! I am only one data point of course, the more people who join in the better picture we get.
  13. Right, instead they should buff the crappy ones. But to do that, I still think we need to look at which are left behind / how many people are using IOs at all. I think we all agree that the IO system is awesome, its just that certain bonuses are much more valuable than others and if the less valued became better it would be great for diversity
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