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  1. You're right, there is no way to know how many people left due to legit reasons other than just "leaving", but the sheer volume makes that hard to judge. This was suggested earlier, but if an email were sent out for your account lets say at like, the 10 month and 11 month mark to say "click here to confirm you're active" and that would delay your account being set to "inactive for 1 year" mode. That gives 2 chances to say "oh, im still interested in playing!", and prevent your names being unlocked in the event you are on a legitimate 10+ month break. If you ignore that, well then GGs
  2. The key difference here is if they are inactive or not. If I took somebody's name and they have been offline for like 18 months and don't come back, then they aren't using it. If I leave for 18 months and in that time a character's name (again assuming it is weighted by investment) is taken, odds are if I come back in month 19 (again, small odds) then I personally wouldn't care too much.
  3. As in if I *knew* somebody wanted the name would I just give it up? I'd say that depends like in the quoted post. If I had no idea that I had somebody name then I wouldn't give it up as that option wouldn't even be on the table. If somebody reached out to me just saying "hey gimme", no. There's nothing backing that and it could just be some troll. If somebody reached out and actually put in time to explain themselves then I'd more than likely given them the name if it was being used by some rando alt, so probably yeah. Putting the effort in is either genuine or some advanced lvl of trolling that would pick out a random name of one of your alt characters to target and "steal". If you're really dubious then you could always get a GM involved as the account info can be verified by them. If somebody takes a name I haven't used in like 400 days then I clearly don't care about that character or I haven't been online in that long, so yeah I'd let them have it. This thread is really focusing on that last point where somebody has likely left the game for a long long time. As shown by the volume of inactive accounts / likely inactive names I feel it's reasonable that at some point inactivity releases names in some manner. Hopefully with a lot of weight put into character investment (lvl, time played, etc) so that even then really only the "low commitment" names are unlocked. The other points I mentioned are all things that could happen right now, including "stealing" a name if you happen to transfer your character!
  4. The bigger difference here is that there is a door separating you from the enemy for at least 8 or so deaths that afford you time to actually get up and recuperate. Even without the jail door there, the room is far more secluded in terms of what can engage with you compared to the corner of the mansion and allows you to use LoS, etc, to give yourself a chance. Let alone using Inspirations / etc. The mansion gives you NO such chances once you get stuck there.
  5. This was in response to the "entitlement" of somebody who actually "owned" that name on live. By that definition they have a stronger connection to it, which leads to: If it was never contested, I would say that is OK as I would be oblivious to the matter. However, if I made a character with X name and logged in one day to have somebody genuinely message me saying something along the lines of: "Hey, I was _______ on Live for years / I was ______ before I got deployed and I saw you have that name. It means a lot to me to be able to play this character again and I was wondering if you still play that character?" Then of course I'd work something out with that person since the name clearly has meaning to them to compel them to reach out. If I never hear otherwise, its clear the person just renamed and moved on, or the person never came back in the first place to contest it.
  6. Likewise, you are entitled to a name you "own" on a game you have not been active on in over a year?
  7. The inverse being somebody who had logged on once in 2019 and came back now to have their name taken? I'd say given that is likely INCREDIBLY rare given the sheer volume of inactive accounts/characters in the same timeframe that it'd just be unfortunate and they would need a thesaurus / talk to the new owner.
  8. So, a CoH vet from live comes back recently (I see this a lot even still, and 4500 new accounts a month backs this up) and tries to use the name they had on live but it's taken by somebody who played the character once in June 2019. Screw that returning guy right?
  9. No solution is going to be perfect, this very thread shows that the current situation is not perfect either. Current set up: First come, first serve. If you grab a name, great! It's your's forever. Pros: You lock-in your names until you manually remove said name from the server (delete, transfer, rename, etc). If you leave for whatever reason, when you return (assuming you do not terminate your account), your stuff remains. Cons: This allows for names to be "locked forever" by inactive accounts for whatever reason, which given that individuals can freely make thousands of characters a piece and then never return, in theory takes away from active players. This works well until you run into the issue of truly inactive accounts, which going by the numbers may be an issue: Source Thread We only have data on Jan/Feb for Active accounts, but if we were to judge based on that lets say we have ~ 33,000 active accounts compared to ~160,000 total accounts. That is only about ~21% active. Players have created 1,207,409 characters on Homecoming. Lets round that up to 1,208,000 and divide that by 160,000 accounts = roughly 8 characters (and thus names) per account. Luckily, you technically get 5 chances to grab a name as we have 5 servers. Lets look at the population of each: We have no way of knowing the split of what accounts are where, or who has characters on multiple servers (I know I have characters on all but reunion, others may only be on 1 server), but lets just assume there is an even split and apply that 21% active / 79% inactive value to each: Excelsior = 70,600 Active / 265,500 Inactive Everlasting / Torchbearer = 53,800 Active / 202,300 Inactive, each Indomitable = 46,200 Active / 173,700 Inactive Reunion = 29,800 Active / 112,000 Inactive In each server, there are 3.75x as many Inactive characters than there are Active ones. Comparing 33,000 Active accounts to 127,000 inactive ones, it is clear there are a LARGE number of abandoned names. Lets be fair though and say there is a cutoff of 1 year applied. In August of 2019, there were 132,200 accounts = 1,057,600 characters. If we assume 79% of those are inactive, that is 835,504 characters/names that have probably been inactive for a year or more. 835,504/1,208,000 = ~70% of characters/accounts may not have been played in a year as of August 2020 on HC. I find it highly unlikely that all of those accounts are just gonna come back tomorrow. Also, it is equally unlikely that New accounts (roughly 4,500 a month) + existing accounts would snatch up all those names even if they were all suddenly unlocked. Lets assume there are 4,500 characters a month and that all active accounts make 8 more characters between now and August 2021: 4500 * 12 = 54,000 33,000 * 8 = 264,000 + 54,000 = 318,000 new characters / names. 318,000 / 835,504 = 38% of the already year-old "inactive" characters would possibly be re-taken in another year. Even if every new account, plus 8 of every active account's new characters were SPECIFICALLY GUNNING FOR AN EXISTING NAME, it'd only affect about 40% of those inactive characters AT THE MOST. Realistically the odds of them picking said name are much much lower than that, and then you have to play the field between 5 servers as well. I think that looking at that, the odds that an old name is specifically taken is actually rather low and for the most part still would follow the "first come, first served" rule we have now outside of say super generic / common names (Fire Man, Fire-Man, etc). If we were to pull the lever and give accounts a year's worth of inactive time before they begin unlocking the odds say most names would probably be safe. This then leads to occurrences where a name is taken, and THEN the person comes back and disputes it with the new owner probably rare enough to where it could be settled civilly or possibly with a GM. Is a 1 Year inactivity cutoff perfect? Nope, it isn't. But lets look at the pros and cons: Pros: You lock-in your names as long as your account is active within 365 day periods. If you log in at day 364, you're refreshed for another 365. If you happen to make a character with the name of a character that has been Unlocked, you are the new owner of said name and the same rules now apply to you. You can still manually relinquish this name using various methods. Cons: If you do not log in within 365 days, your names are subject to being unlocked and there is a CHANCE they may be taken by other users. You may then rename your character or dispute the name with the new owner if you so choose. There could be a system in place even that has your lvl influence the time before unlock, making the odds smaller and smaller. This would be mostly the same given the ODDS that a name even gets taken just by sheer volume. There is a con that after an extensive time your names are up for grabs, but an additional Pro as well in that new / active characters may use recycled names.
  10. Im pretty sure a rational person would understand if they got a sincere message from somebody saying they lost their name for XYZ reason. That scenario though I feel is incredibly unlikely depending on how long the "unlock" takes. Again, for every 1 person who has a legit gap where they're deployed/etc, there are probably 19 other people who just left and aren't coming back. In the event that somebody has lost a name and they come back, I have faith in players that it can be worked out civily. To mitigate this, having the unlock of names be weighed based on account activity / character activity I think is fair for both parties. I think that its fair that a character below lvl 20 could be counted as a "low investment character" as even outside of AE a normal day or two of missions should get you there in today's game. In the current set up as quoted above, that gives the character a 365 day buffer after hitting 21 before they are unlocked and then it still requires another player to happen to pick that exact name after a whole year of it being secured. Personally, I would rather have 1yr be the baseline and then lvl 10-20 add 3 months, 21-30 add 6 months, 31-40 9 months, and 41+ be a full 2 years, and have it be based on account activity (last logged in char?) Rather than the actual character. That way, you can have a character with 500 days offline but as long as you have a character you're still playing theyre safe. Edit: If going by account, maybe have it start at 6 months for lvls 1-10 but still keep the +3 month increments, idk.
  11. On the note of Mayhem missions, you have to mess up a LOT to get anywhere near the trouble this mission can give you. Being in the cell lets you res and ready up, spawning in the corner of the house with enemies already on you does not.
  12. itd be fair if say, after (a year) names become unlocked. If somebody were to create a character with said name, they get dibs. If it's not claimed, it stays with the OG owner.
  13. Which is cool, but how often does that really happen.
  14. I agree, to a point. I think after a whole year there should be some things that expire. Maybe like a year + X months per lvl range would be more fair to sort of show investment, up to 2 years on a 50 lets say. I would strongly argue that if somebody is gone for 2 years, they aren't coming back realistically.
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