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  1. The regen is kind of sus by itself... what if it had some sort of scaling effect per unit in its radius?
  2. It doesn't matter tbh, its a matter of "is this asset in use?" If no, it should be reasonable to be unlocked for use.
  3. Personally, I feel like if the stated policy were inacted for folks who have not been logged in for quite some time, it would be fair. The caveat of course that this hits accounts that have not logged in at all within a long period of time. This means they did not open the launcher, launch the game, and log into the server select screen in YEARS. Being realistic, yes there are likely exceptions but I would put money on it being a rarity compared to the vast amount of people who might fall under the umbrella of "tried it and never coming back". Looking at t
  4. Double post but w/e: This all said, the MM personal attacks are in a *weird* spot given the pets are so, so much better that its worth more to let them fly and focus on secondary abilities...
  5. To break it down a bit more, lets look at Necromancy: Summoning all the pets + upgrading them will cost 51.01 endurance. Tallying all the damage they could deal to a single target if they all used their powers exactly once (and all hit, etc) within Supremacy range they will deal an average of: 1389.69 damage in a "complete" rotation 1389.69 / 51.01 = 27.25 damage per end Blaster Nova = 27.72 end for 250.2 damage = 9.03 dpe Blaster Sniper Blast = 14.35 end for 281.5 damage = 19.62 dpe (all values unenhanced) Thi
  6. I'd love to get a villainous theme-team going too 😄 In the past we have had fun with stuff like "All Beam Rifles" / etc, something like that redside could be a hoot.
  7. On the note of Dam/End, with the caveat that you *do* keep your pets alive encounter to encounter you can streeeeeetttccccchhhh that ~50 endurance incredibly far.
  8. Its all about friends who do stuff together, especially you and me. Id be down anywhere, any time at all....
  9. I think this is true of some of the more unique proc effects too. Like, the -End one (Tempest?) on ST ranged attacks is just not... good. If it were equatable to a damage proc that'd be one thing but as it stands it doesn't even compete with some of the worse utility procs.
  10. I think I may have asked this before, but it could be worth noting: Is it more an issue of Damage procs in particular, since other procs are really not good in comparison?
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