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  1. If not a limited team size, maybe more content that encourages teams to split off to do simultaneous objectives instead of sticking together and steamrolling?
  2. It honestly seems that the issue is 8 man teams, I wonder if some content could be made that forces a set number of people?
  3. I really think the sentinel regen would be better for all /regens
  4. I would go as far as to say that these dont need actual PvP fights, just the objectives being player vs player.
  5. As long as you fight more than one target at a time, it will always have an AoE lean. If AoE across the board is nerfed, or you can rotate through ST attacks fast and efficiently enough to match an AoE power then they would be on more equal footing. If there were cases of say, you have to take out individual targets first (classic example being one enemy being invincible while another is actively buffing them) then ST would matter a lot more as well. Unfortunately, the game as is throws tons of targets at a time at you which leans to AoE value.
  6. Tbh, the way the game is set up I don't understand the idea for having an ST specialist...? Most attack sets when used by dps ATs have great ST rotations as is. There are of course specialists like Stalkers (across the board) and sets elsewhere with heavy ST hitters in the mix that dont heavily lose out on AoE in return. Of course the opposite is true with sets that have more AoE than ST (spines) but even they arent shabby at ST. When it comes to ST damage in a meta sense, it is great for the huge targets in the game like AVs and such... but then that's a niche part of the game as is and they get wrecked by debuffs more than dps. This is all my personal opinion but I feel that a set with by design poor AoE and nothing to make up for it (like Dark Melees amazing secondary effects and drains) is destined to be kinda meh 😞
  7. I'd love PvP that is indirect. Instead of direct combat, you have different sides compete in objectives. That and the base idea of like a SF where the goal is to break all the things would just be fun 🙂
  8. Correct, which is what I'm going for as well 🙂 We have enough animations for unarmed and armed attacks that I'm sure could be used
  9. I'm sure this has been brought up, but the ability to have all fire sword variants of fire melee attacks, or all non fire sword (same with Ice Sword, Stone Mallet, etc) would be 👍
  10. Heh, thanks @Infinitum! I just wanna see the world learn 😉 Anywho, Pineapple has been down but I did some initial test runs with Katana/SR and Katana/Ice as controls since IMO it was the best set on SO's without any "gimmicks". SR was about 16% slower on average for Katana (My WP avg is 5:41:52, SR was 6:36:09), while you were relatively safe due to 1 divine avalanche letting you go way past softcap, the hits that did land hit hard and did not recover quickly which actually lead to 1 DNF thanks to RNGesus. The main slowdown for SR though was predictably the endurance usage which lead me to using only the lower damage attacks at times, on top of having no taunt aura to keep foes near you and making you chase runners. Ice is about 6% faster so far (5:22 avg) thanks to Icicles, slowing runners, and the ability to get immediate End Returns. However, it is noticeably squishier due to the long recharge on Icy Bastion + Hoarfrost for emergency defenses (and the slows only effect post alpha hits), on top of Divine Avalanche not stacking well vs the Smashing Damage enemies given the Typed defense of /Ice.
  11. Just wanna say, Ice Melee is super underrated. The AoE damage is def there with Frost's wide reach and the footstomp clone. Yes, it does a smidge less damage but it also has a ton of safety to leverage more offensive secondaries 🙂
  12. Ice Melee is a sleeper top set 😉 Its so much fun and Frost is a great AoE
  13. Shin Breaker should do 50% more damage if you do it to a knocked down enemy
  14. One solution may be to have a static damage proc on contained targets. Say, 10-20% of the damage the control effect would have done per hit from the controller. Based on the controller's damage, this should be both not too strong while still being noticeable as well as stackable. Ex: Controller throws out an AoE immob that deals 50 damage per target. Attacking enemies contained by the controller will deal an extra (5) damage per attack while under containment. If another controller layers their control on there, you get another (5) per attack and so on, regardless of the damage the attack does.
  15. I dig it, though I don't think the range check is possible 😞 Of note, I like the idea of "While active, you gain 100% chance on the RNG parts of the set"
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