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  1. Thats 1 combo and is not up often enough to really get a ton of em out 😕 As is, it is somewhat of a pain to get a Ghost out since you need a pet to die, which also makes you go through the resummon process all over again.
  2. Correct, but with Global recharge boosts you can get 2 now, and it also actively needs you to have a pet die which is a hastle for a few reasons
  3. Time to Necro this thread with Necro: MM Attacks Following the 3dam/1rech-acc-end slotting, we have two solid options: Gloom --> Dark Blast --> Dark Blast --> Gloom = 65.61 DPS / 5.13 EPS Gloom --> Dark Blast --> Life Drain --> Dark Blast --> Gloom = 59.89 DPS / 4.73 EPS / 11.27 HPS The latter using Life Drain lowers DPS by ~10%, but you also spend ~8% less endurance and gain +11.27 Health per Sec (10% heal per Life Drain, base of 80.32) For our purposes, lets look at the first one for strict DPS comparison at the end. As before, the pets have 95% damage enhancement, and have Supremacy added. ZOMBIE Usage Projectile Vomit 20.00% Siphon Life 10.00% Zombie Brawl 50.00% Zombie Vomit 20.00% Zombies don't have any special perks like other MM pets, so they provide a static 27.50 DPS With all three, this is 82.49 DPS GRAVE KNIGHT Usage Dark Blast 42.00% Siphon Life 10.00% Hack 12.00% Head Splitter 10.00% Slash 14.00% Disembowel 12.00% What surprised me here was how often the Knights use Dark Blast. Each one contributes about 42.58 DPS Together, they contribute 85.15 DPS LICH Usage Life Drain 14.00% Tenebrous Tentacles 18.00% Fearsome Stare 10.00% Torrent 14.00% Dark Blast 32.00% Petrifying Gaze 12.00% With 2 non damaging powers, and 1 power that does a whopping 6 damage at lvl 50, 26% of the time the Lich isn't doing much damage if at all leading to 27.43 DPS. GHOST Usage Ghastly Blast 62.00% Life Drain 22.00% Necroplasmic Grasp 16.00% Lastly, the Ghosts you can summon from Soul Extraction add an extra 33.18 DPS on average. Lets check the totals SUMMARY DPS % Mastermind 65.61 25.17% Zombies 82.49 31.64% Grave Knights 85.15 32.66% Lich 27.43 10.52% Ghost (Avg) 0 0.00% Total 260.68 + 1 GHOST DPS % Mastermind 65.61 22.33% Zombies 82.49 28.07% Grave Knights 85.15 28.98% Lich 27.43 9.33% Ghost (Avg) 33.18 11.29% Total 293.86 For Necro, the attacks actually add a SIGNIFICANT amount of damage given how weak the Lich is, on top of how you actually do have decently hard hitting blasts in exchange for no AoE. However, this changes the more Ghosts you can accumulate. Lets add 100% global recharge on top of the recharge slotting for Soul Extraction so that we can have 2 Ghosts out. Gloom - Life Drain - Gloom still ends up being 65 DPS (lol), so the MM portion won't change: + 2 GHOST DPS % Mastermind 65.61 20.06% Zombies 82.49 25.22% Grave Knights 85.15 26.04% Lich 27.43 8.39% Ghost (Avg) 66.36 20.29% Total 327.04 Overall, it seems Necro may be in an OK spot except for the time you need to actually summon more Ghosts to the party. Since the Zombies are more likely to give you Ghosts, the DPS likewise will dip down as well, though not that significantly. Lets see what happens when the MM is replaced with Assault for giggles Lazy MM DPS % Mastermind Assault (+ 11.25%) Zombies 86.71 31.56% Grave Knights 89.51 32.57% Lich 28.83 10.49% Ghost (Avg) 69.74 25.38% Total 274.79 = 84.02% Yeah, not using the personal attacks for Necro is a significant loss. Now, with our proposed changes the biggest X factors are the Lich with it's Containment, and how you can have far more Ghosts out at a time. Keeping things in the set, the Lich can proc containment on only 3 powers realistically, as it's 4th damaging power is a self-detonation. Realistically, we could apply a 1.5x multiplier to it's output to average out the contained damage and having to contain things. The Lich also provides you with +1 Ghosts on average since it can use Soul Extraction in our changes, and using it once within the attack chains should leave it at an estimated 37.51 DPS, much more than before! With 95% recharge enhancement in Soul Extraction, you can maintain 3 Ghosts at a time. 4 with the Lich. With 200% recharge, you can get ~5 ghosts for a very short time. 6 with the Lich. Lets look at the proposed changes with 4 and 6 ghosts each. (Other changes include +1 lvl to Zombies, and a small crit chance on Knight Disembowel) 4 Ghosts DPS % Mastermind 65.61 15.80% Zombies 92.81 22.36% Grave Knights 86.5 20.84% Lich 37.51 9.04% Ghost (Avg) 132.72 31.97% Total 415.15 27% more DPS than 2 ghosts / vanilla 6 Ghosts DPS % Mastermind 65.61 13.63% Zombies 92.81 19.27% Grave Knights 86.5 17.96% Lich 37.51 7.79% Ghost (Avg) 199.08 41.34% Total 481.51 47% more DPS than 2 ghosts / vanilla We see a significant increase to performance as expected, though this comes with an abundant endurance hit for using Soul Extraction often + needing to reliably summon from targets to get rolling. 1 Ghost (Lich) DPS % Mastermind 65.61 20.79% Zombies 92.81 29.41% Grave Knights 86.5 27.41% Lich 37.51 11.88% Ghost (Avg) 33.18 10.51% Total 315.61 21% more DPS than vanilla Looking at the totals without Soul Extraction (From you), we could in theory lump in the single Ghost with the Lich and have it contribute a solid 22% of the total, bringing it in line with the other pet tiers.
  4. Based on their reputation and how often they are picked, I would bet money that most people DO NOT like the current stuff as is.
  5. Seriously, adding difficulty does not mean "Become Dark Souls". If CoH's base difficulty is say, 3/10, DS would be 10/10. Asking for an optional mode to make it 4-5/10 is not a leap
  6. In a twist of fate, Council Galaxies have been the only thing to randomly gang up and kill me in recent memory
  7. @DougGraves has a good take on this, but it wont make people happy
  8. On top of this, there is a large chunk of players who are aware of the meta in a negative way. The example of force fields often comes up, but for real the way the game is, the people who I've talked to often feel like their bubblers/etc are not contributing and that is not fun. If new content, which could include difficulty modes that makes all content "new" retroactively, gives them some extra value, or ST specialists value, and all sorts of other "fallen off the current meta" players have value then that is a great thing IMO.
  9. You all need to stop being so exclusionary towards people who want to push the game and make their characters extra heroic. People respond to rewards. Look at this week with all the lady grey's being run for extra merits. Imagine if Difficulty Mode+ added even more + Bonus drop chance all for the price of being a bit more cognizant of play. I think a much bigger chunk of the game would be willing to play ball if the incentive were there for sure.
  10. @BGSacho, @Redlynne, @Monos King Made a big oof in the enhancement table since I was multitasking at work which made the wolves better and the Lions/Dire Wolf worse.... and possibly applied enhancements to my work numbers but hopefully ED kicks in there. Edits are in the OG post. Turns out the MM attacks are still comparable to the Dire Wolf, though your pet does outdo you, and the lion's share of Damage Output is where its supposed to be. Still, you put out respectable damage with your own Beast Attacks that falls right in between a Single Wolf and a Single Lioness.
  11. Agreed, though I did factor in the boosts PM gives on average in the final DPS values for the pets 🙂 It is good to see that it is also seemingly worthwhile using the attacks for Beasts tho outside of just getting PM faster. It will be interesting what the others show since Beast attacks have a plethora of bonuses that they lack. My hypothesis so far is that if they arent Beasts, Demons or Ninja.... the results will be sketchy.
  12. @BGSacho, @Redlynne, @Monos King, decided to look at Beasts first for attack chains and had each pet try out ~100 attacks to see what we're looking at. Assuming we put in 3dam/1acc-rech-end into the attacks as normal, a chain of Swarm-Hawk-Swarm-Swarm deals a respectable 48.47 DPS. Alternating Hawk and Ravens would actually be similar at 48.19 DPS, but that is also a lot more expensive. Using all 3 in tandem actually lowers to 46.65 dps, so we'll assume one of the former options. After 100 attacks, we could see the following: WOLF Usage Howl 6.00% Feral Charge 26.00% Maiming Bite 26.00% Vicious Bite 40.00% Wild Charge 2.00% Taking their arcana times for the attacks, and the damage with 3 SO's worth of enhancement this equates to 24.95 DPS. However, the Wolves provide Howls, Wild Charges, Pack Mentality, and the MM gives them supremacy which will boost their performance up to 39.63 DPS! This adds up to about 115 DPS total with 3 wolves, and the slight dip from the Alpha Wolf not attacking as non stop. Since they are -2 levels, these values are actually lowered by 0.8x = 19.96 / 31.70 / 90 LIONESS Usage Claw Swipe 22.00% Claw Rake 42.00% Vicious Bite 30.00% Lions Roar 4.00% Wild Charge 2.00% At base, they dish out 40.89 DPS. with their boosts this bumps up to 65.89 DPS With 2 Lionesses, this adds up to 131.79 DPS Since they are -1 levels, these values are actually lowered by 0.9x = 36.80 / 59.30 / 118.61 DIRE WOLF Usage Chilling Howl 18.00% Freezing Roar 16.00% Maiming Bite 28.00% Vicious Bite 36.00% Wild Charge 2.00% At base, it dishes out 37.71 DPS. with their boosts this bumps up to 57.43 DPS The Dire Wolf takes a hit with it's animations being much slower than the other beasts, otherwise it still deals the most total damage. SUMMARY DPS % Mastermind 48.47 15.41% Wolves 90 28.62% Lionesses 118.61 37.71% Dire Wolf 57.43 18.26% Total 314.51 Adding this all up, it appears that the Beast MM can output a decent amount in comparison to the total, but lets see what happens if the MM doesn't contribute and just decides to sit back and use Assault instead... Lazy MM DPS % Mastermind Assault (+ 11.25%) Wolves 95 30.21% Lionesses 123.28 39.20% Dire Wolf 59.83 19.02% Total 278.11 278.11 / 314.51 = 88.43% the DPS total. So, in the case of Beasts it seems to pay off actually using their Attacks! With Assault it's even better of course as you buff yourself too. For giggles, lets look at the comparison with our changes to Wolf levels, + the slight changes suggested to Lionesses: New DPS % Mastermind 48.47 13.78% Wolves 105 29.85% Lionesses 140.87 40.05% Dire Wolf 57.43 16.33% Total 351.77 An overall increase of 11.85% DPS, the drop in the MM contribution is notable but not bad. What is a good takeaway here though is that the MAJORITY of damage for beasts comes from the lower tiered pets. Having them be as fragile as they are can lead to cascading DPS failure where each lost pet debuffs your damage output by 10-20%
  13. Well sorta. Masterminds get to divide damage after other mitigation which is awesome. Damage debuffs are another layer, that applies before resistances. So say you're Mastermind with a -30% damage debuff on your target, 30% resistance on yourself. 100 damage will be debuffed to ~77 (100/1.3) [or 70 if it works more directly]. Then that amount would be resisted by 30% again to become 54~49 damage. The more of each you add up the stronger it gets too! After those reduce the damage, you then divide it directly with your pets to take up to iirc 1/7th the amount.
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