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  1. TBH more sets than those have End issues, theyre just the most egregious lol. I find endurance management is just kind of this weird stopgap a lot of people need to work around to the point of it being kind of questionable, but thats just me
  2. Well, the main thing there is that Perf Shifter is so good + Endurance Issues are awful. Nerfing Perf Shifter is just bad juju and makes End issues worse, but alleviating the End "Hole" everyone builds for (not eliminate) would make Perf go from mandatory to "nice to have". Things like that are what to look out for.
  3. Actually ended up redoing Energy Blast since I could easily replace some enhancements with the infinite endurance you get while invincible in AE, making sure to keep the same Rech/Dam/Acc values as before and well.... Energy Blast Knockback = 8:51 avg Energy Blast Knockdown = 7:47 avg Also did the same with AR: AR KB = 10:27 AR KD = 9:01
  4. Well, if you wanna play at 50 immediately with any IO's you want the Beta Server is accessible to everyone.... but that isn't too popular. I can pop in there and make myself lvl 50 immediately with the freebies menu, then use the same menu to slot myself out without ever touching a crafting table or the AH. I did a bad job explaining what I had in mind for balance, but Bill basically nailed what I had in my head. It is not so much "wow the whole game is out of whack" and more: Huh, there are many builds that cannot equally use the IO system in the same fun ways (Sets with -Def or +Def and not, certain ATOs being amazing and others not), and there are a ton of IO's that *everyone* takes which ends up with less diverse characters than what I would imagine be intended. Its things like a new pool power being bad/amazing depending on if you can slot LotG, or an AT falling behind because they do not benefit from the same ATO proc abilities as a rival AT, or an AT/Build that is actively not fun unless you "cram" tons of IOs into it to just level the playing field (MM's can be argued to be here with Pet Auras). That is where lines get very blurry and you gotta start thinking on where adjustments should be made if any. Let alone the general point of you being stronger overall just by using them. So this is gonna be a hot take, but something that came to mind is there are also a lot of IO sets that don't do much (a good chunk of yellow / non scaling to 50 sets). With the market stocked with materials / tons of premade IO's already out there.... what if non orange/non unique/non-proc ones just dropped into your inventory? Or at the least like, make it so you can craft on the go if you have the materials + recipe on hand and slot while playing. In HC it's already basically there with /AH and the right amount of Inf as you auto-fly across a zone to the next mission, why not just allow it when you're able? Not so much that I expect people to conform or anything of the sort, but with all the talk here, in discord, or even just in-game I know that a lot of people use the IO system but it seems almost Taboo to talk about it's impact. As I said in an earlier post, they have been part of the game far longer than not and making them more integrated via balancing them/balancing what sets can slot what/etc could go a long way.
  5. Ah I gotcha. The actual need to craft is certainly a barrier, but its pretty dang easy nowadays with a saturated market where you Pay X inf and pop out the exact materials. I just think part of it is that Inventions came out in Issue 9 in 2007. The game ended at issue 23, coming into 24 in 2012. That's 5 years and 14 updates with Inventions being a thing vs 8 updates and 3 years with only SO's (with a chunk of that being before ED/ect so even that was a whole different ballgame). Add in HC and thats another 2-ish years with inventions, and the audience now is predominately veterans of CoH I'd imagine who are die-hard or at least familiar with the system when they returned. They have been part of CoH far longer than they haven't, and I would bet that most of us playing HC are veterans who knew of it. Simply "ignoring" them seems odd.
  6. ....they do, in the form of recipes. On top of that, you can just get them on the fly casually with /ah. Hell, just playing a character that is above lvl 40 gets you tons of inf through just general missions + selling what drops to a vendor. You can easily get IOs straight up or at least components to craft super easily. I'm genuinely curious tho how many people actually use *Pure SO's* as opposed to SO/Generic + some odds and ends. Edit: @ the notion of we're supposed to "Feel Super" :
  7. I wanna reply to this specifically, as this is the exact mindset that I see whenever the topic comes up. 1) The assumption that everyone is either "Super Duper my-first MMO casual" or "Balls to the wall EXTREME to the 2nd decimal point of effectiveness". Tons of people *must* be in between, hell a generic IO build surpasses SO builds in sheer value past lvl 30, and if you continue that the lvl 50 or beyond lvl 50 generic IO's allow you to be significantly better than SO (2 lvl 55 IO's is roughly equal to 3 SO's, while just 2 lvl 50 IO's is about 90% as effective as 3 SO's, etc), If we wanna just compare values on the somewhat standard "3dam / 1 acc / 1 rech / 1 end" : SO's = 95% Dam / 33% other // IO's = 99% Dam / 42% Other at lvl 50. The bump in Dam is negligible, but that is a decent bump in the other stats that can let you easily turn the difficulty up a notch. Even if you take an SO build and with many of the sets that have -Def, Achilles Heel changes your offense considerably. As does slotting Numina/Perf Shifter/Etc into Health and Stamina that everyone gets. Or the variety of Pool Powers that allow Defense Sets for LotG or Uniques. How much "power" is there beyond the norm when you're essentially just running generic + a handful of special IO's? You're not Uberbuild9001, but you must certainly be better than the "norm" and many, many people must fall into there.... 2) On that note, my OP was more talking to the point of "are enough people using IO's to where it has become more normal than SO's?" That doesn't mean "balance vs the uber builds", moreso "oh, 70% of people have beyond vanilla recovery and recharge.... interesting"
  8. I agree and said it'd be inaccurate going into it, its just without datamining or going character to character and "checking" I don't really see a way otherwise 😞 As others said, some people may buy multiples per person, etc, but I don't think its that prevelant to throw it off. My main point though is that compared to active players, the amount of IO's at least being bid on seems to be a sizeable enough portion to where it is actively used by "enough" players. To me, this seems enough to talk about at least some of the far more common ones like the Miracles, LotG's, etc that you see in literally *every* build, let alone going to the 9's.
  9. So, a shower thought to me was that we often tout the game as "Balanced on SO's". Hell, I make it a point to showcase sets on said metric as often as possible.... but we all know of the IO system and it really is not something gated away in secrecy with all the resources we have at our disposal to learn about it, or even just buy IO's at a whim with the AH being a slash command away. Its often said that "new players wouldn't understand it", or it's simply too complex to be relied on. While both can be true, in today's age much more complex loot systems have come and gone for players to digest which to me mitigates the notion of people not grasping it. The complexity can be tough for sure given how many options there are, but IMHO I think there are a bunch of players who "use" the system enough to where I think it is a solid base of performance. Do they "optimize" it? No, but there is a weird blurry line between an SO build, a Generic IO build, a build with a few uniques, a build with some set bonuses and uniques.... and so on. I think it's worth taking a gander at who is using the IO system. First, we need to know our audience: Taken off Discord, these are the peak player counts per Shard on HC for the last 7 days as of this posting. On the whole, lets assume there have been 2955 players online this week. The AH is cross-shard, so looking into active bids on commonly sought-after IO's can give us an *idea* of how popular the IO system is, if we try and correlate 1 bid per player: *LotG I divided by 5 as folks usually try to buy as many as they can I could add more and more, but in my experience these are some of the most commonly slotted IO's across many builds. Now, this is not accurate for sure but if we take this correlation then we can guess that about 44% of active players are using the AH to buy and slot powerful IO's. If we ignore Gaussian/Achilles/KB IO's as not every set gets easy use from those (all others can be slotted in Health/Stamina/Take your pick of pool powers) and it shoots to around 56% average. With this observation we could assume that the IO system is at least *used* by half the players, even if we go just based on Miracle with close to a 47% ratio of Bids to Active Players in the past week, being a unique it could be assumed that 1 bid = 1 player here, though of course some may be buying a good chunk at a time... but that gets too squirrely. The point I want to bring up with this is that the IO system being used in general with the ability to slot powerful uniques changes things up. Any power that has +Def essentially has +Rech, -Def also has -Res (and damage procs), KB is easy to convert and is being done so (the ratio lines up with roughly the ratio of sets that have AoE KB powers), and so on and so forth. This doesnt even on ATO's which can be easily attained with Merits. It seems to me that many more players are actively using IO's to put themselves a step above the game, and to be honest IO's have been "the thing" for longer than SO's have if you look at the total lifespan. I guess I just want to open the floor to thoughts on this as within the HC community it seems a sizeable portion of people use them.
  10. Like I did with Blasters, I realized I could make myself invincible in AE and just go to town on a x8 mission on just plain old SO's in order to gauge the effectiveness within a saturated team environment, under the assumption that safety is "off" given there are support characters there to mitigate the heat and let you cut loose. The following was at +0/x8 on a plain SO build for each (except Claws and KM which had the same enhancement values as 3dam/1acc/1end/1rech with a KD proc) S+ / S TIER: RAD MELEE - SPINES / CLAWS / WAR MACE So, Rad Melee being *that* good was a surprise, but I think it was a combo of it's -Def mattering at the SO level vs +1's over time, and it having a slightly better time fighting multiple bosses compared to Spines. Both of them just delete waves of Minions and LT's, but Spines slowed down a bit when it came to ST DPS on the boss or two in each spawn at x8. Claws and War Mace are basically tied with only a few seconds between meaning there is wiggle room of like a few missed attacks here or there, and are just both incredibly solid sets that just happen to not buzzsaw through hoards as effectively as Rad or Spines. A TIER: SAVAGE MELEE / ELEC MELEE Two great performers that simply lacked a little somethin compared to S tier sets. Savage in particular had a little bit of a slower approach to AoE despite being able to shred a single target up, and on the other side of the coin Elec Melee had great AoE but worse ST. Both great, but the 4 sets above them outperformed them in the same sort of styles. B TIER: TITAN WEAPONS / KATANA I'll start with Katana as it is in B tier for pretty much the same reason as Savage/Elec, it is a very solid set but it just lacks that extra oomph to match the top tiers. Titan Weapons is probably a shock to see down here, but it makes sense. TW has a lot of AoE's, but most of them only hit 5 targets at a time while most of the top tier's AoEs hit 10 at a time (or more in Rad's case), so even if TW is deleting everything it hits, it can only hit so many at a time which leads to more cycles to clear a mob. Without a secondary to further enhance DPS, the set by itself offers above average output, but not the best (especially if we are ignoring safety/etc). C TIER: BATTLE AXE / STAFF FIGHTING / DUAL BLADES / ICE MELEE / DARK MELEE Most of the sets here just end up being "worse" versions of other sets in this category: Battle Axe is really just bad War Mace. The Lack of Clobber or Shatter on the set really shows here Staff is decent, but sort of trades raw output for versatility and utility and it shows here Dual Blades is a good set, but it is inconsistent when trying to shred through as many people as possible. To me, I feel if combos just "worked" even on miss like TW's momentum (like as long as you land the finisher + activate the powers it works) it would be a much better performer with Attack Vitals. Until then, random misses and such cost valuable time cycle after cycle. Ice Melee performs pretty well considering it does trade a lot of output for safety, with Safety not being needed though it's flaws show. Good AoE but ST feels a little slow. Dark Melee has great potential, but in this vacuum the nature of it's AoEs sort of has the TW problem of being hard to hit as many targets as you'd like, as well as the issue of being slow to apply the total damage. D TIER: ENERGY MELEE / MARTIAL ARTS / FIERY MELEE This tier has two sets that are ST specialists, so it's no surprise that in the x8 test they'd be lower... but it's concerning seeing Fiery Melee down here. The whole set is themed around "f it, just all offense!" but.... even when you are set to be invincible it is not topping the charts like Fire Blast is on Blasters by itself. The AoE is either slow with it's longish cooldown, or too narrow to utilize well even when you got tons of targets. The ST was also kind of slow with DoT's or GFS's animation... it just really lacks the oomph you'd expect. E TIER: PSY MELEE / BROADSWORD / STREET JUSTICE Below D tier, we get some sets that seem like they may just need IO love to really work... and Broadsword. Like Battle Axe, BS is just strictly inferior Katana, not much else to say there! Psy Melee and StJ both felt underwhelming despite having a kind of similar design where they can boost key attacks for astounding output, but not really...? Starting with Psy, I found when it worked it works well enough, but without Insight active either through RNG or the lockout period it honestly felt super average, and with a smallish cone + slow PBAoE for mob clearing it ending up being rather sluggish at x8. Greater Psy Blade also feels bad compared to Energy Transfer now given that with ET you can guarantee you get the "Good one" constantly, and EM ended up above Psy. Likewise, StJ's AoEs are both pretty tiny and despite recharging quickly, spamming them interferes with combo setups that you want to use vs Bosses and the like which leads to very poor mob clearing. Wrecking bosses also did not feel as spectacular as it should have, but perhaps both these sets shine brighter with more procs/etc. F TIER: KINETIC MELEE No surprise here, KM is just slow as molasses to "work" where you gotta build up 5 hits to unleash good damage, on top of the longer cooldown of Energy Siphon... and yeah, its a mess.
  11. Tbh, I'd much rather combine Ignite and Flamethrower now where FT is the same, but creates Ignite on the targeted enemy you select for FT.
  12. The KB I think was a factor as if mobs here and there get pushed out of the second wave of attacks, it means more cycles to defeat the encounter.
  13. I agree that this could help a couple of sets out for sure. Sonic just stands out immediately as it is the worst by far + thematically it makes sense to have sound waves pass through a whole crowd easily. This actually used to be the case! Many T3 blasts had a 40ft range while the T1 and T2 had 80, but many people found that far too annoying. Nerfing it back down would be a bit drastic nowadays. On top of this, these do not need to be cones, especially Blaze.
  14. So, it occurred to me that the Blast Sets are really more about their AoE potential... and conveniently, AE has a way to make you invulnerable so you can tackle x8 content solo on SO's! Let's take a look at how the sets perform in a fully saturated +0/x8 environment with basic slotting: So, little surprise here in terms of the tippity top and ...bottomy bottom, but something interesting is just how close a large portion of the sets are in the middle. Note on Dual Pistols is that I used only Incendiary given I was invulnerable, mimicking having an 8-man team handling your aggro / defenses. Fire Blast obviously stood out a lot, but that also got me thinking based on a note by @ScarySai: Fire's Fast Snipe adds a LOT to the set. Without using the snipe, Fire is much more on-par with DP and Rad blast in the A tier which is interesting, and really goes to show how impactful a fast snipe can be! S TIER: FIRE BLAST With this test at x8 and no worries about safety, it should be no surprise that Fire takes the cake, even when you have on snipe tied behind your back. A TIER: DUAL PISTOLS / RAD BLAST Likewise, these two sets were able to really let loose with their AoEs where they couldn't before. For Pistols, being able to just stay in Incendiary mode was a huge boon where before I had to swap ammo when in danger or to do soft control or debuff, not much else to say here aside from the Bullet Storm T9 working properly being awesome. Rad Blast with the safety off is a great suprise with how well it performed, though the sluggishness of it's AoEs kept it behind Pistols IMO. B TIER: WATER BLAST Dropping a good bit from the "standard" test, Water is still great but I feel it was kept back slightly due to animation speed. Granted, it was not the fastest in the OG test either but in this test "good" isn't the best. C TIER: ARCHERY / BEAM RIFLE / ELEC BLAST / ICE BLAST / ENERGY BLAST / PSY BLAST Ok, so this is a very big tier, but most of the sets fall into an interesting pattern. Archery/Energy Blast - Despite what I just said, Archery just sort of felt average to me here. It has good ST and good AoE just like Water, but lacked any big-hitters like Water which plopped into this tier. Likewise, Energy is in the same boat where it is just sort of your basic blast set, but with Nova on a longer timer Archery ended up being faster. Beam Rifle / Ice Blast / Psy Blast - These three all share a common design where they all deal ST much more effectively than AoE, at least throughout a mission (Blizzard is amazing but not always there / takes a bit). With so many enemies to chew through, the cones and spreading DoT of Beam took longer, as did the Rains and cone of Ice. Psychci Blast, specifically Psy Nado surprised me with how effective it was despite being the only AoE in the set it was up quite often and had great coverage... that said it's the only AoE outside the nuke. Elec Blast - Kind of the opposite of above, Elec actually did very well with AoE with how Voltaic Sentinel would randomly ping targets in the group for that *last* bit of damage, and Ball Lightning + SC actually did a good bit of work as you toss out ST attacks and they tick away. That said... Voltaic Sentinel also had a lot of trouble focusing on the bosses, and without a proper 3rd blast the set suffered in ST quite a lot despite the "on paper" good ST. D TIER: DARK BLAST This dropped compared to the first test for two reasons: 1: Safety obv doesnt matter, and 2: AoE contained within a Nuke and 2 differently sized cones is just awkward, esp with one being DoT. Not much else to say beyond that. E TIER: ASSAULT RIFLE The same issues as said before, but Ignite's fear effect is even more pronounced as is the scatter messing with your cones of different sizes. Also, animation times = sad panda. F TIER: SONIC ATTACK Take Dark Blast and make the animations bad + remove two ST attacks as Screech is just awful, and Siren's Song really doesn't add much. Upon revisiting the set as well, something that stood out is that Shout (and sound waves in general IMO) really *looks* like it could have been a Cone attack. Much like melee sets with Head Splitter or Eviscerate, having a hard hitting, small-area Cone is something that only a select few blast sets have and could make the power much better immediately.
  15. Very well put @oldskool, and to answer your question @SwitchFade I'll have to mirror what he said as well as expand on my OP. I think the "problem" with Sentinels is that they're almost a textbook "works on paper, not in practice" AT, if you had to condense it. As noted on my prior posts, when the stars align you can do pretty respectable damage to a single target... but the key there is when the stars align. Their inherent is very finnicky in terms of being split between the T1 and T2, and needing to select somebody to trigger it + land the hit, on top of having poor uptime out of the box. Dominators are the only other AT with an inherent that works similarly but at least they do not need to "rely" on Domination to work in terms of offensive output nor do they need specific triggers. It just happens and they get to decide when and where to use it. They face a similar struggle with uptime (until you perma it), but it feels like more of a bonus than something that you need to play catch up in normal gameplay, if that makes sense? Dominators release when they want to and have great uptime, and being on a team even without permadom lets them get Domination faster through multiple means. Sentinels do not always get to use their inherent the way they want to since it is so target dependant, and like what Oldskool pointed out the values when you don't have each piece working together are not up to snuff when combined with the uptime. There are other issues sure, like how the best primary is Psy Mastery 😛 , but the root of a lot of it has to do with the inherent IMO as it is so prominent for them. Sentinels are an entire, fleshed out AT and yet they are on the low end of popularity like with EATs which people generally only make one of. There's definitely something missing.
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