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  1. Just for giggles, lets compare to Willpower in the same scenario: Willpower: Over time, WP will have: 35.66% SL Res, 32.69% Psy Res, 8.91% other Res 3.92% SL Def, 11.89% Psy Def, 15.45% other Def -6% ToHit on nearby enemies 63.86 HPS (with these 6 enemies) 1945 HP 17.3% Def debuff res 25.95% Regen res (lol) Ok, this is gonna be 3 different values for SL / Psy / Other S/L: M Dps = 58.62 / LT Dps = 100.1 / Boss Dps = 129.29 after Defenses and -ToHit (it matters at even level) Total DPS = 288.01 vs 35.66% res = 185.31 DPS -63.86 HPS = 121.45 DPS / 1945 HP = 16.02s (1.34x regen) Psy: M Dps = 46.95 / LT Dps = 80.18 / Boss Dps = 103.58 after Defenses and -ToHit (it matters at even level) Total DPS = 230.71 vs 32.69% res = 155.29 DPS -63.86 HPS = 91.43 DPS / 1945 HP = 21.27s (1.77x regen) Other: M Dps = 41.76 / LT Dps = 71.3 / Boss Dps = 92.09 after Defenses and -ToHit (it matters at even level) Total DPS = 205.15 vs 8.91% res = 186.87 DPS -63.86 HPS = 123.01 DPS / 1945 HP = 15.81s (1.32x regen) Avg = 17.7s (1.48x regen) This is again, a hypothetical score vs infinite DPS every second, but it still shows the relative strength even at 6 enemies...
  2. More to @Troo's point as I got cut off: The ability to have drastically different playstyles is amazing, and contributes to a huge pool of fun. The issue is when you have certain playstyle options that, when it comes to objective ability, trump other playstyles. Look at the knocks against Sentinels and Crowd control AT's: you can build other characters tough enough to not need CC for protection / cover yourself well enough to where your raw damage outpaces the other AT while being "tough enough". Regen has sort of the opposite problem where all other armors are relatively tough enough if not tougher without having to work as hard. Even looking away from that, the set itself has weaknesses that really screw with how you wanna use it. Any slows will mess you up hard, the fact that your heals are not instant make it so your key ability to reactively heal is impacted at times, and with the cooldowns on many abilities you have to be able to predict beforehand when to use an ability (mainly for IH) in order to adequately use it, and there many be many times where it is just the wrong call and you "waste" your power.
  3. It should not be the same, my main problem with it is that it IS FUN! But.... then I realize all this effort could be circumvented if I had a different armor set for much the same payoff if not more where those extra clicks could be made into attacks and I could be more more effective. Related experience was challenging myself by taking an Empathy/Assault Rifle defender through the Night Shift arc solo to see what that was like on SO's at lvl 20. I could do it! But, it took a lot of effort in terms of player tricks (kiting, corner pulls, LoS, etc) to do what I am sure a Scrapper or Sentinel could have just done by plowing on ahead. Same result, but vastly different effort. However, part of this is due to the "test" itself. A good anecdote is that you wouldn't grade all the animals on how they climb a tree, the monkey will win and the fish stands no chance. If there are multiple tests, but the only water available is a puddle... then yeah the fish is out of luck despite it being a participant. Similarly, I was able to complete the missions with a terrible combo for Solo Play, but it was still out of it's element much like how a /Regen would be able to protect you but not as well as some other armors simply because it is not within it's niche. Invuln laughs at SL, Fire laughs at Fire and provides a ton of offensive synergy, Elec laughs at end drain, etc, etc, etc... but Regen doesn't seem to have as common a space where it can shine. Its actually similar to SR in a regard where it doesn't *really* care about what kinds of enemies you face, but the game mechanics favor SR more than it does Regen (plus all that DDR gives it a niche). There's VERY few encounters where the ability to take sustained damage non-stop is a factor, maps where there are environmental hazards like active fires / poison gas / special enemies with untyped damage / etc that would actually FAVOR the ability to heal really fast are not on the test as often as "survive all this SL damage / end drains / etc", stacking the odds against it given that all the other sets have lots of chances to strut their stuff compared to it.
  4. I mean sorta, but that is a hyper specific example. At least by running through actual enemy mobs you'd encounter a lot of you get a gist of what'd on average the toughest as a general character.
  5. In defense of @Tigraine, what he is describing is Technical Debt to a tee. TO's are basically worthless to begin with, but they are even moreso now with them being utterly replaced by the origin specific enhancements earlier on. But, they still "exist" in the game and drop for players all the same despite being completely obsolete.
  6. ....actually I made my Fire/ tanker because I knew I'd get more survival while getting a bunch of damage still lol
  7. No, its a good reason. If set A requires you to manage clicks, timing, environmental pressures encounter to encounter to get by which takes away focus from your other powers, then set B gets the same if not better defensive power without such sacrifice then yeah set A needs help since you spend much more effort for nothing.
  8. Yeah, you can make anything work. But the effort to reward for Regen is way off. You gotta put way more work into a regen to make it compete with the more unga bunga armors, and then it just competes... it doesn't become the unkillable Wolverine/Deadpool/T2 type of character as advertised compared to other sets for all the effort you gotta put in.
  9. Sentinels definitely need a little something, what it is I'm not 100% but I feel their identity needs work + the inherent. However, the discussion around them VS IO'd Blasters are a real talking point. Assuming SO's only, they would probably fit in fine. But in reality, there are ways to make a Blaster tough-enough to where the Sentinel's perks often get overshadowed.
  10. There's a reason that pic exists! lol
  11. I respect you a lot @Sir Myshkin, but wouldn't a Blaster Sustain (not saying which one is which) make for an even BETTER team armor set given it has even more room to be buffed while having similar healing rates + better AoE damage? While yes, Regen does gain a lot more from outside buffs.... the other armor sets do not need those buffs to succeed and can get them just the same as the Regen character. Actually, a better comparison would be looking at Regen vs Willpower and Bio (and arguably Rad Armor too) as they are all the "healing" sets if one were to thematically roll a regenerator.
  12. Yall forget that battle axe is a set too ;_; Anywho, the convo really does rely on both the enemy and player powers, but I believe that spreadsheet is out of date. I need to redo my current one...
  13. @Troo, as I mentioned the seconds thing is more of a score with the assumption that the damage would actually come in per second in this infinite trial. Of course in a real test the times would be longer, but I'd reckon that against anything but psy damage invuln will pull ahead both passively and actively.
  14. Itd be pretty much the same thing but less HP in this instance. Its not "true" as the incoming DPS is treated like literal DPS. Itd take much longer in reality as there are gaps between the hits, you'd be fighting back, etc, but as a "score" imo it gets the point across.
  15. This is a great way to put it, and while yes Regen has a niche when it comes to being equally good to "Damage" regardless of how it is applied, the reality is that such encounters are incredibly rare to the point of being almost a gimmick. Lets actually eyeball Brute Regen vs Invuln against what I'd call an "MM" encounter with 3 minions, 2 lt's, and 1 boss. Minions got 2 attacks with a 50% hit chance at base, which eyeballing a few enemy groups we will equate to ~24.38dps. x3 = 73.14dps LTs got 4 attacks with a 57.5% hit chance at base, which eyeballing a few enemy groups we will equate to ~62.43dps. x2 = 124.89dps Bosses got 6 attacks with a 65% hit chance at base, which eyeballing a few enemy groups we will equate to ~ 161.28dps This is of course all averaged, assuming we are gonna put both brutes in a gauntlet that just has them fight these guys forever and ever and average the results. Lets see how both would behave over time with basic slotting (max values to HP/Res/Def/Rech) Regen: Over time, regen will have: 14.86 res vs all (ignoring MoG since it's super hard to calculate with it's extreme stats on uptime/values) 119.38 HPS (all things averaged with 3-slotting stats / uptimes / spamming self heals) 2100 HP (Dull Pain over time, also integrated to the HPS) With no inherent defenses, the Regen character will take the full brunt of the combined 359.28 DPS, reduced to 305.89 after resistances. Subtract the HPS from that, and you're left with 186.51 DPS to the character. 2100 / 186.51 = ~12 seconds in this scenario. Invuln: Over time, invuln will have: 53.49% SL Res, 23.77% other res, 0 Psy res 19.02% def to all but Psy (in this 6-enemy example) 22.34 HPS 2100 HP (It has Dull Pain too!) 50% Def debuff res 25% End Res 20% Slow res The inherent defenses will behave a bit differently thanks to the acc modifiers per rank, so lets adjust the incoming DPS per rank real quick: Minions = 30.98% base hit chance = 45.3 dps LT = 35.63% base hit chance = 77.36 dps Boss = 40.27% base hit chance = 99.93 dps Total DPS = 222.59 Now, with resistances we are either looking at 53.49% if they are SL damage or 23.77% for other damage types. Add in the HPS, and this reduces the final DPS down to either 81.19 SL or 147.34 other. 2100 / 81.19 = ~26 seconds in this scenario. (2.17x regen) 2100 / 147.34 = ~14 seconds in this scenario. (1.17x regen) 2100 / 114.26 (avg) = ~18 seconds in this scenario. (1.5x regen) As you add more Res/Def, Invuln gets sturdier even when you compare the meager 22.34 HPS to Regen's 119.38 HPS over infinite time. Of course, this is not "actual" but may as well be given that Instant Healing is on such a low uptime of only about 27%.
  16. I would much rather lethal be a much more all or nothing damage type. The name is *LETHAL*, blades, bullets, everything meant to tear through flesh, it makes sense that itd be the most defended against just like in days of old (well also now with bullet proof material, etc). Id rather it be the case where if an enemy is not armored, then lethal should hit MUCH HARDER than not.
  17. Both of these can be true! As mentioned, certain things are not "challenging" as much as they are "frustrating". When a PP pops MoG, you and it often just kind of sit there for 45 seconds till you mop the floor with them right after having to look at your watch for a bit. For most characters, it's not an "Oh crap!" moment where the tables turn and you gotta back off or switch tactics, it just puts you in time out until you can attack them again. A great version of this enemy trope can be found in Borderlands games. They have a "Goliath" enemy type that has a helmet where their critical hit spot (well their head lol) is, and they have a ton of HP and hit hard. You can fight them slowly, which may take a bit since they're tanky, or you can try and defeat them quickly by hitting their critical spot... but there is a catch. IF you crit them and DO NOT DEFEAT THEM in the next few seconds, they will go BERSERK and regain all HP, pop essentially CoH rage + Hasten, and hunt you down with incredible speed and power, even attacking other enemies and leveling up to bigger and badder versions (with a full heal) each time they do so. On occasion, normally damaging them also has a chance for their helmets to pop off and go berserk too. The difference between Paragon Protectors and Goliaths is that there is far more interaction and player agency with one over the other. The encounters with both allow a player to actively prevent the bad timeline from happening by shutting down the threat fast either through raw firepower or control, though that in itself is a decent challenge to do so given they are boss-tier enemies. This is good. What is not good is that while one turns into a markedly much more intense encounter where the tables turn from hunter to hunted, with even more risk/reward if you allow it to grow even *stronger*, the other just goes "nah nah you can't get me!" for like a minute and most characters can just ignore the thing relatively safely, leading to the reaction going from "Oh Crap!!!" to "Ugh, dang it now I gotta wait". For a different example, think of basically ANY platforming game where you have that one room with the moving platforms. Yeah, you all know *that* room. The one where there is a big climb up to some area where there is then a slow moving platform in mid-air you have to jump on, and then stay on it as it takes you to a whole other part of the level you cannot get to otherwise. Getting up to the platform, jumping onto the platform, and generally staying on it is not that difficult, and if you do get pushed off, you are not killed or even take too much damage... but you gotta go back to the (ladder), climb allllll the way back up, and then WAIT for the damn thing to come back. It's not hard, it's just a slog. Compare that room to the one where there is like a series of platforms that disappear when you land on them, making you have to jump with very quick timing and think one leap ahead with each action, and messing up has you have to do it over again. On the surface, the punishment seems similar but this one is far more engaging as you actively have a role in what happens as a player where a bad result is moreso your own actions, while the other is the game punishing you by putting you into time out arbitrarily.
  18. This is basically the same as lowering S/L res by that amount across all enemy types
  19. To be honest, the other half of it being hard to master is that it is not *rewarding* to do so. It'd be one thing if Regen were super reactive and hard to pin down but doing so makes you immortal, but other armor sets are tougher with 1/4th the IQ required.
  20. I'll have to ditto this. It's one part the design of the ranged sets in general, and another part the changes to specifically Sentinel versions of sets and how they synergize that makes or breaks them. IMO, you can make a very potent and fun sent with the right combo... but likewise the wrong combo feels all the worse on a sentinel too.
  21. Based on my testing on tanks, Ice Armor is actually pulling ahead of most the sets at least on a base level?
  22. You shouldda pinged me! My blaster could wipe the sky raiders for ya 😉
  23. I'd rather it just be an ultra-enhancement. There are many powers you could slot for one of two things (Either Mez or Damage, etc) and this could allow you to effeciently have both with set bonuses up to 5
  24. Lethal definitely is resisted a lot as it is both commonly resisted AND when it is resisted it is often significantly so. Few enemies are also specifically lethal weak. On the flipside, while Smashing is often resisted, it is also usually less resisted than lethal is value wise (while many enemies have SL res in equal amounts tied together, many have specifically high lethal res of like 50% while some may resist smashing by like 20/25%). Many enemies also have specific weaknesses to Smashing such as Robots (which ironically laugh at lethal). TBH, I would rather there be many more enemies where them being "unarmored" makes them take more damage from lethal attacks. After all, why call it "Lethal" at all if it doesnt tear people up?
  25. The way I see it tho, in HC as it is right now... what does it add having them exclusive? Every store (generic) one you go to will only sell Enh you can use. The AH / IO system is global as well, meaning only specialty stores and random drops will lock you out which can both be ignored...
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