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Is combining macroimage and powexec_location possible?

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I've created many macros using either /macro image or powexec_location seperately, but I have never managed to make one work when combining both commands. Has anyone else been able to, and if so how? Thanks for any suggestions.



Working (below) - creates macro with Leadership Pool Victory Rush image; finds a dead enemy and then fires Victory Rush
/macroimage "Leadership_VictoryRush" "Find target & Victory Rush" "powexecname Victory Rush$$target_custom_near enemy defeated"


Not working (below)- this one only creates a generic macro image with a red X and won't use the the Recall Friend image, but will teleport my target.

- Also when I drag the X icon to a new tray slot, the game shows the following error: 'Cursor texture or icon 'white' was -1529893920 bpp instead of 32 bpp' in a dialog box.

- When I press Okay to make it go away it shows another error: 'Inconsistency between dds header width/height of -1x-1 and rawInfo width/height of 8x8 for cursor texture or icon 'white''.


/macroimage "Teleportation_RecallFriend" "TP" "powexec_location 0:5 Recall_Friend$$say $target, teleporting you to my location."

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Well that spreadsheet certainly helped, although the correct one for Recall Friend turned out to be Teleportation_RecallTeleport (if you can believe it) rather than Teleportation_TeleportFriend. Now to see what's causing bugs in some of my other macros. Thanks again!

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