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  1. Invuln Bill. Claws/Invuln w/ Gaussians in Invincible. True Carnage.
  2. Also your largest chunk of positional defense (7.5%) outside of Mind Link. TT:Manuvers being 5% for comparison. I would suggest Combat Training: Offensive with 2-3 slots early. Even at DO levels this should give enough global acc to skip yellows in attacks entirely and just slot end redux. Good until the 30s then can be respecced out of for the later game. Dark Obliteration has performed well for me in place of scream or tornado. Better cast time, good damage, good damage type, good debuff, lots of proc potential. Exemping is its only real issue. Darkest Night can help 'fill the void' as it were if you don't/can't perma-Mind Link. Main drawback is its high end cost. Soul has a lot of good options beyond Gloom.
  3. Moar options, moar fun. I support this idea. I also support making more work for others. Get writing kitty.
  4. Clarion seems a little wasteful on controller. Least 'involved' AT in the game next to MM. Plenty of recovery tools if you have to dig yourself back out of a hairy fight. Without knowing your endurance situation, Ageless Radial with it's +debuff res is often overlooked. More +recharge towards Perma-PA. Plugs a lot of melee teammates armor's holes, and it gives you a second refill option if Transference whiffs. Otherwise adding Barrier + Core Lore pets alongside your already godly Phantasm and PA? Thing of beauty.
  5. You can roll generic alts, grab ninja/beast run, and zoom around atlas for damn near the same rate with less risk. No need to nerf the poor ghost.
  6. I'd make some changes to exemplaring. First, incarnates: 1. Alpha slot available at all levels. (including level shift) 2. Hybrid and Judgement swap positions. Then Hybrid and Interface available in 35+ content. 3. Lore, Destiny, and Judgement only available in incarnate content (iTrials, DA, or any other "iZones" that might get made in the future). I like the feel of being a little bit overpowered that Alpha's bring with the level shift and stat boosts, and the low key effectiveness of hybrid and interface, but the others are just too good at trivializing content. Plus I would love to see Hami not be a mechanical snooze fest. Everlasting crew, I love you guys. But "Porttowallporttorockkillmitosbringhamito75killbloomSUMMONLOREPETSSETTOAGGRESSIVEburnthegoo!" done with 2 raids in 15 minutes... it's soulless. Second, Epic/Patron pools: Have them ignore the 5 level rule when exemplaring. Most epic powers are just bad. Deliberately so, and hardly game breaking (with maybe a few exceptions *cough*scorpshield*cough). But many of them are pretty neat from a flavor perspective(EYELAZERS!), and others offer some fun build opportunities you wouldn't normally get. And on that 'flavor' thing, I've always interpreted the 'rule of 5' as you holding back your more devastating abilities so as not to seriously hurt someone weaker than you (or because unleashing your full power against puny insects is insulting). All the pools are labeled "Mastery", meaning you should have the skill to control them to a degree that you wouldn't inadvertently kill some weak little gangbanger.
  7. RobotLove


    Little button at the bottom of the team list. Looks like a boot.
  8. It's on Evasion (AoE toggle). Its main issue is it's only 'taunt' with no other effects like damage or debuffs. That's why you need to be more active with your secondary to hold aggro than other sets do.
  9. P2W vendor in Pocket D will still sell mid-TF. Have someone leave the map and make a quick run.
  10. You can unequip your incarnate abilities at any time, thus removing your level shifts. Non-problem solved.
  11. Try /invuln. Invincibility being turned into a flat %def instead of the scaling buff is pretty absurd. Can hit pretty much all the typed def caps easy. No effort S/L resist cap, and plenty of ways to bring all other resists to respectable levels including Psi. Low endurance footprint on the base toggles, so pool picks are easier to run. Dull Pain ('nuff said). Pair it with something slow. I'm partial to Spines.
  12. With a very basic test (standing around at aggro cap) I saw it fire 4 times in 1 minute with full target saturation. Tank should be able to pull off a single end/def/tohit Hami-O, Gauss proc, and LoTG-gRecharge. Saves some slots. Plenty of other places to jam Reactive Defense. 6 slots for 1.25% type defense. Worth agonizing over? Only if it's what's keeping you from the soft cap. Plus if you need more than the unenhanced tohit values from Tactics to land attacks you've got other problems.
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