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  1. There was a thread on this a few moons back, that came to the conclusion that the 'global' chance was actually bugged, and it only had a chance to proc for the power it was slotted into.
  2. RobotLove

    Tanker for AV/GMs

    Rad/Rad is has been my go to for GMs since before the tanker buffs last year. Bio/ is probably better. Key things are liberal use of -res procs, particularly in Irradiated Ground if you stick with /Rad. Musculature Alpha (I run Radial), Degenerative Core Interface, and Assault Hybrid (Core vs Radial doesn't matter as much here). Patience is most important. Even with the buffs to damage scale, a tank is still not a dps machine. Bring daggers.
  3. Recording videos on the Homecoming servers is currently not allowed, even for reporting bugs. Stick to screenshots.
  4. Did you have an SG base salvage rack open at the time? There is a bug where it will use one and put a second one back into the rack. Happens with boosters too.
  5. It's a feature, not a bug. It promotes slotting it, and using it proactively, which suits the scrapper game plan. Small differences like this can give some incentive to take one AT over another. Leave it alone.
  6. Also of note is the +perception unique in the Rectified Reticle set. Great 1-slot-wonder 'tech' vs. Arachnos blinds/stealth. 2pc. will even nab you a 1.88 S/L def, bonus as a little extra gravy.
  7. Water/Fire/Flame Blaster. Water/ has Water Burst and Geyser. Whirlpool can take slow enhancement to stop runners (unlike Rain of Fire). Steam Spray is skippable, but has a pretty wide cone that doesn't need much repositioning. /fire has Combustion, Fire Sword Circle, Cauterizing Aura, Consume, Burn, and Hot Feet //flame has Bonfire. Put Sudden Acceleration Knockback to Knockdown in it.
  8. Beam Rifle's Dark customization (normal and no redraw) are showing the Bright palette.
  9. A little white bird sitting on the top of a truck told me it already is a co-op zone.
  10. I don't think that's their purpose. They give you a short duration buff to counter the Wasting Disease if you're nearby when they explode.
  11. No. Purples have a minimum level to slot of 50. Attuning doesn't change this and makes it so you can't boost them anymore. Base stats also decrease on a sliding scale for attuned pieces as you go down in level from exemplaring. Non-attuned just hit flat enhancement ceiling around levels 30, 20, 15, etc. Attuning Purples is bad. PvP's exist all the way down to level 10, so you can slot attuned versions as low as level 7. I'll occasionally burn a catalyst on some 30-49 PvP pieces and convert them for use. They're nice to have for leveling, and anything in that level range would have just been sold on the AH anyway.
  12. Try Street Justice/Bio Armor Stalker. Scrapper is not bad either, but stalker's are way better with StJ. Plus the Crow's 'boo!' moments from the films fit the stalker theme well enough (in my mind anyway). Grab the new combat teleport once i27 goes live for the full "can't run from me b****!" flavor.
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