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  1. You can unequip your incarnate abilities at any time, thus removing your level shifts. Non-problem solved.
  2. Try /invuln. Invincibility being turned into a flat %def instead of the scaling buff is pretty absurd. Can hit pretty much all the typed def caps easy. No effort S/L resist cap, and plenty of ways to bring all other resists to respectable levels including Psi. Low endurance footprint on the base toggles, so pool picks are easier to run. Dull Pain ('nuff said). Pair it with something slow. I'm partial to Spines.
  3. With a very basic test (standing around at aggro cap) I saw it fire 4 times in 1 minute with full target saturation. Tank should be able to pull off a single end/def/tohit Hami-O, Gauss proc, and LoTG-gRecharge. Saves some slots. Plenty of other places to jam Reactive Defense. 6 slots for 1.25% type defense. Worth agonizing over? Only if it's what's keeping you from the soft cap. Plus if you need more than the unenhanced tohit values from Tactics to land attacks you've got other problems.
  4. Secret Sauce: Try popping that bad boy in Invincibility next time you roll Invuln. Has a chance to proc for each enemy in range.
  5. Rad/Rad anything. Defender will always have a special place in my heart as my first 50 on live. Still holds up as one of the best 'all-rounder' support pairings. On the melee side, rad/rad has everything dark/dark wishes it could. Quick, hard hitting AoE. Plenty of proc opportunities, with easy access to -res. More relevant resists (energy notably) that are just as easy to cap. And most importantly, endless endurance.
  6. Get some recharge into Particle Shielding to bring it's cooldown at or below 60sec. Keep it up at all times as it has a major buff to recovery. If this doesn't solve your endurance issues, drop an acc for an end.redux in your attacks. Particularly Devastating Blow has a higher than normal base acc and shouldn't need two of them. Also, Radiation Therapy doesn't need acc. IIRC it's base is 3.00x and the scrapper/stalker variant is a bit different from the tank/brute version. It gives a smaller heal, but a major boost to regen, which doesn't need a hit roll to function.
  7. In acro's defense, the Blaster ATO Defiant Barrage slotted into your T1 or T2 can break you out of a mag 3 hold with a single proc. It's a decent pick for a budget friendly blapper (100 merits for the proc). But if all you're after is the KB protection, IO's are the way to go.
  8. Looking at the bottom string, "Teleportation_RecallFriend" should be " Teleportation_TeleportFriend". This handy list has been quite wonderful for finding the internal names of the icons since some don't match the powers they're associated with.
  9. More manageable than some of the screaming of the past might have you believe if you dig around some. Robots are what tend to be called out the most (but there are others), and they resist it hard. But you don't really run into packs of nothing but robots, and most other things they spawn with don't have much, if any resist to it. Scrappers are in their element focusing down the tougher Lt.s and bosses that survive an alpha nuke, and that's the rank that those enemy types start to pop up (praet BCUs, arachnos drones/spider bots, Council mechs, etc. ) so having that bit of -res helps.
  10. Never been sold on Conserve Power, I'd move that second slot in health with Panacea's proc. Serendipity bonuses are pretty weak as well, since you're not chasing incarnate caps. I'd shift to 6pc Reactive Defense for that nifty resistance scale unique and the fat recharge bonus. Also look into picking up the other ATO set. At the very least get the proc from it.
  11. For Psi, the T1 is skippable. Boggle is too 'cute' to be useful to a scrapper, though there are some nice bonuses in the confuse sets to give at least a little consideration too. The insight mechanic as a whole is ignorable. Greater Psi Blade is too good to not use on cooldown, and the DoTs from the other attacks don't make up for waiting. Finally, if you have the budget for it, get some -res in there (Glad's Fury proc namely). You WILL eventually run into the dreaded Psi resist wall at endgame, and this can help make it a little less painful, if only barely. Shield I don't have enough practical experience with to give nuanced advice towards, but it's a well rounded and strong standalone defensive with some neat tricks.
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