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  1. Atomic Blast. Beeg bada boom.
  2. This is due to Toggle Suppression as detailed here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Toggle_Suppression
  3. Was also noticing enemies getting stuck in the roof with [Mind Control: Levitate]. Visually looked like enemies may be 'standing up' too quickly after being knocked, and interrupting the normal rag doll period.
  4. With the new absorb stat monitoring, noticed the value changeing quite drasticly each time Particle Shielding is activated. Tested on Tanker only, 6-slotted with Preventative Medicine set, at level 50+1 w/ T4 musculature radial alpha, not in combat. Total absorb amount should be at 1110.33 pts. as displayed in the power description. First application was 1075.31 pts Second application was 798.76 Continued to monitor it for a few minutes set on auto and it just alternates between these two values each cycle. Overhead fly text sho
  5. Sentinel inherent provides an additional -5% res (and def) to every attack. They sit just below Corruptor at -14.6% when all is said and done. With opportunity's occasional -20%, it's fairly potent as far as Sent primaries go. The main thing holding them back is they don't have anything in their secondaries to capitalize on the debuffs. It's all defensive clickies and toggles. Def/Corr support sets can stack up debuffs to absurd degrees. Blasters can make those already high damage melee attacks do obscene things. Sent's just follow up with more of the s
  6. Make sure you aren't hidden from teams, searches, etc. Settings are in the global friends list.
  7. Individual IOs: Blessing of the Zephyr, Mag 4 - Universal Travel Karma, Mag 4 - Defense Steadfast Protection, Mag 4 - Resistance Set bonuses: Kinetic Crash (4pc), Mag 3 - Knockback Overwhelming Force (6pc), Mag 4 - Universal Damage Fury of the Gladiator (3pc), Mag 3 - PBAoE (PvP) Gladiator's Armor (3pc), Mag 3 - Resistance (PvP) Gladiator's Javelin (5pc). Mag 3 - Ranged Damage (PvP) Overwhelming Force is the only one that is technically 'Unique'. Expensive both in influence cost and slots, but it's a good set just for it's stats,
  8. Were you stationary or moving at the time of activation durring testing?
  9. There was a thread on this a few moons back, that came to the conclusion that the 'global' chance was actually bugged, and it only had a chance to proc for the power it was slotted into.
  10. Rad/Rad is has been my go to for GMs since before the tanker buffs last year. Bio/ is probably better. Key things are liberal use of -res procs, particularly in Irradiated Ground if you stick with /Rad. Musculature Alpha (I run Radial), Degenerative Core Interface, and Assault Hybrid (Core vs Radial doesn't matter as much here). Patience is most important. Even with the buffs to damage scale, a tank is still not a dps machine. Bring daggers.
  11. Recording videos on the Homecoming servers is currently not allowed, even for reporting bugs. Stick to screenshots.
  12. Did you have an SG base salvage rack open at the time? There is a bug where it will use one and put a second one back into the rack. Happens with boosters too.
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