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New Incarnate slots/Battalion story

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Not a priority, of course, but since this is the Suggestions page, I figured this would be the best place to put this. What would it take to add the untapped Incarnate powers into the game, perhaps with story content alongside it? And what effects would you want them to have?


The power types we already have are:


Auto (Alpha)

AoE (Judgement)

Debuff Proc (Interface)

Pet (Lore)

League-wide Buff (Destiny)

Combination Auto/Toggle (Hybrid)


According to the Lore AMA's released after the Sunset, the next one, Genesis would have been a GTAoE effect. They also stated that most Battalion troops would be randomized costumes to reflect the varied natures of the conquered peoples under the Battalion, possibly utilizing the Lua system. With i24 wrapping up the Praetorian arc, the next few issues would have dealt with the coming of the Battalion, then Earth getting curbstomped, and then rallying to throw them off, with the player becoming their own Well in the process.


So what about Stance, Vitae, and Omega? What should be in those slots? I think a Crowd Control effect could fit into one of those, and Omega might just be an all around enhancement to bookend Alpha, perhaps. As to the story content, I know it's not a thing that could happen anytime soon, but I'm curious how possible it could be.


What do others think, about powers, story, or both?

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Discussion of what Omega was going to be was also in the AMAs, the 2013 AMA specifically:


I’ve said this in a couple places but the primary trees which had been sketched out on paper were Arete (instant recharge on all powers for a period), Majesty (cause foes to instantly fight for you and then self-destruct), Infinity (summon doppelgangers of yourself), Transcendence (immune to everything and can attack into Phase), and Fulfillment (major PBAOE +Level Shifts) (Tim)


And then Positron said that Omega wasn't going to be the final one; a new tree of ten powers would slowly be added after that.  And another ten powers after that.  And so on until the universe explodes.


A) There was no “final”, once Omega slot was reached that would be the new “Alpha” slot and 10 more Incarnate levels would appear above it. Getting the first 10 Incarnate powers would have been trivialized so the “new grind” would be the Omega-base tree. And then there was a tree after that, and one after that, etc. (Matt)
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