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  1. Huh, forgot about that. Still, "Epic" in that specific instance refers to both Ancillary and Patron Power Pools, not just APPs. Like other uses of "epic" in the game, it refers to the original meaning of "a long-form story" not the Internet definition of "totally awesome, dude". These are powers you take because it fits your story, not powers you take because they're more powerful than anything else. (Also, forgot to mention that being able to pick up Patron Power Pools without going villain was going to happen soon on the NCSoft servers — following the events of the Mot arc, Scirocco was going to switch sides to become a hero, and he would give out an arc that would get you Patron pools — but obviously the shutdown stopped that. Maybe it'll happen here eventually)
  2. I play CoH on a Mac still running 10.10, mainly because I hate the Wine client (for reasons I've stated multiple times but which always get brushed off or ignored). Will the manifest still work with old launchers? Or is this the end for me and CoH? (Unless one of you wants to pay for a brand-new Windows laptop I could play it on)
  3. To be fair, they're not called "epic" in any official capacity, just as a player nickname. They're officially Ancillary Power Pools, and "ancillary" means "subordinate" or "auxiliary".
  4. "So many"? I wish there were *more*. Every AT should have Fire, Ice, Electric, Dark, Plant, Earth, Energy, and natural/weapon-based APPs (and I'm sure I forgot some), so you can complement any theme. And that's before taking PPPs into account.
  5. Science. Despite the word "mutant" in their name, they're not mutants as CoH defines the term, which is closer to Marvel's mutants. The TMNT were not born with their powers, making them Mutates (which is Science origin), not Mutants. I consider it Natural if the skill comes from the character, Technology or Magic if the skill is granted by the weapon. If the character could pick up an entirely different sword and be just as powerful, then that's the person, not the weapon. Though the line here is a thin one, granted. A skilled swordsman wielding a magic sword could be Natural, Technology, or Magic depending on what you consider the character focus.
  6. That's the one I was going to say, yeah. It's very short, and it only plays in that one section in the entire game, but it's still my favorite. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/w/images//5/5d/Brickstown_TheCrescent.ogg
  7. This. Superman has a very basic costume. He's wearing an early-twentieth-century circus strongman's outfit in primary colors that looked good with the crappy printing techniques used in 1939. He's been around so long that it's basically the Default Superhero Costume now. I mean, run a Google image search for "generic superhero" and you get mostly Superman-alikes in slightly different color combinations. What's distinctive about his costume is the trademarked "S" emblem, which isn't in-game.
  8. IIRC, you can't start building time/charges until *after* you get the accolade. The next time you log out in City Hall or a police station you'll start getting charges of Police Baton.
  9. The problem, as always, is animations.
  10. For you, maybe. For me it'd make it feel like a slog and encourage me to *stop* playing. Because I would not enjoy trying to purple out a character by relying solely on random drops. After spending all day running missions on a level 50 (which I generally don't play much to begin with): "Oh, I finally got a purple! ... it's the hold set and I need the melee set. Can't even give it to my other characters. I guess I gotta dump it." (A few days later) "Oh, I got a second purple! ... it's the ranged set. Gotta dump it!" (repeat every few days ad nauseum) Even if I get the right set, I can't slot it, because my stats will go down until I get all six pieces. And with each piece I get, the odds of getting another piece of the set I don't already have drop more and more. That is not fun for me. That does not "add longevity" for me. That makes me want to play a different character, or even a different game entirely. Don't assume everyone thinks like you.
  11. I don't think the game can handle that many weapons in the same slot. Just try a Dual Pistols/Ninja Training/Munitions Mastery Blaster - at least one weapon is always invisible. This would cause the same problem with just one power set.
  12. Yeah. Specifically, this one: http://telstar.eekstudio.com/islandrum-mac.zip
  13. I never denied they had been working on it at one point. "They weren't working on it when the game shut down" doesn't mean "they were never ever ever working on anything called Primalist". "When the game shut down" and "anytime before the game shut down" are not the same thing. It means it wasn't still an active project (and hadn't been for a long time) when the boss came in and said "Okay, folks, pack 'er in, you're all fired" and the studio was closed. "Two things didn't happen at the same time" does not contradict "Two things happened at different times".
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