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[Updating] Roleplay Resources


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The City of Roleplay Discord:
— Three years of support for the roleplaying community.

— Overseen by myself, CrystalDragon, Starforge, and Aquard.

— Various channels including one for groups, LFRP, concept help, and more!
— Hosts the Annual Recruitment Fair



— A fan-made wiki for Character Profiles & more
— Think Virtueverse/Unionverse and similar styled websites.

Ask Me Anything: Paragon Studios
— A series of AMAs done by the Paragon Studios devs post-shutdown for a few years.

List of Powers/Abilities
— A wiki of powers & abilities featured throughout media across history. Comics, TV, etc.


Writing Prompts
— A thread run by CrystalDragon with a series of writing prompts!


Bases [Everlasting]

— A google excel sheet full of Everlasting Bases with public codes & more.




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On 9/29/2020 at 3:31 PM, Shadeknight said:

Rotation bump. We've now finished Terminal's story arc Self-Conceit and are underway with a new one: Epoch's End

A new change is coming to the Discord as well. New chances to help foster a community of great and likeminded roleplayers!

Thanks Shadeknight! Just joined the discord. I'm new to RP (although I make detailed concepts for all my characters) and a bit overwhelmed with all the info to get started, but looking forward to hopefully starting to engage more in the RP community here as I gather my courage!

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Liberty and Virtue server refugee. Everlasting resident.


Main/Planned Characters:

  • Astellus - Kinetic/Energy/Mu Scrapper (Magic)
  • Plasmitar - Radiation/Energy/Flame Blaster (Science)
  • Scionic - Psychic/Atomic/Soul Blaster (Mutation)
  • Safehouse - Street Justice/Energy Aura Scrapper (Magic)
  • Starshear - Energy/Atomic/Force Blaster (Science)
  • Neonstar - Luminous/Luminous Peacebringer (Natural)
  • Faerwald - Gravity/Energy/Psionic Dominator (Science)
  • Fomalhaut - Rad/Rad Sentinel (Science)
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