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  1. I love this idea. I think it does give a really unique flavor to the set that would differentiate it from the more single-target focused Beam Rifle and the "disintegrate" effect. Make "laser blast" be more aoe-centric, and the idea of straight-line AOE for the lasers enhances that sense of energy so concentrated it can "punch through" defenses. How would you think the balancing would work for this? I would imagine having the sniper do extreme damage to the target AND everything between you and them would be pretty intense. Or maybe not. I don't know. But maybe something where other
  2. I don't know if anybody else has experienced, but I've noticed a really interesting alternate animation for X-Ray Beam on my Rad/Energy blaster. Sometimes, when I'm in a fight, I use an animation that is not actually available at character creation. When changing the look of your powers, you can choose either the default eye beam, or to shoot the lasers from your hand. However, I've seen a lot during missions - especially when I'm fighting a chain of enemies in rapid succession - that I sometimes do this really neat animation in which I take this hard step forward, kind of stomping
  3. I've loved a lot of the powersets in this thread, but this one is by far my favorite (I've also been posting in that other thread you linked), and I love the idea of an energy/fire set. I don't mind another energy blast set, personally. Consider me 200% behind laser blast. Devs, PLEASE make this happen!
  4. Really nice to get dev feedback on this idea, even if it seems like it would be more of a lift than I thought it would be. Out of curiosity, would the inverse be more feasible or would we come up with the same hurdles? That is to say, for example: what if I wanted to use radiation blast, but wanted to turn the existing blasts that I currently shoot from my hands/eyes into the beams from beam rifle instead? In this case, I'd still be shooting the blasts from the existing emanation points (hands, eyes, so forth), but the blast itself would look like beams. Also count my vote in favor
  5. I am a huge advocate for this, personally. Currently Blue Bowshock, my Rad/Energy blaster, is just not quite the "thematic" fit I want him to be. I desperately long to be able to shoot laser beams from my hands and eyes. The idea of having cutting beam be an eye attack gives me chills just to contemplate. While Radiation gets closer to the "heat/plasma" power that I'm looking for, it's just not an exact fit. Energy blast, similarly, just isn't what I'm looking for. Aesthetically speaking, the "rifle" part of "beam rifle" isn't workin for me. I've created a character called "Alt Bow
  6. I made a peacebringer whose backstory involves a character merging with a kheldian who has a strong love of the 80's, in particular synthwave/retrowave music. His costume and powers are colored in bright hues of blue, magenta, pink, purple, with a bit of gold and black. I went into this thinking "I really want to call him Neonstar, given his neon color scheme and cosmic powers," but I was dead certain that the name would be taken. Thankfully, I was dead wrong, and I'm pleasantly shocked to say that Neonstar now roams the streets of Paragon!!
  7. Dang it, as always, I missed the window to donate. I'll keep my fingers crossed for next time!
  8. I won't pretend to know the "meta" of what's a powerful combination. BUT, I will say a combo that I haven't seen represented much, if at all, in conversations is Rad/Energy Blaster. Anecdotally (I don't have numbers to back it up tbh), I feel like I hit like an absolute truck and the powerset combination is just incredibly fun. I recommend giving it a shot.
  9. It all depends on what I'm feeling, but I haven't generally had any "statuesque" types yet, but I haven't really built the backstory for any characters who WOULD be statuesque. My current main Bowshock is about 5'11". Another character, Safehouse, a brash, hotheaded, cocksure young hero with strong powers and a Superman complex, is shorter than average, at 5'5", and it's a bit of a sore spot for him. He hates the thought that anybody would overlook or underestimate him because of the general association of "height" with "power."
  10. My Kinetic/EA/Mu scrapper is my first - and currently only - level 50. I can confirm it's a lot of fun. I haven't fully kitted out my planned build yet, and I don't generally over worry about min/maxing, instead building my characters more around theme, but I feel really stronk, and like I'm generally pretty hard to hit. Yeah, there's a bit of a psi-hole, but for the most part I've adored it at endgame. Just want KM to get a little love 🙂
  11. For the longest time, my forever character was Astellus, my Kinetic/Energy/Mu scrapper. Then I rolled my newest toon, Bowshock, who is still in the leveling process, although I plan for him to be a Rad/Energy/Flame Blaster. His concept is everything I didn't know I wanted out of a character. I like his backstory, as a guy who moved to Paragon and ended up having an encounter with a "mysterious, extradimensional entity" which in my mind is some sort of Lovecraftian beast. The encounter seemingly imbued him with the enhanced strength, energy manipulation, and strong heat powers. (I kind of prefe
  12. Never have I spent more time hovering my mouse between the "laugh" response and the "sad" response.
  13. You're probably right, I do have vague recollection of people saying "EA is crap, no touch." Joke's on them, my main was an elec/regen scrapper on live 😛 Heh, yeah I could do whole threads about EA too!
  14. I freaking love Energy Aura with Kinetic Melee. It's just a delightful combo. I can't recommend it highly enough. I don't know how I slept on EA when the game was live but I always ignored it.
  15. Makes total sense to me, and I'd be 100% in support 👍🏼
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