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  1. I’d like to second the notion of completing out the Kings Row arc. Not only is it one of my favorite arcs in the early game, but KR is my fave early zone. It’s a good early hero arc for your character to “establish fame” in a way. With the investment I personally have in the storyline and its characters, I really want to see it to completion. Laura Lockharts arc is my favorite one bar none. It made me INVESTED in taking down the associated enemy groups, and I spent the levels after seeking them out for destruction. The Striga Isle arc, starting with Stephanie Peebles, is another favorite. I also love the Rikti War Zone story arcs. The game takes on such a different tone when you enter the RWZ that I wish I saw more of - that feeling that you’re going to... well.. war. As far as arcs I don’t like? I’m really not a fan of the Twinshot arc, though it does get better. I agree it should have started at level 1. It’s kind of jarring to get tutorial stuff starting 5 levels in.
  2. An at-50 version sounds great! I would say I’ve spent the least time with characters at Endgame. I tend to get to 50 and then roll something new, so I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of good stuff.
  3. Rolled a rad/WP scrapper a couple days ago - seems like a REALLY fun combo so far. Maybe the 22nd of its kind to reach 50? We shall see. My main is an NRG/NRG blaster - the literal number one blaster combo 😆 I also have a kinetic/energy scrapper. Another fun combo that Looks pretty and is surprisingly low on the list.
  4. Welcome home! Sometimes I’m still awed by the fact that I’m playing my old favorite game again. I remember when news was first breaking last year about servers and Homecoming and all that, I thought “no way, this can’t be real; I can’t hope again.” Have fun!
  5. Safehouse

    Energy Will

    Thanks for the responses both of you (Just saw Snarkys response from Feb)! I tried it out and wasn’t feeling super great with it, so I rerolled with a rad/will scrapper. While I can’t find any builds for it, I’m having loads of fun leveling it so I think I’ll stick with it for now. i hope Energy Melee will get some of the love it deserves. I think the potential is there to be loads of fun.
  6. Not much to add that hasn’t already been said, so I just want to throw some extra emphasis on mez issues. Every time I see a buckshot or quantum or any other mob known for its knockdown or other mez related abilities, I dread dealing with it because pretty often I find myself barely able to fight back unless I have break frees, and then I end up with hp in the yellow or orange. Maybe I’m just still trying to learn the AT, but it’s not fun to end up on my butt for a not-insignificant proportion of my encounters. I would love improved mez protection. But I’d be open to the blaster-like ability to shoot tier 1/2 skills while mezzed. I’m open for anything. My emphasis is more on the fact that the current mez situation in human form is NOT fun.
  7. Oh yes i like accretion disk, I may not have made that clear. I think it’s a cool name and a cool power 🙂
  8. Absolutely love astrophysics. I enjoy reading books about it on my free time 🙂 I definitely prefer blazar to relativistic jet actually! It’s short and to the point but still conveys that sense of raw power! magnetars are among the coolest phenomena out there imo. I wonder if there’s a way to come up with a power that has to do with creating a magnetic field so intense it shreds Spacetime itself? 😆
  9. So to preface this I like all of this. I think it would be a great way to introduce additional customizabilty to the Peacebringers archetype while still keeping it unique from the other archetype epic power pools. I don’t really have much to bring in the realm of mechanical improvements, just to add my voice as someone who thinks this would be a nice addition. My only note for naming would be, instead of quantum ray, maybe call the snipe something like “relativistic jet” or something like that? I associate Peacebringers with bright, hot matter or plasma in space, whereas I associate Warshades with gravity, black holes, the absence of light and heat. Relativistic jets are these huge beams (sometimes hundreds of thousands, or even millions of light years long) of ejected radioactive matter that shoot from massive black holes at close to the speed of light (hence relativistic). In terms of astrophysics it is a good example of a “snipe” in terms of raw destructive power and reach in the universe. It would lend itself nicely to creating a dichotomy between accretion disk (intensely bright and hot infalling matter that orbits a black hole, falling IN) in the tank pool and relativistic jet (matter shooting AWAY from a black hole) in the DPS pool. Just my two inf. Otherwise I don’t have anything to offer 🙂
  10. Safehouse

    Energy Will

    How are you feeling playing/leveling it? Is it fun? I hear energy melee has been bad for a while, but I’m using energy/will for a conceptual character - interested in knowing how people are feeling about it.
  11. How do you achieve permadom? Currently I have it set to auto, but what can you do to make it happen? I assume taking hasten. One of the challenges to this I see is that the domination bar has to fill... are there IOs that achieve this, or is domination something that just naturally builds faster at higher levels?
  12. I’ve been toying with making a dominator - one AT I never really got into - and came up with what I feel is an interesting concept. I want to build a “star” type of character, with magical powers reminiscent of the energies of space. Primarily, the character’s powers center on the idea of shooting plasma and ionized, charged energies, ultimately channeling the vacuum energy of space itself in order to become highly dense (represented by temp invulnerability for example). Thing is, I don’t really know where to start when kitting out an elec/energy dom, because I’m not experienced with the AT at all. I didn’t find much info when searching the forum either. Are there any veterans who can give some recommendations - things to consider when planning out my build? Any recommended builds from those who have played this combo? Any pitfalls to avoid? I’d really love any advice 😊
  13. Just wanted to say thanks for this. You’ve shown me some stories I didn’t even know about before (just finished Laura Lockhart) and it has made for a really great experience.
  14. I could still see this set with -Dmg even if Kinetic Melee has it too. It would be a different flavor of it. There are multiple different melee sets that have a -Def effect (Titan weapons, savage melee, and rad melee to name 3), so I don’t see any problem with a little overlap.
  15. Actually I spent the entire of my time on Liberty when CoH was live. It actually surprises me to hear it was a dead server!
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