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Ouroborose flashback in non-TF mode or Contact mission list reset


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I like to run 50+ teams on a regular basis.

I prefer the Maria arc over others and definitely over radios.

People generally like Maria because it has AVs and it counts towards the Portal Jockey accolade power.

Unfortunately, once you run it you are done and you can't start over.

You can replay Maria's arcs in Ouroboros, but it is in TF mode, so as people quit others cannot join.

I would like a way, any way, to run these missions over with new players or those still leveling up in a non TF mode where we can add new players as others leave or I would like to be able to go back to a contact and reset their mission list.


Thanks for considering this and thanks so much for taking the risk to bring the game back


@Orion Midnight


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