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Day job accolade powers and ways to charge up 2 at once


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Okay, so let's say you have all the day job badges and their accolades.  First, congratulations. 🙂


Second, logging out in certain spots will charge up a temp power given by the Dayjobs/Accolades, so lets go through the list:


Police Chief:  log out in City Hall or a Police Station to charge your baton temp, power   max charges = 30

Security Chief: log out in a Vault or Police Station to earn charges of Tear Gas temp power max charges = 30

So to charge these two at once, log out in a police station.


Traveler: log out at a train station or in the shadow shard to charge up your Travel's Jet Pack: 2 hours max fuel


Entrepreneur:  log out in a shop or the auction house to earn coupons for discounts on crafting inventions.


Scientist:  log out in the University or Portal Corp building for charges of Sleep Gas, max of 30 charges

Physician: log out in University or Hospital to earn charges of Revive Ally: max of 30 charges

So log out in the University for both of these


Alchemist: log out in Midnighter Club or Hospital to charge your Vitalize power: 30 charges

Archaeologist: log out in Midnight Club or Graveyard for Rune of Purification: 30 charges

so log out in the Midnight Club


Mercenary: log out in vanguard base for charges of Fragmentation Grenade: max 30 charges


Gladiator: log out in PVP zone or arena to charge your combat shield power: 30 minutes max charge time


Rapid Response:  log out near a base portal to charge your base teleport power: 30 charges


Time Lord: log out in Cimerora to charge up your time lord power.


log out for 7 days and the power should be at maximum charge


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25 alts with all the badges!

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