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  1. Well my invulnerable/ss Tank that is HERO alignment only has completed badging.......they now sit at 1286 badges, having obtained badges that only a hero only alignment character could gain. Badges it will never get: All redside exploration badges including redside tutorial, Abyss and Monster island The 4 red side plaques Alignment badges for turning Vigilante, Rogue, Villain and for helping someone complete and alignment mission different from my alignment. As a hero I can't help vigilante, rogue, villains pursue their agendas. Also the alignment badegs for maintaining Vigilante, Rogue, Villain align for 7 days, I did run a hero morality mission to reaffirm myself as hero and claimed those badges The 7 redside strikeforces Mayhem badges, Any accomplishment/achievement/defeat badge that requires being vigilante/rogue/villain, this includes the badge for defeating 1000 Longbow, while there is a mission in RWZ where you face renegade longbow I refuse to fight them The 6 redside day jobs There are 21 gladiator badges that require being redside The 7 seven badges for defeating the hero's in RV The AE badges for completing a vigilante/rogue/villain themed mission. So that's 245 badges it won't be getting.
  2. Hm, the 15th anniversary badge brought the total in game to 1531, I have a second alt closing in on the magic number yet by adding the amount of badges it still needs combined with the total it has, it comes to......1532? My main did log in for the anniversary and has 1531, and I can see nothing missing (except bug hunter which doesn't count).
  3. Been getting this too Now I am receiving the stability testing message......... 🙂
  4. Now they all show down
  5. I'm giving her all she's got!
  6. Excelsior, Torchbearer and Indomitable went out again
  7. Promethean should appear in accolades with the convert option. Bug Hunter is special and doesn't count towards the total as I recall Incarnate power after Hybrid weren't put in prior to shut down so unless HC comes up with the powers there is no need to worry about those badges Aprils Fools badge is just a joke badge, it appears then is gone.
  8. Several other badges? To which do you refer to?
  9. My main alt logs in once in awhile, but mainly rests in the mists of legend now. Also thanks to the notes I had back then and supplmented with new data now, I can rack up many badges far faster then ever. master of badges and the itrial badges still take about the same amount of time, but that is to be expected.
  10. EDIT: Okay I had posted if anyone else was having trouble gaining this badge. I was then able to locate my old CoV notes from back in the day and sadly they confirmed what I suspected, that this badge is a royal pain to get if your alt is dedicated to never changing alignment from Villain to anything else. I was unable to obtain any newspaper missions from level 10 to 25 with outcasts, so either such a mission is super rare or just doesn't happen. A recheck of paragonwiki indicates that only one mission contact REDSIDE offers a mission with any outcasts in it and it seems they were thrown in as an afterthought so that redsiders could get this badge before alignment changing was ever put into the game. Contact name: Operative Wellman Zone name: Cap Au Diable Introduced by: Marshall Brass Level range 15-19 Story arc name: Master of Destruction, this is his second story arc. The final mission is to destroy two hero statues. You need to set the mission to max team size. Inside the mission it will be 98% Wyvern, 1% Tsoo and 1% Outcasts, by which I mean only 2 groups of outcasts in the map at the most. One group should have 1 boss the other group should have 2 bosses. However there is a random element to this mission and sometimes you may not get any outcasts at all. As long as the two statues are not destroyed the mission does not end so if you have pets, don't use them. "targetcustomnext lead" is your best friend on this map, as Outcast bosses have the word Lead as part of their name. If someone locates another REDSIDE mission that has outcasts in it, please post a response.
  11. My villain alt was running some story arcs in AE, rewards set to standard, arcs were published and not in test mode. Plenty of inspiration slots were open, inspirations would be rewarded but the badge would not ding. This has occurred on the same alt for the past couple of days. Arc ID #33 and #26830 were used EDIT: okay on a whim I went back and ran #26830 again but this time with architect awards enabled and some inspiration slots open in my tray. The badge awarded as soon as I got one inspiration drop.......however this badge has always worked in the past when missions are set to standard rewards.....
  12. make another alt and get em all again! Only this time with notes taken from the previous alts badge runs I can streamline the process a bit
  13. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 1531 Badges! Every badge in the game (for now)
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