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  1. Soloing the TF's is great but the trick is to be able to withstand the AV or AVs in it. To wit: being able to debuff their regeneration. Purchasing some venomous daggers from the VIP Vendor can help with that, also having your shivan shard temp power from Bloody bay. However if you are attempting to solo any of the high level TF's on Master Badge settings (no defeats and no temp powers) then the daggers and shivans won't be available. For them, I would suggest Longbow T3 or T4 core pets and diamagnetic T4 radial for the regen debuffage. Another important thing: whether it is a high or low level TF, how is your defense cap? 45% Smash/Lethal is key, if you can get to 45% in those 2 and also 45% in melee or range, or aoe, or energy, or fire/cold or some combination thereof, you are doing well. Remember that we can have up to 3 builds per character and /selectbuild 1, /selectbuild 2 and /selectbuild 3 are the switch commands. I try to design at least 2 builds, with build #2 being the low/mid level build that is defense capped to switch over to when I need to exemp down. Build #1 is the overamped, min/maxed, defense capped, regen/recovery/recharge capped with T4 in all incarnate powers which adds up to PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Trust me, unless someone found a doozy of a loophole or something, the only winter badges available now are the 6 ski slope badges, the trucker badge, and any badge you can get for candy canes from the vendor in the ski chalet. There are about 18 winter event badges total There is the Baby New Year mission which you will need to run 5 times to get the defeat Snaptooth 5 times badge, which also gives a gladiator badge There is the defeat Lady Winter mission Get a team together and collect presents in a zone until a giant winter lord spawns, defeat it for a badge Start up a league and use the LFG tab to warp to the realm of Lord Winter and defeat that giant for a badge Collect 200 presents for badge + gladiator badge
  3. Voltor

    Immortal badge

    You don't need to be an incarnate to farm out the badges. Back in the day I had a tank that I kept at level one and farmed out the damage badges. He ran around at level one with the Immortal badge title. Hold badges can be farmed out with any enemy that can hold you without defeating you, i just find sappers to be the best but mileage varies. A rad corr of mine back in the day, at level one it could heal others so I turned off xp and had a level 1 empath titled character running around after awhile. With XP turned off at level 1 you could in theory farm up the money badges.....though for that you may want to door sit in non ae farms
  4. Story arc is called Through the Looking Glass in the 20-29 range as I recall Offers the Singular Vision badge
  5. Voltor

    Immortal badge

    For the hold badges, I just get a malta mission and stand in front of a sapper after clearing the rest of the room. Do not go into rest mode as that can sometimes be lethal, but rather use /selectbuild 2 and switch to an unslotted build to remove your defenses and io buffs.
  6. Voltor

    Immortal badge

    Also about 12 to 15 hours in the arena with the 3 longbow wardens doing their heals and as many of the lost cost gladiators that you can bring in will get you the heal badges
  7. Voltor

    Immortal badge

    If you dont have someone with a healer that wants to work healing badges at the same time, then no. I use a +4 CoT guide also
  8. Voltor

    Immortal badge

    I found that setting the mission to +4 and using contrl+click to set ion judgement to auto to be the best
  9. Voltor

    Immortal badge

    Sometimes when using rest mode with the sappers you can be defeated. The better way to negate your defenses is to use the command /selectbuild 2 or /selectbuild 3
  10. Now resting at 1514 total badges.....awaiting Winter Event. Correction: 1515 badges. Pursuer badge now awarding upon login. Commencing cycling of alts
  11. Voltor

    Exorcist Badge

    Dark Watcher and Black Scorpion offer some nice missions for farming Nemesis. As to the incarnate CoT and other enemies at that level i street sweeped Dark Astoria.
  12. That's good to hear but as an FYI, if you just log out at the tunnel that takes you out of First Ward the DJ job will accumulate time even if the icon isn't there. As I think back to the first era of CoH, the icon was a bit buggy. Possibly due to the other specific DJ locations in that zone.
  13. The error is back. If I quickly double click homecoming I can launch but Tequila i still crashing
  14. Well my Tequila crashes half way through the download of whatever its downloading. I have an exception for it and the entire coh folder in my AV....unless malwarebytes is somehow flagging it but I don't think so as it never sends an alert. So now I have to launch tequila and quickly double click homecoming before the crash and if it time it right CoH launches. So what else can be done?
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