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  1. Sappers: I just run the Peregrine safeguard mission over and over. Stop the robbery, clear out sappers, do the side missions for those badges too.
  2. Team size setting wont matter on Cole's personal mission. Amount of Toxic and Mu Guards that spawn is random, sometimes none. But I do like using that mission to finish the Mu Guardian Badge, Fortunata badge, and Toxic badge. Also the flyers do not count towards Heat Seeker
  3. Deal with my Rider! One of the fastest, most powerful stone tanks in the game!
  4. The most powerful Peacebringer and Warshade!
  5. Well as soon as Legendary badge activated this past evening, my alts were all flipped around and now they all have the badge. Alts that were missing Anniversary badges have now visited Luna. End result: Who is the one with SIX alts with all 1549 badges? My humble self, indeed!
  6. Thanks! I did ask about wormhole, it is working as intended. Once upon a time on live, wormhole did warp the Mitos, but the devs changed that. I think at the time wormhole also worked in Hami raids but I cannot recall for sure.
  7. PROJECT S.H.F. Data for Project S.H.F. as follows: After much investigation/experimentation trial and error I have discovered and refined a process for Solo Hamidon Farming. This process isn't exactly easy, but with refinement the process has been streamlined and successfully completed with ALL the Archetypes. Some easier then others, of course. Things needed for main badge farmer: 1. L50+ 2. Lore pets, longbow or BP, T3 or T4 3. Hybrid T3 or T4 though further refinements show hybrid may not be as needed but good to h
  8. Voltor

    Solo badges...

    For me it was a matter of breaking the badges down into the following categories: 1. Team Mandatory: incarnate trial badges fall into this category. Attempting to solo the i-trials is, to me, not worth the hassle. 2. More efficiently obtained on a team. Example: The Recluse AV badges and pillbox badges. Solo is possible but more efficient on a team. 3. Easily soloed. Many badges fall into this category. Then I have 2 sub-categories: Speed bump and Royal Pain. Whether a team badge or a solo badge, some badges get this sub category also.
  9. The one Arena Badge that is troublesome is Tournament Victor/Swiss Draw,, you must have a total of 8 players to launch that and it only rewards to one of the first two in the team list. I once ran a Swiss Draw with 10 players, no one got the badge. So use only 8 This is a legacy bug from the old days.
  10. My problem isn't crashing during the update, the game crashes now when the launcher opens it. EDIT had the launcher verify the files again, this seems to have fixed it.
  11. After today's patch when attempting to load the game client, the client will crash and the bug report program comes up. This occurs with the HC launcher. Tequila works normally.
  12. When trying to launch the client with the HC Launcher, the client now starts to load then crashes. this did not occur prior to today's update. Tequila still works.
  13. OR perhaps, defeat all the giant monsters and obtain an accolade power that only works out in the zones, or certain outdoor mission maps, that lights up as ready to use when in proximity of a giant monster. Activate it and for 5 minutes you are the same size as the giant monster. Then you can say to the giant "Pick on someone your own size!"
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