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  1. I've gotten them on several alts, they can be a challenge due to the fact that player characters since issue 13 in PVP zones are under the "diminishing returns" system which means you will not be at full power like you are in the PVE zones. Check your combat stats and look at your resistance and defense stats and you will see what I mean. Meanwhile your targets are L54 and at full power They spawn in pairs and it is random, you may get the same pair a few times or not. If there is a pattern to induce the spawning of specific characters I have never found it. 4 pillboxes gives the first spawn, defeat them and then take a 5th pillbox for another spawn, defeat them then take a 6th to reset the zone, or have someone with opposite alignment take a few pill boxes then take them back. Some tips: 1. Don't broadcast that you are going to RV, that is an open invitation for griefers and trolls. Form your team in Atlas near the entrance or Grandville near the entrance and have everyone go into full hide mode from searches, etc. Trust me its a good idea to do that. 2. Some AT/power sets could solo them but if you have a team of 3 or more that would be better 3. Poison daggers can help a bit, Warburg nukes might make them blink 4. Lore pets, longbow or banished pantheon, T3 or T4 versions. 5. Have one of the heavy robots in the zone under control as well. Heavies are slow but tough, they cannot be teleported, nor buffed/healed but the incarnate power incandescence will move them. 6. Head to the pillbox that they are targeting and take control of its guns in addition to your heavy and lore pets, all pets and guns to aggressive mode and open fire. 7. A healer/debuffer is recommended. Separating them can be done if someone with taunt or long range attacks can get the attention of one of them and pull them away. They spawn in these pairs: Black Scorpion and Mako: Black Scorpion has a taunt, take him down first Scirocco and Ghost Widow: Ghost Widow is the far greater threat, take her down fast With any of those spawns, Lord Recluse could be randomly inserted in place of one of the other AVs. If he shows up he is target #1. The Blue AV's Positron and Synapse: when you get the alert that heroes are coming, if Synapse isn't there in about 20 seconds then it isn't them. Also Positron can sometimes take some time to arrive so nail synapse first. For Positron remember he is a walking meltdown. Manticore and Back Alley Brawler: though Manti's arrows can be a royal pain, Bab's fists are a greater pain. Take Bab down first. Penelope Yin and Ms. Liberty: these are the replacements in the zone for the slain Sister Psyche and Statesman. Penelope Yin's PSIONIC damage is the far greater threat, take her down FAST. Also be glad Statesman is gone, I faced him in that zone on live, and he was the greatest threat of all the AVs.
  2. So Tequila opens up and validates the 32 and 64 bit clients with no problem, starts to download files for the beta/test server then errors out. Luckily it stays open long enough for me to launch the game, However what can be done to stop it this time, besides installing the new launcher?
  3. Whats this option when someone is right clicked "Add player to focus group" ?
  4. Makes sense, so another question......about that Energy Melee.....:)
  5. No bugs yet but curious why Eternal night was adjusted for the event?
  6. Just revert the issue 13 changes to Energy Transfer, also I believe once upon a time EM had mag 3 stun in its attacks and it was nerfed to mag 2. Revert Energy Transfer back to what it was, and increase the stun mag to 3
  7. Voltor

    Denial of Service

    For me the easiest is this: Warp from your SG base to First Ward, after you appear in the graveyard, face due east and use your travel power to go to the nearby sonic wall
  8. I still used my energy melee alts after the change, just didn't use energy transfer as much. Recreated one, brought it to 50 but have set it aside in the faint hope that HC would revert the power to pre ish 13 whil I work some new character concepts and rebuild my badge hunters
  9. Yeah i have an energy manipulation blaster so that power is a nice throwback, as to Total Focus, it could use a boost but Energy Transfer was the one power in the set that was wrecked with the ish 13 changes
  10. Or better yet, a compromise of sorts, bring back the classic energy transfer power and make it selectable in power customization for the energy melee set or else make a set called Classic Energy Melee that has the original version of the power in it. Either way, players get a CHOICE which one they want.
  11. Also for those that have forgotten what Energy Transfer was like pre ish 13, I suspect a quick scan of youtube will reveal many videos prior to issue 13. My problem isn't with the entire set, just energy transfer. The rest of the set is quite viable, but the fact that its strongest attack is now so messed up in terms of attack time that it is almost tempting to not take that power.
  12. Seriously when you start charging energy transfer to take down a target and the rest of team spams attacks that take the target down before energy transfer discharges, you know there is a problem with the power.
  13. was never a fan of the hold up both fists and charge up animation/time that they changed it to with issue 13. It used to be rapid punch with a glowing fist, similar to falcon punch or the iron fist. Can we please get that back?
  14. How about giving granite the minimal FX option that some other armors and powers have? Same durability, same penalites but now you can wear costume and cape and aura instead of being a lumpy rock pile
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