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  1. I prefer to hunt them in Crey's or Faultine. In Crey's the majority of spawn points of the GM's are near where they can be droned. Same with Faultline, except for one spot I found behind the dam. That GM must be defeated. So wipe out the Unseelies then get GM to chase you to the drones. Repeat process.
  2. This badge is a speed bump to be sure It takes 200 of them to complete, not 100 like the description says. Do the prisoner event for some minor progress but the super powered bosses do not count (go figure) Just circle around the Zig over and over again, any prisoner with an actual name be the Lieutenant or Boss ranked counts. To be honest this badge I think should updated to award along with the defeat badge for 500 prisoners.
  3. You are correct, 1550 is a nice number.........that only gets better when you multiply it by FIFTEEN !
  4. Events tend to start and stop with server restarts. Tuesday morning October 5th should be a restart. We shall see.
  5. Announcer: "Voltor! You've just become of the few if not only one to have all active badges on all 15 archetypes! What are you going to do next?" Voltor response: "I'm going to Disneyland!"
  6. The patron arcs I found to be among the worst of the slog.
  7. Yes but it only awards to mission holder as I recall, and also there is the risk of DD trial failing and I have not heard if that is a permanent badge fail like Efficiency Expert.
  8. The Bailout Hero badge. You can only get the mission from Dream Doctor IF you did the Dark Astoria arcs outside of Ouroborus. The mission is not available in ouroborus. It only awards to the mission holder. It is for the completion of the Dilemma Diabolique i-trial, however I do not know if you fail the badge forever if the trial is failed. Get the mission then use the auto complete feature.
  9. Well........the deed is done and the battles have been won. I had 6 completed alts as of my last posting in another thread. Having semi-returned from a major I.R.L. catastrophe I spent the past week power grinding my remaining alts to completion. I had them all synchronized so that they all needed the same badges to complete them. Would have been done sooner, but R.L. takes priority. Remember that R.L. is the only place that you can get a decent meal, and that Reality is what is real. That being said: as of now......all FIFTEEN(15) of my badge hunters, ONE of each Archetype, st
  10. Voltor

    Exorcist Badge

    I've always had good hunting at Raimi Arcade. Sadly there are no DA missions with the Incarnate CoT, even from the contact that gives random missions. Must've done about 30 missions from that contact, no CoT.
  11. The power that must be associated with such an Accolade is the power to transform into a giant sized version of your alt. It is only available on outdoor maps, and only in the presence of another GM. 5 minute duration, 30 minute recharge time. After all, wouldn't you like to transform, look the giant in the eye and say "pick on someone your own size!!!" ?
  12. I find that as my alts wrap all RWZ story arcs and the MSR badges that after they convert V-merits to merits that they always have a few V-merits left over. So why not be able to email them to our global like we can do with Emp merits and Reward Merits? Consolidate them into one alt and then that alt may be able to get rid of them via merit conversion or purchase an HVAS or whatever. Or else have it where we can delete them from our salvage like we can with standard salvage. Same idea for the AE tickets.
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