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  1. EDIT: Okay I had posted if anyone else was having trouble gaining this badge. I was then able to locate my old CoV notes from back in the day and sadly they confirmed what I suspected, that this badge is a royal pain to get if your alt is dedicated to never changing alignment from Villain to anything else. I was unable to obtain any newspaper missions from level 10 to 25 with outcasts, so either such a mission is super rare or just doesn't happen. A recheck of paragonwiki indicates that only one mission contact REDSIDE offers a mission with any outcasts in it and it seems they were thrown in as an afterthought so that redsiders could get this badge before alignment changing was ever put into the game. Contact name: Operative Wellman Zone name: Cap Au Diable Introduced by: Marshall Brass Level range 15-19 Story arc name: Master of Destruction, this is his second story arc. The final mission is to destroy two hero statues. You need to set the mission to max team size. Inside the mission it will be 98% Wyvern, 1% Tsoo and 1% Outcasts, by which I mean only 2 groups of outcasts in the map at the most. One group should have 1 boss the other group should have 2 bosses. However there is a random element to this mission and sometimes you may not get any outcasts at all. As long as the two statues are not destroyed the mission does not end so if you have pets, don't use them. "targetcustomnext lead" is your best friend on this map, as Outcast bosses have the word Lead as part of their name. If someone locates another REDSIDE mission that has outcasts in it, please post a response.
  2. My villain alt was running some story arcs in AE, rewards set to standard, arcs were published and not in test mode. Plenty of inspiration slots were open, inspirations would be rewarded but the badge would not ding. This has occurred on the same alt for the past couple of days. Arc ID #33 and #26830 were used EDIT: okay on a whim I went back and ran #26830 again but this time with architect awards enabled and some inspiration slots open in my tray. The badge awarded as soon as I got one inspiration drop.......however this badge has always worked in the past when missions are set to standard rewards.....
  3. make another alt and get em all again! Only this time with notes taken from the previous alts badge runs I can streamline the process a bit
  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 1531 Badges! Every badge in the game (for now)
  5. That was in the old days, in this new era it was changed where you can get both. So if you have a TIP mission from Halloween still, then you can go to pocket D and switch alignment to redside, run the mission and get the badge then change alignment back.
  6. Or an I-24 bug that never went live thanks to NCSoft being dumb. This event was not bug free given that there were times for unknown reasons that Nemesis would declare he was coming to defeat us himself and spawned off map
  7. Nope, the league assembled post haste in response to my alert/summons/requests, the giant was spawned about 3 minutes into the fight and was droned a minute later. No badge, and many irate players tearing into the person who pulled the giant into the drone.
  8. I read that long ago, too bad what I saw this past week on an alt of mine that did not have the badge contradicts that article. Formed the league in Peregrine, people pushed the Nemesis to the drones, he got droned, no badge awarded.
  9. It can trigger a zombie attack at times.
  10. Okay so as of this morning/afternoon, 100 alts = 100 nemesis invasion badge holders 🙂 Servers came back at 9:30am eastern, first Nemesis attack was at Noon, so 2.5 hours from server start to first attack. KR, Sky, Steel, Talos, Founders, Peregrine, PO, Cap, Shark, Nerva, GV all attacked at once. However subsequent Nemesis attacks will not be all those zones at once as: 1. Troll Raves in Sky will delay Nemesis attack 2. Burning Building in Steel will delay Nemesis attack 3. Rikti Invasion or Zombie attack will delay Nemesis attack for the zone only not the whole event. The 2.5 hour timer is per zone, so any zone that is attacked separately such as Sky or Steel gets its own 2.5 hour timer, while zones attacked in groups have their own group timer. Before server restart, blue side was KR, Talos, Founder, PI all at once but the special events in Sky and Steel separated them into separate Nemesis attack waves over time. Apparently being in the zone is enough to get you the badge if you don't participate in the actual fight. However nobody gets the badge if 1. the event glitches and the giant doesn't spawn, this is random but can happen 2. not enough people gather in an area as a league to invoke the spawn. Ten minimum 3. The giant gets zapped by a security drone, such as the ones near Portal Corp in Peregrine. For Skyway I assemble the league near Synapse, he can't one shot the giant and as the league grows we move away from Synapse. For Steel I assemble near Positron at first then the league pulls away from him as it grows. For Founders I assemble near Numina/Infernal and the league pulls away from them as it grows. For Peregrine, the portal corp parking lot, which is far away from the drones and don't push the enemy to the drones, For Talos: the hilltop For KR, the streets near Blue Steel, not on the steps.
  11. I was making a second version of it that was clearer then the first, it was a nice tool to have today after server maintenance, I led the team to the majority of the conduits, others spread out and got the others, Paladin was down a few minutes after.
  12. Eh, its been a long, long time since I used DO and SO, I just go straight to IO. My badge hunters seek all the badges including the crafting ones so I make sure that some L10 and L15 IO's are in base storage for new alts, when it comes time to respec and install set IO's the regular IO's get sold in AH.
  13. I have obtained the badge on level 1 alts that I had sitting around gathering dayjobs and dust. There is no level requirement to this, as far as I can tell the bug is caused by: 1. random glitch in the code a.k.a. bad luck 2. zone events do not combine, hence there cannot be a zombie attack and a nemesis attack in the same zone at the same time, however it MAY, emphasis on MAY, be that while and event is occurring in a zone that someone elsewhere completes an LGTF or a Katie TF and the event that would trigger from them is randomly chosen for the zone that Nemesis is attacking and thus causes the error. This is only a theory of course.
  14. Kings Row, Peregrine Island, Founders Falls, Skyway, Talos and Steel are the blueside zones I have seen him invade
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