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  1. Yes but it only awards to mission holder as I recall, and also there is the risk of DD trial failing and I have not heard if that is a permanent badge fail like Efficiency Expert.
  2. The Bailout Hero badge. You can only get the mission from Dream Doctor IF you did the Dark Astoria arcs outside of Ouroborus. The mission is not available in ouroborus. It only awards to the mission holder. It is for the completion of the Dilemma Diabolique i-trial, however I do not know if you fail the badge forever if the trial is failed. Get the mission then use the auto complete feature.
  3. Well........the deed is done and the battles have been won. I had 6 completed alts as of my last posting in another thread. Having semi-returned from a major I.R.L. catastrophe I spent the past week power grinding my remaining alts to completion. I had them all synchronized so that they all needed the same badges to complete them. Would have been done sooner, but R.L. takes priority. Remember that R.L. is the only place that you can get a decent meal, and that Reality is what is real. That being said: as of now......all FIFTEEN(15) of my badge hunters, ONE of each Archetype, st
  4. Voltor

    Exorcist Badge

    I've always had good hunting at Raimi Arcade. Sadly there are no DA missions with the Incarnate CoT, even from the contact that gives random missions. Must've done about 30 missions from that contact, no CoT.
  5. The power that must be associated with such an Accolade is the power to transform into a giant sized version of your alt. It is only available on outdoor maps, and only in the presence of another GM. 5 minute duration, 30 minute recharge time. After all, wouldn't you like to transform, look the giant in the eye and say "pick on someone your own size!!!" ?
  6. I find that as my alts wrap all RWZ story arcs and the MSR badges that after they convert V-merits to merits that they always have a few V-merits left over. So why not be able to email them to our global like we can do with Emp merits and Reward Merits? Consolidate them into one alt and then that alt may be able to get rid of them via merit conversion or purchase an HVAS or whatever. Or else have it where we can delete them from our salvage like we can with standard salvage. Same idea for the AE tickets.
  7. Got this when I ran the badge script earlier on an alt that has all market badges:
  8. My bad. been out of circulation for a few weeks
  9. Here is a screenshot:
  10. Ran the bind in game to record all current badges in the chatlog. When I looked up the character on the site afterwards I saw I was missing a consignment badge which I knew wasn't possible, that is when I discovered that it is not noting the badge change.
  11. The tracker doesn't seem to register the name change of the shopkeeper badge for selling 6000 items on the market to Proprietor Ran a check on one of my hunters who has all market badges, it registers all but the renamed one.
  12. Am I crazy...? yeah, probably. One has to be a bit crazed to solo farm Hami buds 🙂 But nevertheless as someone that played from beta/launch to the end on live and has been back since HC started, I can say for certain that there is wisdom in having multiple accounts that have drone alts that hold missions for the sake of getting certain defeat badges out of the way. My drone that holds the mission for Womp Womp was brought to L25 with money badge one in about 90 minutes. Main account assisted in ripping through Doc Buzzsaw's classic missions, then grabbed a DXP no
  13. Oh trust me, there is. 🙂
  14. modify the SYNAPSE TF so that at the end of it, as a "spoilsport" option that the Clockwork King had set up in case of defeat, the ish 24 paladin event launches and Paladin is on a rampage. Defeat the emitters then bring down Paladin. OR: Similar to the Malta arc that spawns KRONOS, a Clockwork story arc could be developed that culminates in the spawning in KR of the ish24/post shutdown version of the Paladin event. The classic Paladin event that was recently restored will remain intact and unaffected by this. The story arc spawning of Paladin would not be aff
  15. Vidiot Maps had the spots marked on the map long before the lights went out, and I have been observing many a player posting in the chat channels about the classic Paladin event now that is back and where to find the Paladin construction sites. So here is a pic of the vidiot map and I have added a notation on it of the symbol of the construction sites. Remember: the badge is only awarded if you STOP the Paladin from being built. Destroy a rampaging Paladin and you get merits. Also once built, the Paladin tends to head North in the general direction of Hyde Park. Thin
  16. Use Mender Ramiel's first mission, you are unkillable. Get all the ghosts of the AVs to surround you. Control+left click your incarnate judgement power to auto fire every time it recharges.
  17. Here are the required story arcs: (Issue 25) Complete every story arc in Mercy Island to earn this badge. [Rewards 20 Merits] (L1-9 ) 6.01, 6.02, 6.03, 6.04, 21.05, 21.06, 21.07, 21.08, and 21.12 (Dr Graves pt 1) (L10-14) 21.13 (Dr Graves pt 2) (L15-19) 6.05, and 21.14 (Dr Graves pt 3) When done with all these you will have: the following badges: Dark Heart, Blackened Soul, Face of Evil, Freedom Cracker, Mongoose, plus the Agent of Chaos Accolade. 20 merits for gaining the accolade plus all the merits from each story arc.
  18. -1 x8 is fine. Main thing is the smoke they emit when defeated like Rikti monkeys. Also watch out for the waves of full grown paragon protectors At the x8 setting you will get 55 of the immature clones.
  19. For those that remember the laser rifle that Optimus and Rodimus Prime wielded or Megatron/Galvatron's arm cannon, or the giant guns wielded by a gestalt robot or the giant guns wielded by Metroplex then you now see what I have in mind. This power set would be for blasters, sentinels, and corruptors.
  20. To be honest, this whole thing with the Paladin event, original vs the new one, is an example of ""if it isn't broken, don't fix it" As much as I liked the new version and mapped out where the emitters were, I did prefer the original one that we have once again.
  21. The new arc is the only pace for them. However do this: make an alt on a drone account, get it to L25 and teh first money badge to unlock Doc Buzzsaw. Do Doc's original 2 arcs and she will tell you to come back at L30. Get the alt to 30 and talk to her again and you have the new arc. Send the alt/drone through the missions until you get the Crey mission. KEEP THE CREY MISSION. It only ends if the boss on the first floor plus the boss in the last room is defeated and all glowies clicked. Then just go to the last room, defeat that boss to sp
  22. I've the run arc many times, you can blow up the boss in mission 1 and still get the badge. The injured cops spawn in random spots on the two floors. use the target macro and carefully check around all elevator doors, check each office and room on the floors. It is easy to miss one as you do need to be close enough for the macro to target them.
  23. Back on live and even now I have always thought that 10 bombs for the badge and 10 defeats of U'kon for that badge were a tad excessive. So my suggestion would be this: 5 bombs for the badge, 5 defeats of U'kon for Master at Arms badge, and also change the Welcome to Earth badge for the drop ship to defeat 5 drop ships for the badges. Thus the 3 badges are equalized. Of course this does not mean that those with the badges already have to lose them, as I know some would think that could happen. If you have the badges already you keep them.
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