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I wanted to switch names on 2 characters. So I renamed one, then renamed the second character to the name the first character was. Upon renaming the second character it disappeared and the first character was moved into that slot from a different page. I have logged in and out a few time to see if things went back to normal, no luck. Will put the next part in a spoiler, so people only read it if they want, it is a bit of a mess.



The character on page 1 was named Wrecka, a Claws/SR scrapper level 50. The character on page 2 was named wr3ck3r a Psi/SR scrapper level 42. I first renamed wr3ck3r to m3nt4l wr3ck, that appeared to work fine. I then renamed Wrecka to wr3ck3r and instantly upon doing that the newly named m3nt4l wr3ck (orignally wr3ck3r level 42) was in the newly named wr3ck3r's (originally named Wrecka level 50) spot and wr3ck3r (originally named Wrecka level 50) is completely gone. Sorry if it is confusing, but trying to be descriptive.


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Go into your City of Heroesfolder and delete playerslot.txt


That file contains information on what order your characters are listed in, and sometimes it gets corrupted and starts trying to do things like putting multiple characters in the same slot. When this happens, one or more of your characters may appear to vanish. Deleting the file will put your characters back to the default order. You'll need to resort them afterwards.

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