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Agrocap realism animations


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so, say you have the enemy cap on your character, but you are standing right next to another group, the group could clearly see you and would otherwise trigger into attack mode. well, in order to let the player know they have triggered the attention of this group (but not actually taunted them), why not change thier animations?

Based on what they are have them laugh, play a taunt animation, fist to palm, cheer on their comrades, egg on the player etc. basially trigger an emote appropriate for the group. some could even be quite funny, mocking even. such as shifty eyes or plotting villain etc. Also allow this to be set custom or random in AE?

the idea is the enemies over the cap should still do something even though they aren't affected or taunted, to let all players know that they are aware of the toon's presence but over the agro cap and will attak teammates that come close.

Pros: it would provide more realism. and notify players that the group is triggered.
Cons: a bit of extra server bandwidth and I am guessing a large amount of coding work......


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Overall, I like it.  Half the stuff I laugh at in this game are NPC speech and behavior.


However, if you are unaware that you have caught the attention of a nearby spawn then you arent paying enough attention lol.  Most players figure out their alert radius fairly early.  Also, because its not really needed, I am not sure the devs would spend time on something like this rather than the long list of broken things.  Of course, if this is, indeed, an easy change they might throw it in for giggles just because but we never really know what's an easy change vs what's game breaking.

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I vote for the waiting emote where they tap their foot, look at their watch, and throw their hands in the air when it's taking too long for at least one of them while the rest cheer.


4 hours ago, EmmySky said:

if you are unaware that you have caught the attention of a nearby spawn then you arent paying enough attention lol.

Without trying to put words in the OP's mouth, I believe that the point of this is that it would indicate which (and how many) mobs over the aggro cap the team is, since there were complaints about how unrealistic it is that the only reason they aren't attacking you is an arbitrary code constraint thrown in to prevent herding. Currently they just stand there and do nothing.

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