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4 Man Really Hard Way

Dark Bladed

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Who needs a league of 24 when you got a team of 4?


So the idea for this came about when we did an 8 man RHW run, and killed Tyrant in around 3 minutes. That told us that a 4 man might be reasonably possible, and sure enough it was. This was actually our second run, our first run is on my YouTube channel, but we wanted a bit of a smoother run before posting. The same general strategy was used in both runs, the only difference being us killing Tyrant in one Lore usage at the end. Everything is pretty straight forward, nothing too fancy for the entirety of the trial up until the last fight. For Tyrant, we used Lores, and then used team inspirations and started attacking. After about a minute, we used Incandescence to get everyone and their Lores back huddled up together, used more team inspirations, and went back to fighting. We cut the fight very close, dropping Tyrant to 10% HP as our Lores were despawning. All in in runs like these are super fun, and I hope we get more challenging content like this eventually.


Our team was as followed:

@Dark Bladed Parassite - TW/Bio Scrapper (My POV)

@Bloodom Burning Dombloo - Fire/Fire Blaster (Their POV)

@Grimjack High Octane Gameplay - Fire/Fire Blaster (Their POV)

@Konreid Freezer Burned - Fire/Cold Corruptor

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