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  1. Should a "streaming" tag be added in to the game, alongside the "roleplaying" and "help" tags players can set? It may not be worth it, with how few people will probably stream, but could be a good idea nonetheless.
  2. While I've not played with the Veracity group on Torchbearer, I can say this is pretty standard for record attempt runs. We never did the Steel Canyon mayhem, as it was never needed, but making sure everyone had all the P2W buffs, Nukes, and Inspirations were key. Frost Bite from the Candy Keeper in Pocket D was also gotten almost every time, as it is an extra damage proc on all attacks for only 100 candy canes. Incan is absolutely used in any TF that allows it to be, though. Whether its to TP actual players, or just to TP your Lore pets around, pretty much everyone was running Incan.
  3. So I wasn't on that specific Faathim TF run that's mentioned, but I do run with those same people for most speedruns. I can pretty confidently say that the run didn't use Incan from anyone that wasn't on the team. Most of us feel that its pretty cheap and wish that it could be changed, but that's neither here nor there. Looking at Faathim, there's not a whole lot to it, if everyone knows exactly what their job is. Not everyone needs to go into every mission, some might be going to a different zone for a different mission, or some might be going to a specific monument at the end. Mac is pretty
  4. With the release of the Paragon Market, you could buy enhancement storage increases for, what I think was around $20 each. Each purchase would increase your storage by 1 tray, and 4 purchases were available, 2 on release and 2 more added later. As for the change to 70, I don't know exactly. It could be that there was another 3 slots already in the code, and the devs from the private server just added those as well.
  5. So its been a while since this thread was replied to, and a lot of these times are now out of date. I'm going to shamelessly plug speedrun.com, as it has everything up to date, including some of the older times as well. Making an account over there is free, and it allows for submitting times if you are a solo player, or run in a duo, or any other number of categories. Some of the newer records some people may be interested in are : STF/MLTF - 8:53 LRSF - 8:18 LGTF - 9:46 Apex - 5:20 Tin Mage - 5:21 I'll also shamelessly promote our new discord.
  6. @Glacier Peak The 48 second time was not done solo, but with 8 people. Here is the screenshot.
  7. I meant any /cold MM will be doing that. You can get similar kill times with a TW/Bio, and the same extra pets, all while at the damage cap. Those Lores and signature summon are doing most of the damage, not the MM pets.
  8. Just keep in mind, that is with Lores, a signature summon, and a backup radio, all while at the damage cap along with his normal pets at the damage cap. If you stripped those away, and ran no inspirations, it's going to be more like a minute+, not 20 seconds. It's still impressive, but that's the nature of having so many pets, nothing unique to demons/ specifically.
  9. @Sakai The runs were talked about on the discord and in the other thread. Runs are LRSF, then ITF, and then MLTF to round it out.
  10. Degenerative seems to not be working at all now. Other Interface powers seem to be stacking normal, but doing some quick, basic testing on a pylon in RWZ, a single stack of Degenerative never ticked. Edit: Was on wrong shard. Disregard
  11. Who needs a league of 24 when you got a team of 4? So the idea for this came about when we did an 8 man RHW run, and killed Tyrant in around 3 minutes. That told us that a 4 man might be reasonably possible, and sure enough it was. This was actually our second run, our first run is on my YouTube channel, but we wanted a bit of a smoother run before posting. The same general strategy was used in both runs, the only difference being us killing Tyrant in one Lore usage at the end. Everything is pretty straight forward, nothing too fancy for the entirety of the trial up until the last
  12. I absolutely do. The only keybinds I have are the basic ones; tab targeting, movement keys, and jump. I also use my right mouse button to move my camera around.
  13. Really happy to say this is a thing now. Also sorry for no sound, didn't know it wasn't recording until it was already over. The run was pretty straight forward. Kill the 60 IDF, nothing fancy there. Kill the Security Chief, again nothing really fancy there, but I did make sure to pop some reds to burn him after he healed. The next part was the fun part. Normally teams would split and some go to the lab, and some to the warehouse, well that's kind of hard to do on a solo run. The idea was to get a couple in one, and then move to the other to grab a couple, getting a min
  14. Grab a temp pistol from the P2W vendor, shoot mako, and start running up the ramp. Try and lead him back towards the boat where you spawned in. Assuming you keep using your pistol on the way there, it should either be just him or him and one other, which is much more reasonable than all 4 at once. This doesn't always work, but it's what I did.
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