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  1. Yeah @Apparition is correct, anything that says requires multiple glowies to be clicked at the same time, doesn't actually. My Penny Yin time also falls under this, as on live you needed four people to click the glowies at the same time in the final mission. While it does make the TFs easier, I'd argue it was for the better, as they are less annoying having to deal with getting people coordinated just to click a glowie. It also allows the TFs to be solo'd, which I definitely love.
  2. Got a few times to post. Posi 1 - 9:01 Penny Yin - 7:57 Cavern of Transcendence - 2:29 Mortimer Kal - 9:40 Kahn - 13:01 Apex - 7:53
  3. I don't really have any special answer to this. I just focused on one at a time. I did use a medium orange and medium purple inspiration to survive through it easier, but past that, just focus on one at a time.
  4. Solo MoApex - 19:33 (Already had the Master of badge)
  5. Another Market Run - 12:00
  6. Sorry friend. Market Crash - 12:40
  7. Even more impossible Synapse time - 37:02
  8. Ran a couple TFs tonight, got some new times. Eden - 5:38 Abandoned Sewer Trial - 7:05 Apex - 8:17
  9. Couple more runs. Apex - 8:47 Kahn - 14:46
  10. Had this time a couple days ago, but never posted it. Faathim - 47:48
  11. Only beat it by a second, but hey, still counts. Apex - 9:24
  12. Once you have the badge, he is in the top left corner of the map, right outside of the cabin by the sub.
  13. Just trying to fill out some more times. Positron Part Two - 11:44 Penny Yin - 8:31
  14. Apex - 9:25 Kahn - 15:17 (Failed Mo, so still got so much time to save)
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