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  1. So its been a while since this thread was replied to, and a lot of these times are now out of date. I'm going to shamelessly plug speedrun.com, as it has everything up to date, including some of the older times as well. Making an account over there is free, and it allows for submitting times if you are a solo player, or run in a duo, or any other number of categories. Some of the newer records some people may be interested in are : STF/MLTF - 8:53 LRSF - 8:18 LGTF - 9:46 Apex - 5:20 Tin Mage - 5:21 I'll also shamelessly promote our new discord. https://discord.gg/T5cMTf5 Feel free to join if you're interested in speedrunning in any away, whether you just casually speedrun the ITF, or you go all out in everything.
  2. @Glacier Peak The 48 second time was not done solo, but with 8 people. Here is the screenshot.
  3. I meant any /cold MM will be doing that. You can get similar kill times with a TW/Bio, and the same extra pets, all while at the damage cap. Those Lores and signature summon are doing most of the damage, not the MM pets.
  4. Just keep in mind, that is with Lores, a signature summon, and a backup radio, all while at the damage cap along with his normal pets at the damage cap. If you stripped those away, and ran no inspirations, it's going to be more like a minute+, not 20 seconds. It's still impressive, but that's the nature of having so many pets, nothing unique to demons/ specifically.
  5. @Sakai The runs were talked about on the discord and in the other thread. Runs are LRSF, then ITF, and then MLTF to round it out.
  6. Degenerative seems to not be working at all now. Other Interface powers seem to be stacking normal, but doing some quick, basic testing on a pylon in RWZ, a single stack of Degenerative never ticked. Edit: Was on wrong shard. Disregard
  7. Who needs a league of 24 when you got a team of 4? So the idea for this came about when we did an 8 man RHW run, and killed Tyrant in around 3 minutes. That told us that a 4 man might be reasonably possible, and sure enough it was. This was actually our second run, our first run is on my YouTube channel, but we wanted a bit of a smoother run before posting. The same general strategy was used in both runs, the only difference being us killing Tyrant in one Lore usage at the end. Everything is pretty straight forward, nothing too fancy for the entirety of the trial up until the last fight. For Tyrant, we used Lores, and then used team inspirations and started attacking. After about a minute, we used Incandescence to get everyone and their Lores back huddled up together, used more team inspirations, and went back to fighting. We cut the fight very close, dropping Tyrant to 10% HP as our Lores were despawning. All in in runs like these are super fun, and I hope we get more challenging content like this eventually. Our team was as followed: @Dark Bladed Parassite - TW/Bio Scrapper (My POV) @Bloodom Burning Dombloo - Fire/Fire Blaster (Their POV) @Grimjack High Octane Gameplay - Fire/Fire Blaster (Their POV) @Konreid Freezer Burned - Fire/Cold Corruptor
  8. I absolutely do. The only keybinds I have are the basic ones; tab targeting, movement keys, and jump. I also use my right mouse button to move my camera around.
  9. Really happy to say this is a thing now. Also sorry for no sound, didn't know it wasn't recording until it was already over. The run was pretty straight forward. Kill the 60 IDF, nothing fancy there. Kill the Security Chief, again nothing really fancy there, but I did make sure to pop some reds to burn him after he healed. The next part was the fun part. Normally teams would split and some go to the lab, and some to the warehouse, well that's kind of hard to do on a solo run. The idea was to get a couple in one, and then move to the other to grab a couple, getting a minute for every increment. Besides getting a little confused looking at the maps on paragonwiki, that went pretty well I would say. Marauder at the end was a bit weird. I was dumb and forgot to use the Pacify nade when I jumped in the first time, so that was a quick death, and a waste of inspirations. Past that though, he died much quicker than I thought he would. His Unstoppable was a tad annoying, but its not perma so it was just a little hurdle is all. Lore pets probably could have been used earlier, instead of right at the end for 20 seconds, but you know hindsight and all that. All in all it was fun. I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I'm proud either way. Special thanks to Corruption, Gers, and Precision for helping me start this up.
  10. Grab a temp pistol from the P2W vendor, shoot mako, and start running up the ramp. Try and lead him back towards the boat where you spawned in. Assuming you keep using your pistol on the way there, it should either be just him or him and one other, which is much more reasonable than all 4 at once. This doesn't always work, but it's what I did.
  11. Pop an ultimate, use lore pets, and some team inspirations that way your pets get them too, pray for the best. The towers is where I got my 4 deaths.
  12. I've done it. The biggest piece of advice, use an ultimate. They are usually around 1-2 mill on the AH, or you can spend 30 threads at Luna in Ouro for one. Your main goal throughout the entirety of the TF is to just stay alive long enough to kill, because you do have enough DPS to kill absolutely everything in there. Pop some purple/oranges, use an ultimate, maybe a couple red inspirations for good measure, and just go to town.
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