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Bug Report: Flurry's position


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Flurry's animation/effect is placed at the wrong height when hovering/flying, as you can easily notice from the screenshot below.


At the bottom you see the correct versions which happen on the ground, the animated effect comes from the arms/hands, while on the top you see the WRONG animation which happens each time you're in fly/hovering stance: the power's effect comes from the legs instead, practically the effect always remains at the same height instead of going up when the body is up due to fly-combat-pose.

It means the power for months was not usable by all flying characters (Superman anyone? I'm sure there are hundreds of players which noticed this by putting superspeed attacks with fly together to emulate Superman, even if the power is badly balanced apparently, it's still too iconic to let this go and the bug is far too visible).

I immediately noticed this the first days of Homecoming (sign that it wasn't like that in the original game years ago), but I guessed it was so evident it would have been corrected for sure, apparently I was wrong. So here it is the bug report complete with screenshots, I hope you may fix this asap since of course I'd like to create some kryptonian-like character and it's impossible without flurry (which makes all the difference between "hulky" and "flashy" while attacking).

Please let me know if I need to send this to another place or via email etc.


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UPDATE: Please notice that Shadow Maul and Sands of Mu also have got the exact same issue while hovering (I tested it in the test server), the punching happens at legs height instead of the arms, due to the body levitating while the effect remains on the ground, like if the character was still walking.

To me that makes all these speed-punching powers unusable while hovering. Visuals matter.

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This is Shadow Maul from Dark Melee. Same as Flurry and Sands of Mu.

Can we please adjust this "effect's height" issue anytime in this century? Isn't that just a value to change (maybe copy the value from other powers effects height when flying)?

I'd like to play Dark Melee with a flying character and here it is how it looks while hovering/flying, the effect is completely and evidently dislocated.



Let's wait 500 views?

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