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Not recieving any enhancements


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I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong spot, but I'm new to City of Heroes and Homecoming. I'm a level 11 character and I've only received like 5 enhancements my entire time playing. Most of this has been teamed up with a friend (who is the team leader)... Am I doing something wrong? Did I turn something off? I could really use help cause it's stunting my advancements.

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Five seems a little low but let me ask did you take any experience boosters? It's so common for people to do that. If you're getting bonus XP then you're leveling ahead of the curve and the drop rate is going to be anemic. (In fact the xp boost proportionately trades off cash drops from foes too...) 


I'm guessing Outrider meant this forum is typically for technical support but I don't think your question is off topic, you're not asking for general advice you're asking if something is wrong.

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