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Critter spawned inside concrete


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Running Ouro mission for Mender Silos "Defeat source of Shivan attacks". Mission is complete, but clearing the map of Shivans with now-freed Mender Lazarus. Near the back of the map, by the stairs going up to the west side of City hall, there was one single Shivan standing by itself. Mender Lazarus did not follow me and after defeating the solo Shivan, I found him at the foot of the stairs, running repeatedly into the wall. When I approached him a shot of some rad attack shot out from the wall. After several shots, a Shivan popped through the wall. He must have spawned inside the concrete next to the steps.  I did not get a screenshot before he went down, but this screenshot shows where he popped out of the wall.  Not a big issue but just wanted to make sure it was reported.


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