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Gauntleted Fists


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In game, gauntleted fists shows two set bonuses for six slotting it. 6% resistance to S/L AND 6% resistance to F/C. Can anymore confirm if it actually applies both? I can't recall another set that offers two bonuses for the same tier. I'm having a really hard time deciding where to put the chance for absorb proc, or if it's even worth using at all. If six slotting gets both bonuses, I'll bite the bullet and do it. 

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Thanks for confirming. The auction house is actually where i noticed the double set bonuses, but I didn't have a way to test in game without doing a respec. I've also never been very efficient at the test server.


To quantify things, for anyone who might care, the ATO's can provide the following if you six slot  both:


Superior Might of the Tanker:

6% Resistance to Smash/Lethal

6% Resistance to Toxic/Psi

12% Resistance to all damage (from double stacked procs) ((Three stacks is possible, so the range is 6-18%)


Superior Gauntleted Fist:

6% Resistance to Energy/Negative

6% Resistance to Smashing/Lethal

6% Resistance to Fire/Cold



24% Resistance to Smashing/Lethal

18% Resistance to Toxic/Psi

18% Resistance to Energy/Negative

18% Resistance to Fire/Cold


Those are substantial numbers that come along side all their other bonuses. My mind is starting to rush towards the many possibilities...

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