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Storm's tornado


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I know in certain games you can change texture only on your computer for an MMO (I recall downloading skin created by players for champions in LoL and only you could see these skin in game). I was wondering if there was a way to change the skin (aside from colors) of ehe tornado so I can better see it wreak havoc for my own visual pleasure. As someone released a way to switch the skin into the waterspout one? If it just change my tornado i'd be happy.


Thank you!

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I’m not aware this is possible, sorry. The only thing I can suggest is changing it into a more obnoxious colour so it’s visible. The colour palette is more limited for nature powers though, but it’s still possible! I seem to remember having mine as a blue/purple on live and had no difficulty spotting it. 

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What would be nice (and maybe easier for the developers) is to have a pet customization option (similar to what illusion's Phantom Army recently got) where one option would be Scirocco's tornado power (it's multiple water-spout looking, narrow dust-devil things) - using just one of them, of course, to replace the tornado.  The water spout could be another customization option.  Then allow coloring of them.


I would like that.

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