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Add more damage patch powers to mobs


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This suggestion falls under, How to make the game more challenging w/o major changes.


First, let me say, I am not suggestion adding un-typed damage patches like the Battle Maidens.


If though, mobs groups were to get more patches, at the possible removal of some other power. I think it would make the game more fun.


Players would have to think about positioning. It would reduce the melee dog pilling. Controlling the mobs that generate patches would be more needed.


Example, remove the phase ability from Carnies, but give them psi burn patches. They already have a ranged fire patch.



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The main part of my suggestion here:



is granting powers (and randomly from a set pool) for enemies to liven combat up and requiring more adaptability rather than just nullifying foes via overwhelming damage or mitigation.


There are mobs with damage patches currently, some of which only exist to die and put down these damage patches.  Most, however, are generally ignored or mitigated by just taking a few steps to the side of the mob cluster.


I'm not disagreeing with your suggestion, but I think more can be done...like what if some of the Carnies in the group had World of Confusion and/or Misdirection as well?  Okay, mostly mitigated by stacks of Leadership toggles, but if only 1 member is using Leadership, for example (or the unfortunate circumstance when no teammate has Leadership toggles), those effects can pose a difficult threat.


The other portion of my suggestion in that thread is creating the dynamic of "toggle dropping" and the ability for powers with KB having the chance to "knock off" those toggles depending on their KB mag.  Give mobs some more KB and suddenly, those melees have to pay attention to their toggles rather than just having infinite safety (it also gives more advantage to armor-set buffs that are clicks thus cannot be knocked off or dropped).


Of course, I suggested this as a "difficulty mode" as I'm sure people would complain at making mobs more obnoxious (which this basically is doing) wouldn't be greeted if brought on board across the whole game.  I was thinking of lots of aspects of this (making mobs harder) to include player incentive, viability and difficulty of implementation and so on.  Overall, a lot of thought should be put into "difficulty" beyond the tools we currently have and deserves more discussion than it gets (not including the ceaseless chatter about nerfing yourself, shouts of unbalanced IOs/incarnates, whines of playing games to relax, etc etc).  A good discussion about what makes an encounter "difficult"...

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