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First Dominator Help


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Hi all, I have been thinking about trying out a dominator and have some questions.


I typically play characters that have good survivability (soft capped defenses (s/l or m/r), heal, decent resists) with the rest going into damage. I was thinking about trying out earth/fire/fire or dark/fire/fire as I generally like the fire blasting skills.


I am guessing based on what I have read here is that I should prioritize the following:

1. permadon

2. perma hasten

3. defense (I tried building an all around soft capped build already and could only get ranged to 45%)

4. damage


I have looked at many builds and tried a few builds in mids already, but I always had to make huge sacrifices in defense. Has anyone gotten their defenses up or is permadon good enough to only care about ranged?


Is melt armor worth it in fire mastery?


Does this make sense and does anyone have any sample builds?



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Perma Hasten is not that that important (although it is *nice*). 

Perma Dom.... you CAN play a Dom without it...but.... oh god it's SO good, totally worth the hassle.


Slotting to Perma Dom, one early decision is are you basically rushing to 50 and then slotting everything or do you plan to do more oldschool levelling. 

If you slot as you level, you can probably get to permadom around lvl 32, give or take some.  Just takes a lot of slots to get the set bonuses.


I'd also recommend picking up Secondary Mutation from P2W vendor. It's not always gonna give you the "Right" buff, but Quick Reflexes from it is a +30% global recharge boost.  Can take you from "alllmost but not quite there" to "awww yeah baby, permadom is on".


LotG +7.5%'s are good. you want 5 if you can fit them.  My permadom has only 4.  

I evaluated all set bonuses and all slotting as I levelled based on "how much recharge will this get me".

If I could get recharge AND defense, that was a happy coincidence.  But +recharge is king until you have slots to spare. 


Damage will just happen on it's own. I really don't think it's worth trying to get +damage from set bonuses on a Dom.  Nice if you can work it in with other stuff, but it's so far down the list of things to care about. And you'll do plenty good damage as a dom anyway.


I haven't done much with earth, dark, or thermal since I came back to the game, so I'll let other posters comment on thsoe.

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Permadom is the priority. Everything really just depends on your play style. Some would emphasize def/resist and that's cool. I was big on recharge and skipping hasten. But slowly I incorporated it in my powers to allow for something else. 


I would say working on making a build that's not relying on incarnates is my current thing. Gives your build more playability. 


Damage is great but it will come with set bonuses or powers that increase damage. Assault being one. Domination increases damage too.


Def/resis is cool. 45% is a good range. Even around 35% Resists probably are easier to come by. 


Melt armor never tried or looking to implement, 

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