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HOVER+RAGE+movement skips rooting and animations entirely


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Lag may make it happen very rarely to skip animations and rooting, yes, but when you activate the Rage power it starts evidently to skip about 60-90% of the animations, exactly like the video below (which was a bug you had to put some effort to activate, a cheat we could say, from the info I gathered you needed to press ESC during long animations to bypass the rooting).

The only difference is that it happens only when I activate Rage (while hovering, like in the video, on the ground it seems it doesn't happen from my tests).

Other powersets (including Super Strenght without Rage) work fine.


I tested it for 2 hours, in Hollows and Atlas, on test server and live European server (where my ping is very low and there is no sign of any lag or delay for me).

When Rage's effect gets activated, the rooting and animations gets evidently inconsistent (60-90%skipped), instead when Rage is deactivated the character returns to do 100% of the animations. You need to costantly move while pressing the attacks to notice the bug (if you're standing still of course it won't skip animations since you're "rooting" yourself).

The cause of the skipped animations appear to be that the rooting is cancelled/skipped, in fact you can solve this by standing still, by voluntarily "rooting yourself", animations will work in that case.

The difference is very very evident, you can try at any time and I have no doubts that you will notice the extremen difference, Hover+Rage+movement and you fly close the enemies and they just explode with knock-back and take damage/die.

Please check this old video, that's exactly what happened each time I used Rage while flying. This is the 3rd bug I find related to hovering that makes the game visually unplayable for flyers.

The video is old but the bug happening so easily is news. My mains were always Hover-Rage-SS guys in the old servers and I never had all these issues with animations in perma-Rage, the bug below is identically in the effects but not in the causes, in 2012 it wasn't so easy to reproduce (in fact the person doesn't even want to reveal how to "cheat" like that the rooting, while I would gladly see all the animations and cannot use the Super Strength set cause of this), in this server it happens automatically with that combo of powers+actions.




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This unacceptable bug, which transforms the pve in a game without animations and unbalances pvp, still occurs and it's the only reason I can't use my preferred set (Super Strength) for months.

It is very evidently a bug, which occurs far far too often to be ignored and completely deletes rooting and animations for the duration of Rage it self, which is huge.


I just made 1 attempt in the test server and the bug immediately occurred by flying around enemies and making them "explode with knockback" with no animation and rooting.

Please fix this.

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